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Eye Oil

The skin around the eyes needs careful care. In the modern world, a person is faced with a large negative environmental impact on his eyes: constant stress from a computer, lack of sleep, vitamin deficiency, improper care - all this affects the appearance of the skin. Natural oils are needed to eliminate these symptoms and moisturize the dermis around the eyes.

What is eyelid care for?

The skin of the eyelids is very sensitive - the epithelium is thin, transparent, practically has no muscles and is not protected from external influences. The first signs of aging appear precisely on the eyelids - "crow's feet" are already noticeable in youth. What determines the elasticity of the dermis?

  • Healthy eating The epithelium suffers due to a lack of vitamins and minerals. A dull complexion and first wrinkles are a sign of the absence of vitamins A, E, and group B in the diet. Microelements are best obtained from food, so the epidermis can be maintained from the inside. Water balance should also be observed;
  • Proper sleep mode. The standard time that a person needs to get enough sleep is 9 hours. During this time, the body "reboots", turns on all protective mechanisms, cleans all tissues and organs from toxins, and puts all functions in order. With a lack of sleep, the first thing that appears is circles under the eyes - the dermis around the eyes begins to darken and swell, due to the fact that the body did not remove toxins during sleep;
  • Sport. With insufficient activity, there is stagnation of blood in the vessels, swelling, weakness and dizziness appear. As a result, puffy eyes and dark circles beneath them. During sports, the blood is driven throughout the human body, toxins and excess fluid are released. Also, the epithelium around the eyes is saturated with oxygen, due to which the edema subsides and the face takes on a fresh, healthy appearance;
  • Daily skin nutrition. Centuries must be looked after from 20-23 years old - at this age, shortcomings appear: small cavities from constant smiles, dull complexion from lack of sleep and stressful conditions, and most importantly - swelling of the epidermis in the morning. These defects are easily eliminated if you make the right skin care eyelids. It will take a desire to become more beautiful, natural oils and some free time.
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Properties of cosmetic oils

The epidermis does not have natural moisture, but is characterized by increased dryness and the presence of wrinkles. Oils, on the other hand, have a gentle composition that is as nutritious as possible for skin cells and prevents its aging. To take care of the skin around the eyes, it is enough to use special natural ingredients. The benefits of oil extracts:

  • nourish the dermis at all levels;
  • moisturize the top layer;
  • smooth wrinkles;
  • eliminate puffiness;
  • improve the color of the skin of the eyelids;
  • prevent wilting;
  • suitable for any age;
  • rejuvenate;
  • protect against adverse factors.

All natural extracts can be easily mixed with each other, creating individual combinations of lotions, masks and compressive overlays.


The extracts are conditionally divided into several categories: light, heavy and saturated with rare elements. As a rule, oils of light consistency are used for the skin around the eyes: peach, nut, sasanqua, borage, grape seed, almond and currant - they are freely absorbed and leave no residue on the epidermis.

For mature skin, heavier concentrates are used (saturated with fatty compounds): avocado, macadamia, jojoba, wheat germ, apricot and argan. These concentrates are diluted with lighter compositions by 70-80%.

For dry dermis, squeezes from oily products with polyunsaturated components are used: evening primrose, burdock, linen and boraga.

An interesting fact: unsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are indispensable elements for the entire human body. They participate in the metabolism, breaking up into simple elements, improve energy and water metabolism between tissues. These components are required not only in the diet, but also in the daily care of the epidermis.

There are base oils that are recommended to be applied undiluted.


Coconut extract is popular in the East. Girls of the West use it in all creams and are often used in pure form. The tool is hypoallergenic.

Coconut firm squeeze has a matting effect. The skin after its use acquires a natural, uniform color without oily sheen. Other remedies produce the opposite effect.

The oil also has sunscreen functions. It is used as a base in creams for an increased level of protection. Coconut extract is often used to treat sunburn. In addition, it has the ability to prevent the effects of frost, wind and high temperatures on the epidermis.

