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Types of Scrubs

Spring breaks into the cities and most of the women who are tired of winter want to look bright and irresistible. First of all, you need to bring the skin into proper condition. In this matter, a scrub will become an indispensable tool.

What it is?

Translated from English, it means - "clean" and "rub." For most people, it is a cosmetic product that consists of an emulsion and abrasive particles. Thanks to its use, all dead cells are removed from the skin surface, and its general condition improves. Other cosmetics are absorbed much more comfortably. If you use it as a cleanser, it will enhance blood circulation. Thus, the scrub will help improve skin color and its radiance.

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The characterization of scrubs is quite simple. They can be divided into several groups according to the degree of abrasiveness.

  • Scrubs, which include natural ingredients. It can be apricot or grape seeds, almond shell or walnut. Natural scrubs perfectly cleanse and help get rid of black spots. In addition, they perfectly clean dead skin cells. They are mainly used for mechanical cleansing of the body.
  • The second group of scrubbers comes with polymers and according to the manufacturers, it fits any skin type. If the polymers are small and round, they will not injure the skin. This group of scrubs is perfect even for owners of sensitive skin. They are generally suitable for frequent use. They have a specific composition and cumulative effect. The result of their use will become noticeable in a few days. The basis of such scrubs is mostly cream.
  • The third group includes scrubs designed for hands, feet and body. Most often they are applied to dry skin, and then the dead scales are removed with massaging movements.

What is it needed for

Since the scrub is a cleanser with exfoliating properties, it is necessary to even out the color and texture of the skin. All of them differ in their purpose. Beauty industry presents in the cosmetology market products for the face, lips, body, arms and legs.

Facial scrubs are divided by skin type. The basis is taken cream, clay or gel. For dry skin, it is better to choose a scrub with a gel base with an additional cooling effect. For a wilting cream product is useful. For problematic skin, take a closer look at the clay-based cosmetic product. For women, it is indispensable in the system of skin care and cleansing of the effects of the environment and cosmetics. The scrub has a significant plus, it can be done independently at home.

It is important to remember that for lips and face it is worth looking for more gentle means than for the body. For men, it is also important to care for their skin. And especially behind the face, even the strong half of humanity is skeptical of this. However, cosmetologists claim that the male half of humanity should use a scrub at least once a week. The effect of use will be noticeable in the near future. After shaving, the hairs will stop growing, the black dots will disappear, the pores will be deeply cleaned, and the blood circulation of the subcutaneous layer will be restored.

The skin of a teenager requires special attention to himself. Due to the riot of hormones, a large number of black spots, acne and greasy shine appear. But such skin must be moisturized, nourished and most importantly properly cleaned. Choosing for a young child is worth special cosmetics. In the skin care system of the younger generation, one scrub is not enough, there should be a whole line of cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition.

Bit of history

The scrub first appeared in ancient Rome. Great civilization brought to the world a large number of various discoveries. The inhabitants of ancient Rome used exfoliating masks, which are now called scrub. Particles of ground deer horns, daffodil bulbs or fine sand were added to the honey base. Thanks to the use of this cosmetic product, women's skin has long remained young and fresh. Some historical facts indicate the use of scrub in ancient Egypt. Cleopatra herself constantly used them in the care of her skin, fearing to grow old prematurely.


Cosmetic companies offer a huge assortment of scrubs for every taste and budget. They can be intended both for professional cosmetology clinics, and for home use. Abrasive particles can be from various materials. Most often these are crushed peach, grape, apricot or almond seeds, nylon powder, cellulose, pumice and other synthetic substances.

In SPA salons, acid, oxygen, and salt scrubbing are often used. Scrubs based on oil, abrasive are in the form of sugar and salt. Saline as abrasive particles means sea salt. This type is perfect for oily skin, as it has absorption properties and fights greasy shine well. They always come with various extracts of herbs and oils that help soothe the skin. They are perfect for deep pore cleaning and have a good exfoliating effect.

Sugar scrub works well on dry skin. Due to the creamy base, the product has a softer effect on the skin. Sugar particles are soft, gentle and deeply cleanse the skin. Due to the rapid dissolution of sugar particles, the purification is not as deep as when using salt. Great for sensitive skin. The moisturizing component is milk powder, almond butter and shea butter.

Anti-cellulite scrubs can be with a cooling or warming effect. An irreplaceable thing when all women try to lose weight a couple of weeks before the summer. He won’t create a miracle, but he perfectly tones and tightens the skin. In the warming scrub, the active ingredients are red pepper and ginger, which help in accelerating blood circulation.

