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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Hair oil "Oblepikha" from Natura Siberica

About Brand

Natura Siberica is the largest Russian brand producing organic cosmetics. The recipe for products of this brand includes extracts of plants collected in ecologically clean zones of Siberia. In this case, wild plants and rare species of plants grown on our own organic farm are used. The unique composition of cosmetics Natura Siberica includes only natural ingredients, and the presence of synthetic fillers is strictly limited.


Sea buckthorn oil has a rich orange tint and a pleasant smell. It has a whole range of beneficial properties for hair. The formula of this useful product contains a vitamin complex (A, E, C, K, B), carotenoids, phospholipids, phytosterols, tocopherols, linoleic, palmitoleic acid, boron, magnesium, iron, sulfur and glucose.

You can learn more about the benefits of sea buckthorn oil from the video.

Release form and composition

The oil is produced in a bottle with a pipette for easy dispensing of the product. It contains: Moroccan argan oil, Altai sea buckthorn, lemongrass, Siberian flax, avocado, almond, myrtle and cedar, vitamins E and A.

Indications for use

  1. Brittle, weakened and thinned curls.
  2. Hair loss and dandruff.
  3. It is used as immediate help after unprofessional styling, fatal to strands.
  4. Improvement after frequent staining.
  5. Inflamed or overdried scalp.

Mode of application

The tool is used according to the type of application of the hair mask. It is rubbed into the roots with massage movements for two to three minutes and remains for two to three hours. To obtain a greater effect, it is recommended to cover the mask with polyethylene. After the specified time, the composition is washed off with shampoo.

In addition, hair oil "Oblepikha" by Natura Siberica can be used in combination with other healthy oils. As a rule, burdock, castor or linseed oil are chosen for this.

For hair ends

This is a composition designed specifically for healing the ends of hair. It instantly seals and smoothes split ends, providing them with the necessary amount of moisture. The tips become elastic and acquire a beautiful, well-groomed appearance. The tool also protects against negative thermal effects during heat treatment.

Nutrition and restoration of tips it is provided due to the vitamin and amino acid complexes included in the composition, and the strength and shine are given by Altai sea buckthorn oil and Moroccan argan oil, which catalyze the formation of keratin. Water balance normalize oils of lemongrass Nanai, white Siberian flax and pine nuts.

Using the product on a regular basis allows you to get rid of split ends and give the curls a luxurious look.

Consumer Reviews

The fair sex, who began to use hair oil Oblepikha by Natura Siberica and a complex for the ends of the hair leave only positive reviews about them. Their healing effect is noted not only on the hair, but also on the scalp.

After applying these products, the hair becomes smooth and shiny, split ends disappear, the hairs become stronger and grow faster. A positive effect on the skin is expressed in getting rid of dandruff and itching. Negative reviews about these products could not be found, and only some women specify that they gave their hair some time to rest from the remedy.

Watch the video: HOW TO SAVE YOUR HAIR WITH OILS. Ayesha Malik (February 2020).


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