Useful ingredients in coconut concentrate:

  • myristin compounds are fatty elements that supply oxygen to the skin. Participate in the metabolism between cells, are able to retain moisture inside the dermis;
  • lauric compounds are polyunsaturated acid esters that rejuvenate the dermis. It acquires smoothness, a healthy appearance and shines from the inside;
  • folic acid fights against external effects on the skin, has an antiseptic effect and prevents the onset of inflammation;
  • vitamins A, C and group B have an antioxidant effect, improve regenerative functions and create a barrier defense of the epidermis.

An oily product envelops the skin with a layer that retains moisture inside and helps protect the dermis from environmental influences. The undiluted component is best applied in small quantities with patting movements.


Olive concentrate is the most beloved and affordable eyelid skin care product. Olive has in its composition a huge number of trace elements, due to which the epidermis becomes elastic.

Using this oil, you can tighten the skin, even out the color, remove wrinkles and eliminate irritation. The antioxidants in the composition help a withering dermis: elasticity is restored, and its water balance is normalized.

Useful Olive Oil Compounds:

  • linoleic extract restores a healthy look and energizes the layers of the dermis;
  • oleic component - an acidic compound that improves the condition of the epithelium from the inside, while maintaining the youth of the cells. It is a building material for new fibers, due to which elasticity is increased;
  • linolenic acid prevents the negative effects of the environment, improves the function of the skin;
  • A, E, D - vitamin components that strengthen the walls of blood vessels inside the dermis and regenerate the skin. Tocopherol eliminates surface imperfections, including spider veins, wrinkles, and scratches.

Extra virgin olive oil can be applied undiluted on the skin. It is better to use it, preheating.


Flaxseed extract differs significantly from other means: fatty acids, vitamin compounds and proteins (a component of plant proteins that are vital for the skin) are present in one liquid. Flaxseed oil is able to nourish, moisturize and at the same time protect the skin.

Substances that are included in the oil:

  • vitamins E, A, F smooth wrinkles, maintain youth;
  • B vitamins remove defects, participate in the regeneration of the skin. Thanks to this type of acid, the skin acquires a healthy complexion and is protected from stress;
  • omega-3, omega-6- restore the basic functions of the skin, cleanse and heal the epithelium;
  • lipids and proteins help restore lipid metabolism (responsible for maintaining youth), make the skin of the eyelids smooth and velvety;
  • tannins are antiseptic and antimicrobial components. They cleanse the skin of impurities, are able to maintain metabolism between the cells of the dermis.

The product is suitable for all skin types and perfectly copes with imperfections. It can be used undiluted for sensitive eyelid skin as a mask and compress on the eyes. Oil can remove permanent makeup from the eyes.


Cocoa butter extract serves protective functions - nourishes the skin in frost, heat and repels pollution from the epidermis. With regular application, the skin of the eyelids acquires uniformity and softness.

In cocoa butter are:

  • triglycerides are the main components that protect the epithelium from stress, preserve the youth of the cells and prevent their premature aging;
  • lauric acid maintains the water-salt balance in the cells;
  • The palmitic compound prevents the skin from withering around the eyes, retains moisture inside and nourishes the dermis in the deeper layers.

Sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn helps slow down skin aging. Thanks to useful substances, in sea buckthorn oil, the skin becomes moisturized, fresh, and the circles under the eyes disappear.


  • amino acids restore the upper layer of the dermis, promote cell regeneration;
  • flavonoids have an antioxidant effect and are able to improve the color of the skin around the eyes;
  • vitamins E, K, C are involved in the process of collagen production, due to which the dermis is tightened;
  • phospholipids restore fat metabolism between cells;
  • sterols are antiseptic compounds that cleanse the epithelium;
  • fruit components improve color and have a whitening effect. Due to this, oil can be used to remove swelling, dark circles and age spots.


