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Cosmetic Bio-Oil

The cosmetic product Bio-Oil appeared on the domestic market in 2002 and firmly established itself in pharmacy and store shelves. Bio-Oil, the oil producer, claims to cope with scars on the skin and stretch marks, known as stretch marks.

Stretch marks are white or red zigzag stripes on the body and appear due to stretching of the epidermis due to a sharp decrease or increase in weight.

Overweight women and those who are constantly on diets often suffer from striae, stretch marks often become companions of pregnant women and women in labor, whose skin is prone to their occurrence. Striae can form even in adolescents during puberty, rapid growth and weight gain, in general, it can be noted that the hormonal background has a special effect on the appearance of unsightly scars.

You can fight striae on condition that they are fresh; a similar sign may be their red shade (burgundy, pink). For this, the finished Bio-Oil product based on pure plant components and a complex of vitamins that form the internal balance of the skin is suitable.


The Bio-Oil complex of oils has been produced for more than 15 years, which allows us to trust the manufacturer and its product, since the brand has important consumer benefits:

  • The fatty acid-based Bio-Oil cosmetic is formulated to meet the international GMP requirements of the World Health Organization;
  • Prior to the start of production, the component of the product is tested for compliance with quality and the presence of impurities;
  • Product packaging is recyclable;
  • Industrial production of a product does not imply harmful emissions into the atmosphere;
  • A safe product can be used during pregnancy and lactation, which is confirmed by certificates of quality and product safety.


The basis of the cosmetic product Bio-Oil are unrefined vegetable oils of calendula, chamomile, rosemary and lavender. It contains vitamins A (retinol), E. In addition, the product against stretch marks and scars Bio-Oil includes the unique ingredient PurCellin OilTM, which makes the dense texture of the oils softer and more capable of penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin. This component has a softening effect on the components of the oil and allows the latter to be quickly absorbed without leaving an unpleasant shiny film on the surface.

The properties

The manufacturer claims that the finished cosmetic product is suitable for use on mature skin and will allow it to acquire a lost tone, for dehydrated, problematic, oily, dry and sensitive. Bio-Oil is designed to care for the epidermis of the face and body to reduce the appearance of various kinds of defects: skin scars, stretch marks, deep facial wrinkles, post-acne, spots and other imperfections.

The nutritional complex of Bio-Oil vegetable oils has visible advantages and has a wide range of actions:

  • Unrefined oil fights fresh stretch marks and scars by feeding the epidermis with fatty acids and vitamins A, E;
  • Oil restores the structure of the skin and synthesizes the formation of new cells;
  • The cosmetic product has a disinfecting effect and fights against skin rashes formed due to microbes;
  • Bio-Oil oil copes well with a dry surface and coarsened areas of the epithelium, nourishes and saturates it, removes visible peeling;
  • An integrated approach helps relieve inflammation and tone the skin;
  • Vitamin A in the composition of the finished product Bio-Oil stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which respond to the density of the skin, elasticity and strength;
  • The liquid form of the product allows it to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and "work" from the inside;
  • Its regular use normalizes the color of the surface of the epidermis and brightens red, pinkish striae;
  • The application of Bio-Oil greasy massage massage tones the epidermis and fights against the "orange peel".

Instructions for use

It is recommended to use the Bio-Oil cosmetic product on clean, dry skin of the face or body. Before using it, it is recommended to test for an allergic reaction: apply a small amount of the composition to the bend of the arm at the elbow and check the reaction after 10 minutes.

Despite the fact that Bio-Oil is a natural and hypoallergenic product, there are still risks and it is especially important to take care of them pregnant and lactating.

Bio-Oil helps with severe striae due to daily use 2-3 times a day: apply to stretched areas of the body and rub the product thoroughly for a couple of minutes. A small massage will improve the circulation of the epidermis and speed up the process of getting rid of white stripes.

Cosmetic Bio-Oil is suitable for removing scars and scars - fresh or long-formed. It is an assistant in the fight against dry and dehydrated skin: use the product daily before bedtime.

Use during pregnancy reduces the risk of stretch marks; To do this, use the finished oil after showering on dry or slightly damp body skin. Apply it with light massage movements to areas subject to stretching (chest, abdomen, hips) and use daily 2 times a day for 3 months. Regular use of the Bio-Oil cosmetic composition will protect against the appearance of unsightly striae and increase the overall skin tone, nourish it from the inside and saturate with a complex of healthy vitamins.

Use cosmetic oil sparingly: this will reduce its consumption and apply the required amount for better absorption. By the way, the remnants of the product can be easily removed with a dry cloth, allowing it to pre-soak for 5-10 minutes.


Bio-Oil cosmetic oil is aimed at preventing the formation of striae with regular use for 3 months - this is indicated by the manufacturer of the goods. It is prevention that avoids many skin problems, for example, during pregnancy.

It is worth remembering that not a single cosmetic product can remove deep scars or scars, old whitish stretch marks and other defects that formed long ago and deep in the skin from the surface of the epidermis. Bio-Oil is created on the basis of natural oils, which, working in combination, are able to improve the appearance of the epidermis surface: smooth the skin, neutralize redness, lighten post-acne and pigmentation.


Almost every woman knows about the natural Bio-Oil product. According to the manufacturer, the product copes with almost any skin imperfections. Consumers note that regular, that is, daily use of Bio-Oil oil nourishes and nourishes the skin, makes it smooth, supple, improves color and gives radiance.

Many pregnant consumers of Bio-Oil cosmetics note that after daily use of the composition for almost the entire period of gestation, not a single stretch mark appeared on their body, but opinions are not so positive.

Dissatisfied consumers of the brand are sure that the price is too high for a jar of “vaseline” oil, its consumption is too large, it is absorbed into the skin for a long time and does not eliminate the formed scars. In addition, the composition has a sharp aroma and shelf life is too long for a natural product - 36 months. They recommend an analogue of Bio Aroma with smoothing and nourishing properties, based on olive extract.

Still, a greater number of reviews about Bio-Oil is positive - women appreciate its moisturizing qualities and recommend acquiring a larger amount in order to save a little on personal care.

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