Coffee scrubs are in great demand. Coffee is a natural product and has excellent exfoliating properties, has a tonic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. Caffeine copes with the manifestations of acne. This cleansing scrub helps millions of women fight cellulite.

Many girls are confused in terms and often take gommage for scrubbing. But these are fundamentally different cosmetic products, albeit a bit similar. The difference between gommage is that it is more gentle and ideal for owners of dry and sensitive skin. Gommage implies exfoliation of the stratum corneum due to exposure to fruit acids, and not friction by abrasive particles.

There are several limitations to the use of scrub, including inflammatory processes on the skin. In this case, many choose a peeling roll. When applied to the skin, a soapy solution is obtained, which, due to the acids in its composition, removes all impurities and narrows the pores. Therefore, many people like this tool for a polishing effect with a smoothing complex.

In stores, they often sell whole sets, which include standard personal care products (cream, gel, lotion and scrub). Some cosmetics companies sell triple-action products. Such products include cleansing gel, scrub and mask. In specialized cosmetic stores and salons it is possible to purchase mineral, polyethylene, bleaching and moisturizing scrubs. The best scrub will be the one that fits the skin perfectly. Regardless of the brand and the cost of the product.

There is also a special men's scrub, which is represented by many brands. Given the specific features of the skin, it is better for the male half of humanity to use products designed specifically for them.

Additional components

The scrub contains a number of additional components. Cane sugar, coffee, salt, buckwheat, rice, bran, seeds of various fruits and nuts act as abrasive particles. Apricot pitted scrubs are very popular. For a softening base, a gel, cream, and emulsion may be included. Fans of natural remedies should pay attention to scrubs with olive, sunflower or linseed oil. For combination skin, clay is an ideal option. Dairy products also serve as an excellent basis for creating a scrub.

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Very often, additional ingredients are added to the product - this is berry syrup or fresh berries, coconut flakes, honey, orange juice with pulp. Ginger and castor oil, which help to cope with inflammation, are popular. Many people prefer to add ground egg shells to the scrub. There are recipes that use a special variety of potatoes and corn grits. There are interesting options for semolina scrub and cinnamon remedy.

Rules of procedure

There is a certain procedure that must be followed before applying a scrub to the face or body.

  • It is important to cleanse the skin well with a foam or toner (if it comes to cleansing the face).
  • Before starting the procedure, you need to warm up the body under a hot shower or face with a steam bath. This is important in order to open the pores, and the scrubbing particles get as deep as possible.
  • Gently and without rush after the preparatory stages, a scrubbing consistency is applied. It is necessary to massage the scrub for several minutes. If the product is applied to the body, you may need a washcloth, mitt, glove, or massage brush.
  • On the skin, the scrub is left on average for 6-8 minutes to saturate the skin with additional ingredients.
  • Then the scrub is removed using warm water.
  • After performing a traumatic procedure, a nourishing or moisturizing cream appropriate to the type of skin should be applied to the skin.
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A scrub is not recommended to be applied to the area around the eyes, the skin there is especially thin and sensitive. Many girls apply scrub before and after shugaring. In fact, after depilation, dermatologists do not recommend scrubbing the body for several days. The same rules apply if the plans for hair removal. The bikini area, on the contrary, requires good scrubbing a couple of days before the procedure, to combat ingrown hairs. It is not recommended to use this product with abrasive particles and in front of a solarium.

In order to get rid of cellulite and tighten certain parts of the body, many ladies resort to a wrapping system. It is necessary to apply a scrub on heated parts of the body with massaging movements using a special brush or washcloth, then wrap with cling film and a towel. After 10 minutes, the scrub can be washed off. For this procedure, a scrub with red pepper is perfect. The method of application and the amount of product required for the procedure are usually indicated on the package.

Home Recipes

There are a huge number of different recipes for making scrub for face and body at home. Consider several popular options.

