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Micellar water

The well-groomed girl boasts a beautiful hairdo, manicure and flawless makeup. Nowadays, due to the almost impossibility of doing without makeup, do not forget about your skin. The person needs careful and thorough care. Micellar water is a great option to remove makeup and cleanse your skin.

What it is

It is a tool that removes makeup and cleanses the skin well. The composition includes water with special particles - micelles, which dissolve fatty acids. It is used to remove makeup, dirt, dust and grease. But this does not mean that scientists have invented an innovative tool. There are micelles in ordinary soap, too, they just dry the skin very much. The indisputable advantage of this product is the absence of foam and soft cleansing particles. In addition, various oils, emulsifiers and distilled water are often found in the composition. Basically, the cosmetic product has a colorless base and a weak fragrance.

Micellar water gently cares and does not injure the skin, prevents the epidermis from drying out, it is produced without alcohol and soap. This is a good alternative to gels and foams, and a quality product does not require rinsing with water. Still, do not confuse micellar water and a refreshing spray. Although it is tonic and organic, it is designed to cleanse the skin.

A number of dermatologists and cosmetologists suggest using it for some skin diseases. Of course, it will not cure skin rashes, but in complex treatment it will significantly reduce the manifestation of the disease. However, the whole truth about micellar water is not so clear and consumer reviews have radically opposite opinions.

The components that make up the product help to have a good effect on the skin. Glycerin in the micellar composition helps moisturize the epidermis. The soothing and healing feature of the product is affected by panthenol in its composition. The herbal complex works as a natural skin regenerator. Basically, this tool has a positive effect on the skin and does not cause an allergic reaction.


The main advantages of this cosmetic product are:

• The product can be used as a "3 in 1". It can serve immediately for several actions to cleanse and remove makeup.

• Can be used in hot weather. Due to the moisturizing effect it can be used throughout the day.

• This cosmetic product is completely safe and extremely rarely causes allergic reactions.

The last statement can be considered a deception. Most companies use conservatives and fragrances to create this product. With frequent use, irritation and increased sensitivity of the skin may occur. If you feel a feeling of tightness and dryness of the skin, you should think about an allergic reaction. The current classification of micellar water involves several manufacturers and a different composition. Each consumer chooses a product for himself in accordance with the composition, manufacturer and price.

What is needed for

This cosmetic product appeared on the beauty market a few years ago. The product immediately caused a lot of positive reviews from women from all over the world. Not many people know that it was originally used to cleanse children's skin. A little later, French experts developed a special tool designed for sensitive skin. Jars of the product began to be sold in pharmacies throughout France and after a short time the product began to be sold in Europe. The benefits of using micellar water were appreciated by women who did not have any skin problems.

Currently, this cosmetic product is very popular all over the world. Due to wide advertising on TV and beauty bloggers, the product is in great demand and is represented in the line of almost all cosmetic brands. This tool is widely used to remove eye makeup and as a skin cleanser. It is very different from other skin care products. The cosmetic product will help to escape from black spots thanks to a good skin cleansing. After application, luxurious smoothness of the skin is felt.

Advantages and disadvantages

The cosmetic product has a number of positive qualities. These include: gentle cleansing, a good result when removing even waterproof makeup. There is no need to additionally wash the product off the face with water, and it does not leave a greasy film on the skin. Like any product, this tool has several disadvantages. Micellar water can tighten the skin, especially if it is dry or dehydrated. In some cases, it can leave a shine on the skin, and if it gets into the eyes, cause a burning sensation.

A two-phase product can leave a sticky layer on the skin, which causes uncomfortable discomfort and discomfort. But the presence of excess additives can cause allergies. It also in some situations destroys the lipid barrier. Each brand fights micellar water imperfections with its own methods, therefore it is worth approaching the choice of this product carefully and consciously. In most cases, it is even useful for some skin problems.

Owners of problem skin should refrain from using such a product. Particles of the product, mixed with sebum, form an even thicker layer of fat. Such mockery of problem skin will lead to even more comedones. For skin that is prone to acne, one should also refrain from using micellar water. Certain types of product may affect vision in contact with the eyelids. Therefore, before use, you should carefully study the label. It should be written on it - "approved by ophthalmologists."

The purpose of micellar water is one thing - skin cleansing. It can be professional, for use by makeup artists and even moisturizing. Makeup artists really appreciate this product in their work for unique properties. Do not confuse it with a cleanser such as milk.

Composition and properties

This cosmetic product is so called thanks to microparticles, which are called micelles. They are scanty droplets that are similar in shape to crystals. In their composition they have a large amount of essential oils. These crystals attract fat and various skin impurities. Then envelop them and prevent contact with the skin. In appearance, the micellar is no different from ordinary water. Quality products are odorless and colorless. It consists of water, glycerin, propylene glycol and other elements.

