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Swimming cap

To protect hair from chlorine, and water from hair is the main purpose of such an accessory as a swimming cap. Rubber and shapeless earflaps with voluminous flowers are a thing of the past. Now this element of a sports wardrobe can be functional, convenient and very stylish.


They don’t let people into the pool without a hat - and they’ll do it right. It is necessary so that the water remains clean, and the drain holes are not clogged with hair. But in addition, the headgear performs many more useful functions for the swimmer himself:

  • Protects hair from chlorinated water. If you are not too keen on diving, you can leave the pool with almost a dry head.
  • Allows you to save heat: it is through the head that we lose it, being in the water.
  • Protects against otitis, reducing the amount of water that gets into the ears when swimming.

On sale today you can find hats for amateur and sports swimming.

  • Professional accessories for athletes, they ideally repeat the shape of the head and, as it were, “merge” with it to minimize water resistance (this is important for gaining speed).
  • Hats for lovers more affordable, can be made of different materials and even have a certain volume (for example, retro-models with a thong under a neck or with flowers are in fashion now, but they are much more beautiful than Soviet-made samples).

Children's pools open everywhere - which means that swimming classes are available even for babies. Caps for babies are made from a soft knitted fabric with a wide elastic band inside. For good manufacturers, gum is inserted according to the simplest principle - in the drawstring. So mom has the opportunity to get it and adjust the tension if the baby has grown.

For homework in the bathroom with the baby, you can also buy a hat with polystyrene foam - this is not an accessory, but a whole device that allows the baby to stay on the water. Foam blocks are sewn to the knitted cap around the circumference of the head. This thing allows the baby to lie on the water or stay in the bathroom vertically. Its advantages were appreciated by many parents and kids.


The most inexpensive caps are fabric and latex.

Knitted good in that it is easy to put on, does not press on the skin. In addition, textile accessories can often be very nicely decorated. However, they are 100% wet - so there is no question of protecting hair.

Latex The hat is well suited for those with very short hair. It is very difficult to put on and take off, because it stretches a little and sticks to the hair. In addition, latex caps are very easy to tear or pierce with something. After drying, they usually stick together (this can be avoided by sprinkling it with talcum powder from the inside). Undoubted advantages - super-tight fit and meager price.

Silicone hat - The most popular option today. This accessory is perfectly stretched, fits snugly to the head and allows the hair to stay dry. In addition, such hats are produced in bright colors, and for children with various game elements (for example, ears).

There are combined hats for swimming - fabric inside and silicone on the outside, or fabric on the sides, and silicone in the center of the head. Some people think that this way the cap combines the advantages of both materials at once.

How to choose

As a rule, swimming caps do not have the concept of "size". They are made using the One size system. By gender, the differences are also very arbitrary - often women choose black or blue accessories for themselves, and men enjoy swimming in red and yellow.

In other words, you need to choose a hat suitable for color and age.

If possible, the accessory should be tried on. To do this, gently stretch the hat, putting hands in it and put on the head, after collecting hair in a bun. Tuck the protruding hairs under the edge and smooth out the creases.

A suitable model should not cause discomfort, especially in the forehead and behind the neck. Rate how easy this thing is.

For long hair, manufacturers of swimming equipment came up with a special cut cap. She sits asymmetrically on her head, opening her forehead and completely covering her head at the back of her head. The bulk of the material is at the back, and you can easily hide luxurious strands there. Some models have a special knitted lining where you can remove long hair.

What to wear

A swimming cap is worn with a bathing suit - there simply are no other options. And if we talk about the general culture of visiting pools, it is worth clarifying that for swimming, it is more appropriate to choose a solid sports swimsuit, rather than a beach bikini.

Ideally, if the hat is combined with a swimsuit (swimming trunks) in style and color.

It looks very good if the hat and bathing suit are made by the same company as an ensemble. If you couldn’t find such a pair, try to choose a hat exactly to match the swimsuit, or vice versa - a contrasting color.

If the swimsuit is very simple, the color of the hat can be beaten with a similar tone with slippers or a towel.

Options always look advantageous when the color of the headgear repeats not the primary, but the complementary color in the swimsuit pattern. For example, a black swimsuit with a red pattern on its side and a red cap.

For fashionistas who like to swim back and forth slowly and do not strive for sporting feats, you can choose a voluminous accessory. If it will be combined in color with a swimsuit, increased attention is provided.

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Brand Overview


A well-known manufacturer produces a huge line of hats - from the simplest latex to superprofessional. Mostly represented by silicone and knitwear. A large selection of colors will allow you to choose a hat for any design of a swimsuit. It is at the Arena brand that you can find a retro model with a chin strap and a children's knit cap-bandanna, which is tied at the back. Samples with an internal bandana for long hair are produced.


In addition to the usual silicone options, the brand provides a fairly large selection of textile hats. On the company’s website you can find voluminous knitted hats with interesting patterns - they are perfect for those who feel awkward in a hat “in a heap.” Also in the range are updated versions of rubber retro models with voluminous "bumps" - from new materials and nice colors.


A popular sports store, among others, sells hats of the Nabaiji brand - fairly inexpensive and vibrant. The presented models of silicone and knitwear are perfect for amateur swimmers. For children and adults in the range of caps with bright prints.

Mad wave

Another major manufacturer of swimming accessories. The line of this brand presents "junior" hats - i.e. "medium" size, which are suitable for adolescents or adults with a small head volume. There is also a hat - a shark with a protruding black "fin", which boys like so much.


Inexpensive textile or rubberized hats for adults and children. Suitable for those who want to save money or go to the pool not too often. These hats do not have any special functions, as well as serious complaints about the quality.

Which is better to choose

When choosing, you need to be guided by your goals. If you practice swimming regularly and often, you should take care of your hair and choose a quality silicone hat. It should fit well.

For children, it is worth choosing soft models that will not creep into the eyes. For classes in sports sections, tight-fitting silicone or latex hats are best suited, girls can choose the option for long hair.

If a visit to the pool is a rare event for you, it is enough to limit yourself to the simplest textile or rubber accessory.

How to choose a hat for swimming, see the following video:

Watch the video: Swimming 101: How to Put on a Swim Cap (February 2020).


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