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Spray hair dye

You can experiment with appearance in a variety of ways, without harming your health. Dyes that have a temporary effect are part of mousses, tonics and crayons.

Spray - paint is a novelty in the field of beauty. It allows you to quickly and effortlessly paint overgrown roots or completely change the color of your hair.

Toning spray helps women and saves from frequent and long trips to beauty salons. After all, hair coloring takes a certain amount of time and is not cheap. Not everyone can dye their hair on their own, and therefore a tinting spray is deservedly considered the ideal solution.

The way a woman's hair looks, speaks about her mood and expresses individuality. Faded ringlets or gray hair does not paint the girl. And the frequent use of ordinary paints harms hair, because they almost always contain ammonia.

What is used for

Spray - paint is most often needed for painting overgrown roots, especially if they have signs of gray hair. It contains varnish, so frequent use will not harm the hair. With its help, you can experiment with your appearance, because her palette consists of a variety of colors and their shades.

The main advantage of this paint is the ability to dye individual strands in various colors. It is not necessary to adhere to straight lines; you can create an interesting pattern or pattern on your hair. For this purpose, stencils are sold in cosmetic stores that simplify this procedure. In addition, the stencil can have absolutely any pattern, allowing you to realize the most daring fantasies.

The presence of varnish in this tool allows you to create and fix a hairstylewithout worrying that it will break up. Another plus is the visual increase in volume. Owners of even thin and rare hair will look irresistible.

Tinted spray is intended for coloring with the effect of tinting. This is a fashion trend among young people.

The main disadvantage of aerosol is that you do not go with it for a long time and the color will be completely washed off through one or two washing procedures. In rainy weather, it makes no sense to apply it, because the pigment will be washed away by rain. Therefore, they use it before any event or photo shoot.

Features of choice

When choosing a spray - paint, first of all, you need to decide why it is needed:

  • For painting gray roots, it is better to choose shades one tone darker than the natural color of the hair.
  • If you have a dark blond color, then black or chocolate paint in the form of a spray is suitable.
  • For blondes, there can be a huge number of color options. On light strands any color will fall well. It can be different shades: pink, purple, blue, green, etc. But to get rid of him, fair-haired ladies are more difficult than dark-haired young ladies. You will have to make some efforts to return to its original appearance.
  • White paint is often used for highlighting. But you can dye one strand in white to create a new image. For example, you can make white bangs.

Advantages of this tool:

  • instant and safe painting;
  • easy application;
  • time saving;
  • compact spray can size;
  • quick and easy flushing;
  • large color palette;
  • using a stencil it is possible to create a pattern;
  • does not harm hair and scalp;
  • does not flow and is not smeared;
  • dries quickly;
  • the ability to use several shades at once.


  • intolerance to water. For example, damp weather will not survive wet weather;
  • preventing air from entering the scalp and the hair structure itself;
  • difficulty in returning the natural color to blonde girls;
  • high price;
  • contraindications to frequent use;
  • small amount of product in one spray can.

How to paint

To apply a spray - hair dye will not be difficult. The main thing is to protect clothes and the nearest furniture from getting paint on them.

To get started, put on an unnecessary towel over your shoulders or put on an old shirt. To see where you are splashing, stand in front of the mirror. Spray paint at a short distance. In this case, gloves should be worn on the hands, and it is advisable to lay newspapers on the floor. The hair should be slightly damp.

To avoid contamination of the ears or forehead, these places are greased with a fat cream, for example, for children.

Using a comb, parting and spray the root area well. For tinting the roots this will be enough.

Use the product for a short time. Instant paint is nevertheless suitable for a temporary effect. As a rule, an indelible aerosol should last one day on the hair, but not more. There are varnishes that are safe to hold for three days.

You can wash off the paint with ordinary shampoo. It is advisable to wash your head until the moment when the water flowing from the head becomes clear. In no case go to bed with his head painted, otherwise spoil the bedding.

Remember that frequent staining will not do any good. The less often you use sprays, the better.

How much is

There are many manufacturers of paints in the form of sprays for hair coloring. Their cost varies from 200 to 2000 p. All of them have proven themselves as high-quality products, but nevertheless such sprays as YniQ, Jofrika, Venita, Blondme, Oribe, Kryolan, Estel, Londa, Color Xtreme Hair Art, Stargazer, Schwarzkopf, Tempspray, Label.m.