There is no alkali, surfactant and alcohol in the product. Micellar water is a good substitute for other skin cleansing cosmetics. Some brands are creative and add essential oils, vitamins and various fragrances to the product. If the manufacturer indicates the alcohol content in the composition, then it is necessary to test the product on the hand. It can easily dry the skin.

It is presented in stores in several ways: odorless, clear water, color and does not foam. The second option is foaming water, in other words, it is a two-phase liquid. It requires additional flushing. The third option for this cosmetic product is a fragrance with herbal and other additives.

Many girls are happy to use micellar water for home use. A huge number of different cosmetic properties are no longer needed. The product has a specific property, due to which all makeup can be removed with one product. It will be indispensable when cosmetics need to be removed, and there is no more strength for washing.

The tool is completely harmless and safe. Detailed information can be found on the packaging. Great product for cleansing sensitive skin. She can remove makeup in the area around the eyes. Zealous housewives are delighted with her. Again, it saves the budget and replaces several cosmetic skin care products.

Currently, to increase sales and popularize their brand, companies offer products with oils, with hyaluronic acid, colloidal silver, with iris, or chamomile is added to the composition. Of course, micellar water does a miracle with the skin, moreover, it is hypoallergenic and made using the latest cosmetic technologies. It can be fortified, which is great for dehydrated and sensitive skin. Pink micellar with colloidal silver is very popular, having a calming effect on the skin of the face.

Application: basic rules

It is a good makeup remover. Often it does not wash off waterproof mascara, but is safe for extended eyelashes. To remove the waterproof carcass, first you need to remove it with a special milk, and then use micellar water. A little product is applied to a cotton pad. Then they rub their face and repeat the process as necessary until there are no traces of cosmetic products on the cotton pad. After the procedure, washing is not necessary, but if there is a need, cosmetologists do not prohibit this. In order for micellar water to provide the full range of declared actions, it must be used correctly.

• No need to wash your face with this product. It is enough to apply a small amount of product on a cotton pad and remove makeup from the face.

• If it does not work exactly as you want and the result is not satisfied, then you should repeat the procedure.

• After applying the product, it is worth moisturizing your face with a cream appropriate to the type of skin.

• If for some reason there is no water, then this means you can refresh your face throughout the day.

• Before starting the procedure, the cosmetic bottle must be shaken well.

No matter what the manufacturers say, many are concerned about the need to wash it off with water. Many consumers are confident that this remedy can replace the tonic. However, it acts a little differently. These funds have different purposes. The tonic can only be replaced with thermal water.


Micellar water also has several features in its application. Beauticians do not recommend completely replacing her usual makeup removers. But this is ideal in travel and extraordinary situations. If redness appears on the skin after applying the product, then this area should be washed with running water. Since many companies add various perfumes and components to the composition, it is worthwhile to carefully study the packaging before buying. Perhaps one of these components is allergic. It can be used after shaving, when irritation appears on the skin, as it perfectly helps to fight it.

There is also children's micellar water, which is intended for the gentle care of newborns and children. But before using it on babies, it is worth studying the composition well.

Which one to choose

Having studied the composition, you need to choose it in accordance with the type of skin. Very careful should be suffering dermatitis and owners of sensitive skin. For oily skin type, it is worthwhile to look for an option without matting and drying components in the composition. Some manufacturers add zinc and copper to the composition. For this type of skin, you should look after the product without stickiness on the face, after use. These components perfectly dry problem areas on the skin and regulate the appearance of sebum.

A good option is a tool that gently fights dirt and mattifies the face. For sensitive skin, it is perhaps worth choosing a product with special care. It should be without chemistry and alcohol. Well, if the structure of the product is a little oily, it will slightly moisturize the skin. A good option for such a product is hyaluronic acid or chamomile. Dry type products should have moisturizing components and specific substances that make it difficult to evaporate moisture from the skin. Alcohol should not be present in micellar water for this skin type. It is good if the composition contains glycerin and panthenol.

Comparison with thermal

It is also important to understand how micellar water differs from thermal water. It would seem that both products contain water and are skin care products. The composition of thermal water includes mineral salts that help relieve swelling and heal wounds. If the cosmetic in question is suitable for almost any type of skin, then thermal water may not be suitable for everyone.

The main property of thermal water is the saturation of the skin with minerals and oxygen. It well removes irritation and moisturizes the skin, but does not help at all in removing makeup and cleansing. These two tools can be used in a duet. After cleansing, the skin should be well saturated with oxygen.

