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Hair dye comb

Modern beauty masters use many different tools. One of the most practical and versatile options is a hair dye comb. It is known that this process takes a lot of time. But thanks to such an instrument, it is possible to significantly speed up the procedure.

Professional Options

Basically, hair dyes are used by professional hairdressers. This is due to the fact that for most women it is rather difficult to independently carry out this process, and therefore the only right decision is to visit a beauty salon.

As for the work of the masters, they use exclusively professional tools in their activities. Coloring combs used in salons resemble standard cosmetic equipment that we are used to in everyday life. The peculiarity of these options is that the mixing of the paint occurs in the comb itself.

This is quite convenient, since you do not need to waste time on unnecessary actions. Such options can be used at home. The use of the tool will provide safer staining, after the end of the procedure there will be no smudges on the skin.

The main advantages of professional options include:

  • tools have a double layer of teeth;
  • the comb can be used for normal styling;
  • Professional types are equipped with comfortable handles.

Another advantage of these species is that in the process of staining, the composition is evenly distributed over the strands. The teeth do not leave traces of substance on the scalp.

Professional options are equipped with a special and convenient function that shows the amount of composition in the tank. Tools with a dispenser are used not only for professional, but also for home dyeing. This is quite convenient, you can calculate the optimal amount of composition for the strands. To extrude the paint, turn the knob slightly.

Often these tools are used for ombre. It is known that for the high-quality implementation of this technique you need to know a large number of nuances. Coloring with a professional comb is quite easy, even if several tones are used at the same time.

How to choose

If you decide to purchase a hair dye comb, you need to pay attention to several important features. For starters, you can visit a beauty salon, get acquainted with the tools that the craftsmen work with. If this is your first time encountering a purchase of such a product, consult with a professional about which option is best.

  • When choosing the right cosmetic inventory, pay particular attention to the quality of the bristles. Be sure to hold and twist the comb in your hands. So you can immediately determine whether the tool is convenient to use.
  • Please note that a small comb or brush is required to color the areas around the face and behind the ears. Using small tools will allow you to correctly and accurately distribute the composition on the curls.
  • The best option would be a combined roller for coloring. The comb, supplemented by a brush, will allow you to accurately and correctly distribute the composition. The use of such cosmetic accessories provides uniform application of paint on curls.
  • Please note that modern manufacturers produce a fairly wide range of such options. Some tools may look like standard combs, while others have different capacities, buttons and additional functionality. In choosing the right option, you need to focus on your own preferences and needs.
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And at the end of the article, a video on how to highlight hair with a comb at home.

Watch the video: Does it really work?!? Temporary Hair Color Combs, Chalk (February 2020).


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