Shea butter in its composition has acidic components and minerals that support youth and radiance of the dermis. Shea butter extract is able to quickly soften, nourish and rejuvenate the dermis, as well as protect and eliminate small wrinkles. Shea butter can soothe irritated epidermis and relieve swelling.

In masks it is used for the effect of tightening, eliminating wrinkles and facial expressions on the skin around the eyes.


Cow's milk based product is an excellent natural product. Cream butter contributes to the deep nutrition of the dermis, its restoration and overall tone.

Trace elements in the composition:

  • retinol has a rejuvenating effect, protects cell membranes from damage;
  • beta-carotene is involved in lipid metabolism, helps to normalize skin "respiration";
  • niacin deeply nourishes, eliminates peeling and irritation of the epithelium;
  • proteins are involved in the construction of new collagen fibers, and contribute to the regeneration of dermal cells;
  • B vitamins restore tone.

Oil can be used for home creams, masks and compresses on the eyes.

Essential oils

Extracts of oils, which are called esters, can also nourish and moisturize the skin, as well as basic products. The extracts contain volatile compounds (which determines the pleasant smell of each species), which are able to penetrate much deeper than the components of simple oils. Their composition is concentrated and should not be used in pure form. Applying them together with basic tools, you can enhance the beneficial effect on the skin of the eyelids.

Ethers should be used carefully, add them in small quantities: they enhance the effects of sunlight. A slightly aggressive base should be diluted with natural oils so as not to cause an allergic reaction, especially on the skin around the eyes.

Essential oils that can be used:

  • rose ether;
  • cornflower oil;
  • rosehip concentrate;
  • Cedar oil;
  • Macadamia Concentrate.

Application rules

To find out which oils are right for you, they should be checked according to several criteria:

  • smell - the more pleasant it is for you, the better;
  • expiration date - do not use expired products;
  • individual intolerance or allergy. You can check the oil by preliminary applying the product to the elbow bend. If there is no discomfort, it can be used.

For careful care, it is best to use olive oil, peach and argan oil.

To restore skin functions, remove peeling and bruising under the eyes, you need to use shea butter, flax, apricot extract, and coconut squeeze.

In order to tighten the skin, you should make masks based on butter and cocoa butter, with the addition of rose ester or macadamia.

The best recipes

Mask using flax oil

To warm flaxseed extract (20 ml) add shea butter (5 ml), and a drop of pink ether. In the resulting product, wet the pieces of gauze, then lay them on the skin of the eyelids and wait 15 minutes. Next, remove excess oil with a dry cloth.

Peach extract compress

Add olive oil (15 ml) to peach extract (25 ml) and add a few drops of cornflower blue ether. Mix all ingredients and warm to room temperature. Then wet a piece of cotton wool with a tool and attach it to the eyelids. Leave the compress for 20 minutes, and then rinse with water.

Gel with butter

In a melted butter (60 ml) add a spoonful of almond extract, mix thoroughly and add a few drops of pink and cedar oil. Then leave the cream in the refrigerator for several hours until completely solidified. The composition can be used as a night cream or compress for the skin of the eyelids.

And now the video is a recipe for a mixture of oils for skin care around the eyes.


Feedback on the use of oil for the skin of the eyelids is different, but, for the most part, positive. Women always emphasize the naturalness of the components, and girls argue that oils are best at fighting minor skin imperfections and facial wrinkles.

Most also have a wonderful effect on the use of almond and peach oil. A cream, based on butter, can quickly moisturize and nourish the skin with useful substances.

However, some say that there is no effect, others complain about the long wait for positive changes. Sometimes girls emphasize that oil can adversely affect the skin: there is a slight irritation and redness.

It is often mentioned that any oil must be applied carefully to the skin so that it does not get into the eyes, otherwise the product will pinch the eyes and cause discomfort.

Watch the video: I Tried A Holistic Dry Eye Treatment For The First Time. Macro Beauty. Refinery29 (February 2020).


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