Difference from gel

Cleansing gel perfectly cleanses the face without makeup. But it is completely useless when it is necessary to remove a sufficient amount of cosmetic products. Many cosmetic sites and online stores often indicate the name "micellar lotion." But such a name is completely untrue. The difference between micellar water and lotion is very significant.

The difference is that the lotion is a cosmetic - hygienic product and contains alcohol in its composition. It is not designed to remove makeup and especially from the eyes. Due to the presence of alcohol in its composition, it is not suitable for most skin types, even as a simple cleanser. As a result, we can conclude that neither thermal water, nor lotion, nor gel can replace micellar water.

Some foreign companies offer consumers micellar water for children. Here you need to be very careful and carefully monitor the composition of the product. Many cosmetologists recommend this cosmetic product for men suffering from skin diseases. Some types of micellar water are suitable for teenage skin, and for 50 year old men and women. Each brand provides a broad overview and description of its products, you only need to carefully study the composition. For each skin type, a certain type of cosmetic product is suitable.

Reviews of cosmetologists and customers: rating

Many cosmetologists and dermatologists recommend flushing micellar water from the face. Based on positive and negative feedback from consumers and experts, a rating of the best micellar water was compiled.

  • Tiande positioned as a multi-active tool for makeup removal and quick skin cleansing in any conditions. This cosmetic product is intended for all skin types. The manufacturer claims that this product simultaneously dissolves all impurities on the skin, mattifies, moisturizes, soothes and tones. The unique composition formula does not have alcohol, sulfates and parabens, which does not clog pores and does not irritate the skin. The lack of alcohol in its composition helps maintain water balance on the skin.
  • Novosvit Positions itself as a micellar lotion and is very budgetary, which attracts a large number of consumers. The product has a floral fragrance and foams when shaken. This micellar water will not wash away permanent makeup. You will have to spend a large amount of funds and cotton pads to remove the bright elements of decorative cosmetics.But for its low cost, many women forgive the product for such a significant drawback.
  • Filorga is a very low-cost version of a cosmetic product. 50 ml., This micellar water will cost the buyer an average of 2200 rubles. But the high cost is fully justified. After its application, there is no feeling of tightness and the skin feels very smooth and well cleansed.
  • Aqua It is a very cheap micellar water, costing only 50 rubles. According to consumer reviews, she removes all makeup in just one go. It gently cleanses and moisturizes without causing irritation. The manufacturer declares that this product does not need additional rinsing with water. However, a number of customers still prefer to additionally wash off this cosmetic product. A very good and budgetary find for lovers not to spend a lot of money on decorative and care products.
  • Levrana is an excellent find for lovers of natural products that do not need to be washed off additionally with water. Micellar water with chamomile has a sticker with all the information necessary for the composition and the bottle itself is made of biodegradable plastic. The bottle is equipped with a convenient dispenser, which allows you to use the required amount of product. According to customer reviews, this tool perfectly removes all cosmetics from the face and even persistent lipsticks. The product has a very economical consumption and a pleasant cost of up to 400 rubles.
  • "Natura Kamchatka" by Natura Siberica represents the foaming micellar water. It has an almost natural composition, budget cost and copes well with its tasks. Of the minuses, many consumers and cosmetologists note a feeling of stickiness on the skin, discomfort and a feeling of tightness after application. It is not recommended to remove eye makeup with this tool, it very nibbles and irritates the eyes. According to manufacturers, this product gently cleanses the skin, nourishes and moisturizes it, does not violate the hydrolipidic layer on the skin. It is also indicated in the composition that micellar water contains thermal water and 5 essential oils. Despite some disadvantages of this tool, many consumers buy it at the expense of a low cost of 150 rubles.
  • "Beauty Cafe" is a domestic product and costs no more than 150 rubles. Manufacturers present it as an effective tool for removing cosmetics from the eyes. The bottle design is very nice. A drawback is the screw cap. Because of this, you can use on the disk a lot more money than necessary. This micellar water does not pinch your eyes, removes makeup well, does not leave a sticky feeling after use.
  • Bio domix green declared by manufacturers as a tool with colloidal silver in the composition. For a bottle of 260 ml., You can give only 80 rubles. This product from Russian manufacturers well removes all impurities and gently cleanses the skin. The aloe extract in the composition serves as a bactericidal agent, helps to cope with clogging of pores and reduces the risk of acne. The vitamins included in the composition help in healing the skin and stimulate collagen production.
  • Belarusian cosmetics in recent years, confidently conquering the domestic market. Belita - Vitex micellar water is included in a special pharmacy series for skin care. The cost of this product in translation into domestic money is only 70 rubles. The product has a special dispenser that allows you to use the required amount of product.

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