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Laser comb

The problem of hair loss is considered relevant not only for girls, but also for men. People visit trichologists, trying to find the causes of diseases and make the most of modern medicine to maintain healthy scalp and hair. As a rule, the main role in diseases of the scalp and baldness is played by stress, poor ecology, poor nutrition and lack of sport in human life.

One of the best options for hair restoration is a laser installation. Rays of a weak current laser have been used by specialists for ten years as a way to activate hair growth. Therapy can also heal the skin, remove fungi and speed up blood circulation. However, clinical healing methods cannot afford everything.

In this case, there is an analogue - a laser comb, which can be used at home. It has an affordable price (compared to expensive procedures in clinics) and is recommended for use by doctors. It is easy to use at home.

Benefit and harm

Laser combs appeared relatively recently. They are based on radiation that has a weak current. By acting on the scalp, it is converted into biological energy. Due to this, blood rushes to the skin, metabolic processes are accelerated, and the cells receive more nutrition. As a result, prerequisites are created for the accelerated growth of hair.

Positive results have been proved by numerous studies - the epithelium is saturated with substances and oxygen, along with this, the water-salt balance of the scalp is restored. This affects the hair itself: it becomes thicker and healthier.

You should know: the device was created by scientists. By carefully studying the effect of the laser, they developed a mechanism that does not have a negative effect on the human body: the current projects a minimum intensity.

When buying, be sure to pay attention to the certification of the device and the availability of instruction in Russian. So you protect yourself from a fake.

Indications for use:

  • infection of the skin with a fungus (dandruff or seborrhea);
  • sparse hair or heavy hair loss;
  • receding hairline;
  • lifelessness and fragility of hair;
  • lack of vitamins and minerals (usually another reason for hair loss);
  • changes in the structure of the hair due to perm, coloring pigment or lightening;
  • dryness or tightness of the scalp.

Effect of use

With constant use, the following positive effects are noted:

  • hair does not fall out - the epithelium receives enough oxygen to strengthen the hair follicles inside;
  • hair growth is activated - with the help of laser beams, there is an effect on sleeping hair follicles;
  • the surface and inner layers become denser, a general recovery occurs.

According to numerous reviews, we can conclude that the laser comb copes with bald spots, as well as hair loss in large volumes. According to women, the rays help curls that are damaged by perms and daily use of the hair dryer.

How to choose

The laser hair device is universal - it is suitable for both men and women. Professional and semi-professional mechanisms are distinguished. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you must pay attention to the following criteria:

  • The size. An important indicator, since the comb should be medium in size and easy to fit in your hand. One should neither slip out nor be too small - otherwise the most positive effect will be overshadowed by inconvenience. In addition, you should immediately know the material of manufacture - this affects the service life. It is better if the comb is made of metal-plastic;
  • The radiation intensity of the rays. The laser range can cover more or less hair. In this aspect, individual preferences are needed;
  • Design. Mechanisms are found in a wide variety of forms - from round to classic elongated. It should be understood that oval shapes are the most modern and most convenient design. As a rule, with this design additional functions are used;
  • The shape of the bristles. The brush can have several rows, arrange the bristles in a circle, include certain massagers. Thanks to this, you can even choose a mode of exposure. You must also look at the material for making the bristles;
  • Availability of additional features. Advantages such as automatic shutdown, several modes, noiselessness or a timer - although not required, are a pleasant bonus to the healing properties of a laser brush.

And, of course, the main thing is the availability of a patent for the sale of goods at the store. Certificates and instructions must be attached.


Using a comb with lasers is quite simple, but you must consider the recommendations from the manufacturer. The instructions provide a detailed description:

  • In order for the device to act and help against baldness, they must be used regularly: every three to four days, giving a head massage 10-15 minutes. In this case, the mechanism of action will not stop.
  • Cope with sudden hair loss Extra light pressure on problem areas helps. It is necessary to conduct the device along the active lines of hair and scalp growth from the bottom up.
  • To activate the growth of hair it is better to use a massager against parting. This creates additional stimulation of blood flow to the hair follicles, which has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the curls and helps to strengthen them.