  • Oatmeal fruit scrub is a great option for dry and aging skin. To prepare the product, you will need an apple that is rich in iron and potassium, a banana that copes with clogged pores and moisturizes dry skin, honey and cream contain a large amount of calcium chloride and potassium. This scrub can be made with apricot instead of an apple.
  • Coconut scrub is a universal product and is suitable for face and body. The scrub contains real coconut flakes and lavender oil. Due to medium abrasive particles, this scrub can suit all skin types. Many housewives use rice scrub or rice powder. It perfectly cleanses the face of impurities and does not irritate it.
  • It is quite simple at home to prepare a soft cuticle scrub using lemon juice, honey, peach or apricot kernels. It must be done with olive or linseed oil to provide hydration to the skin of the hands. Scrub made from raspberries, sugar and sour cream is very popular for the body. Raspberry scrub is an excellent summer nutrition and cleanser. Another good summer recipe is strawberry scrub. To make it, you need almond oil, strawberries and cane sugar. This scrub perfectly evens complexion.
  • Chocolate and coffee scrubs give the skin a smooth and supple appearance. Herbal and coffee will help to cope with imperfections on the skin. At the heart of this tool are 2 tablespoons of coconut oil or peach, 5 drops of nettle essential oil and 2 teaspoons of cane sugar and ground coffee. This scrub will gently cleanse the skin and moisturize it. Instead of mint, you can add sea buckthorn, ginger, pineapple concentrate of essential oils.
  • Red pepper scrub will help fight cellulite. It is necessary to take cinnamon and red pepper and add olive or sunflower oil in the proportions of 1 to 1. After heating the skin, you can apply this product with a special washcloth or sponge.
  • Very popular is the scrub fresh, which manufacturers recommend diluting with mineral water. In less than a minute, it should cleanse and tone the skin. Almond scrub with the addition of walnut and peach seeds, honey and cane sugar will cope with impurities on oily skin.

Contraindications for scrubbing

Dermatologists do not recommend cleansing sore or damaged skin. It is better for owners of sensitive and thin skin to look for other cleansers. Scrub can not be used every day, it removes keratinized particles mechanically and it is better not to abuse them. Cosmeticians recommend girls with oily skin to use this product no more than 2 times a week, and for owners of dry and sensitive skin no more than 1 time in a couple of weeks. If irritation occurs after applying the scrub, stop using it and consult a cosmetologist.

You can not use this tool if:

  • There is a feeling of tightness.
  • There is damage to the skin.
  • During the procedure, a feeling of itching and burning appeared.
  • The presence of acne.
  • Burnt and weathered skin.
  • Tendency to allergies.
  • Rosacea

Brand reviews

The cosmetics market is replete with various brands and cosmetics. Consider the most popular brands offering scrubs for face and body.

  • Belita Brand offers a wide range of scrubs for face, body, hair, arms and legs. The Belarusian brand dates back to the late 80s, last century. The company produces not only cosmetics, but also professional products for hairdressers, cosmetologists and masseurs.
  • Garnier appeared in the late 20's., the last century. In the mid-60s, the brand was bought by the L'Oreal concern. The company specializes in personal care products, products for hair and face. Garnier scrubs are a very budget option and are not difficult for home use.
  • Caviar Propeller Great for young skin. The brand specializes in products for problematic teenage skin.
  • Russian brand "Velvet pens" offers consumers a budget version of hand scrub "Gentle cleansing."The composition of the product includes quinoa microspheres and almond oil.
  • Clean line represents a domestic brand of goods for women. An apricot kernel scrub from this company literally blew up the segment of these products. Excellent results and low cost have made him a favorite of millions of women.
  • Himalaya herbals Introduces Indian Miracle Herbal Products. Gentle and natural, they perfectly cleanse and tone the skin of the face and body. The company has been successfully operating since the 30s, of the last century. Indian scrub is very popular among lovers of exotic.
  • Pharmaceutical company "Zeldis-Pharma" exists on the domestic market for more than 11 years. The company is actively introducing self-treatment products, dietary supplements and therapeutic cosmetics into the consumer market. Horsepower is one of the brands that the company successfully promotes in the market for goods. Facial scrubs and lymphatic drainage for the body are very popular among the fair sex.
  • Brand Natura Siberica released a real hit on the cosmetic market. Body scrub "Peppermint Ice" is very popular among our compatriots.
  • Crimean manufactory "House of nature" developed 10 unique body scrubs. The company's products help women actively fight cellulite and make their skin soft and smooth.
  • Much attention is paid to products japanese brands. In stores you can find a huge number of all kinds of scrubbing products for any area of ​​the skin. Japanese products are of high quality and result.
  • Thai scrubs composed of natural ingredients and innovative technologies. The latest advancement in Thai cosmetology has been the use of silk cocoons to create face and body scrubs.

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