Let's consider each of them in more detail:

  • Yniq - This is Korean paint, which is available in eight shades of very bright and saturated colors. It is pink, purple, black, green and even orange. Spray can be with sparkles. It is easy to use and if you spray it at the right distance, the paint will not go where it is not necessary. It is safe because it contains organic matter. It is easy to rinse Unik using ordinary shampoo.

Cost - from 300 r.

  • Jofrika - A popular German product for coloring not only hair but also body and tissue. Often it is used to create an image at carnivals, cosplay or Halloween. It is easy to apply and wash off.

Cost - 450 p.

  • Color Xtreme Hair Art - This is a colored hair spray, which is produced in a bottle. Before use, the bottle must be shaken thoroughly to mix all its components. It is safe, but it is not advisable for people with damaged hair to use it. The color palette consists of white, silver, pink, gold and black. Spray it only on dry locks.

Cost - 350 p.

  • Stargazer - a product suitable for any hair color. After dyeing, the hair needs to be combed to remove excess particles of paint.

Cost - 400 r.

  • Venita - tinting agents of different colors. With it, you can change the image for one day without causing any harm to the hair.

Cost - 250 r per bottle of 50 ml.

  • Blondme - German matting agent, available in four shades: ice, strawberries, steel and jade. It rests on the hair for a long time and its purpose is to shade the necessary areas. Apply to wet hair.

Cost - from 850 p.

  • Oribe - A small bottle with a very rich color scheme. The paint is completely safe and contains natural ingredients.

Cost - 2000 r.

  • Kryolan - a product with a large selection of colors and strong fixation. It is suitable for all types of hair, and it can also be used to color the skin. Like other means, it can not be kept for a long time.

Cost - from 700 r.

  • Estel - domestic manufacturer of beauty products. Estel paint does not contain ammonia and other harmful substances. The company has a special children's line, which is available in the form of mascara for hair. Such a baby remedy is completely safe.

Cost - from 200 r.

  • Londa - tinting agent for painting overgrown and gray roots. The manufacturer is widely known and in great demand. A wide range of colors and easy application make it popular in the beauty industry.

Cost - from 250 r.

  • Schwarzkopf - Another company manufacturing beauty products. The Schwarzkopf line contains tint aerosols in several colors: pink, steel, ash, and even green. The pigment lasts long enough and does not harm the structure of the hair.

Cost - 750 r per 250 ml.

  • Nirvel professional - a tinting agent suitable for masking gray or overgrown roots. Its only drawback is the high price. Due to changes in the structure, the hairstyle acquires volume, and the hair seems thicker than it actually is.

Cost - 1500 p.

  • Tempspray - temporary paint suitable for all types of hair. It is available in 12 colors. The varnish, which is part of it, allows you to fix the pigment for the whole day. Like other varnishes, just wash it off with plain water and shampoo.

It costs within 700 p.

  • Label.m - aerosol, popular among professional stylists. It has a rich palette that perfectly tints and holds on strands, does not crumble.

Cost - 1000 r.

The described sprays are considered the most effective and persistent unlike other aerosols. They will retain their color for 24 hours and the paint will not crumble when combed. Cheap products do not have high resistance and their composition when stained can lie on strands unevenly. Some of them do not withstand contact with the comb and crumble. That is why you should not save on a quality product.


Numerous reviews about the modern method of hair tinting indicate that spray paint is really a good thing. With its help, you can easily and simply put your head in order: hide the gray hair and add shine to the hair. This is a great option for the experiment. Customers are satisfied with this product and from time to time are ready to buy it to add an image of colors. A wide range of products allows you to purchase the most economical option that you can afford to buy.

Speaking of temporary colors, girls note an improvement in the general appearance of their hair. Varnish does not spoil or confuse them.

Where can one buy

Not all aerosols for temporary coloring can be bought at ordinary cosmetic stores. Some will have to be ordered online. But when ordering, pay attention to how other buyers respond about this online store, so as not to fall into the hands of scammers.

Some sellers offer to buy a set of aerosols, which comes at a cheaper price than buying them individually.

When choosing a spray, also pay attention to the appearance of the product and its expiration date.

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