However, before using the comb, you must familiarize yourself with the warnings. Do not use a laser comb:

  • with oncological diseases;
  • having thermal burns on the skin;
  • suffering from blood clotting;
  • suffering from dermatitis;
  • during pregnancy;
  • at a young age (up to 11 years);
  • with paralysis of the facial nerve.

If at least one point has a positive answer, you should consult a specialist before purchasing a laser device.

Rating of the best

At the moment there are several types of devices from different manufacturers. Each mechanism is different in effect and has its own advantages. Consider the most popular models of the modern market.

Power Grow Comb

This comb is able to restore blood circulation, activates the processes of hair growth, strengthens the hair and makes it healthier. The device also has an interesting function: it relieves headaches.

The main method of exposure is through seven red diodes having waves of 660 nanometers long (they act on the upper layers of the epithelium), as well as seven blue diodes that have a wave size of 480 nanometers (affecting the deep layers of the skin). Thanks to a combination of effects, a holistic effect on the skin and hair is achieved.

The kit includes an additional nozzle that doubles the action of laser beams due to the massager. To prevent baldness, you must use the device for about 15 minutes at a time.

Scallop Hairmax Lasercomb

The device is the only instance that is certified by the international medical association. Thanks to this comb, you can not only prevent hair loss, but also normalize the sebaceous glands, get rid of dandruff and restore hair growth where bald patches have formed. The device is bought in specialized stores. It can be used for a long period of time. The mechanism has an instruction in Russian. The comb copes with its function as efficiently as possible and is the main device in the fight against weak and lifeless hair.

Gezatone laser hair

Another device that helps restore hair structure. With widespread use, strong curls are created, dandruff and seborrhea pass, the protective functions of the skin are improved and the hair becomes thicker.

The brush on the comb is modeled so that it has a vibrating effect. The massage effect helps to more deeply influence the rays, and also relieves stress and relaxes physically and emotionally.

The brush has several modes, thanks to which you can alternate the measure of exposure - so you can stimulate the growth of new hair. Energy-type processes are restored inside the cells with regular use (no more than 20 minutes several times a week). Hair becomes shiny due to the moisture inside the cells.


It is a comb that was created to prevent hair loss. According to doctors, several months can achieve great results. The device must be used for ten minutes every three days. In this case, the effect will not take long.

All mechanisms are created in order to restore the work of the skin, improve hair and maximize their condition.

Reviews trichologists and buyers

The opinions of professionals and specialists in the treatment of baldness vary. There is no single assessment - to use the additional influence correctly or incorrectly - no. Doctors are united in only one thing - individual preferences are better than any recommendations. It is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the disease, and specific contraindications for the body.

Trichologists, advising this or that method of hair treatment, rely on the causes of baldness - they can be different. Due to the individual course of any disease, a massive method of treatment with laser beams may not help.

Doctors recommend using devices with additional stimulation of hair growth as one of the methods in the complex treatment of baldness.

It should be remembered: when using only a laser - you should not expect a quick effect - a period of time from a month to several months is needed to feel at least slight improvements. However, the advantage of such a home "healer" is the acceleration of blood circulation in the skin and active nutrition of the follicles, which is an important condition for activating growth.

Customer reviews, as a rule, also vary.

Some argue that using a comb is not only pleasant, but useful and they note: the appearance of shine on the hair, skin tone and softness of the hair itself.

Some insist that a quick effect is in no way possible: the laser method of treatment is cumulative, which means that it is necessary to wait for the first improvements only after a month.

Some reviews prove that exposure can occur much later than after a month of use, for example, after two to three months.

Several people always express their indignation at the wasted money, as there was no result.

Girls, as a rule, respond positively about laser combs: they note accelerated hair growth and the density of hair. Sometimes consumers like unusual massage heads and additional vibrations - as customers explain, it helps to relax and relieve tension. It creates not just a medical procedure, but also a pleasant pastime.

As can be seen from the reviews - the opinions are different and very individual. For some, a comb with laser diodes will serve as a great addition to the main treatment, and someone will like the unusual effect. However, individual reactions are always more important than words.

how to use a laser comb, see in the next video.

Watch the video: Hairmax LaserComb Review (February 2020).


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