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What is the difference between micellar water and thermal

Not so long ago, the market for cosmetic products replenished with new drugs. This is a different kind of water. Many are interested in how micellar water differs from thermal water. The difference between these products is enormous.

The essence of concepts

As it turns out, even the word “water” combines these two concepts, but these are completely different means with different functions and properties.

Micellar water - a tool that is designed to clean the surface of the dermis from various contaminants. Inside are microparticles, the so-called micelles. They are like a magnet, attract dirt to themselves, including cosmetics. The tool is designed to remove makeup, and cleanse the epidermis.

Thermal, in turn, is designed to moisturize the epidermis, and give freshness. At the same time, there is no question of any purification. Most often, this is ordinary mineral water from special hot springs, which is filled with certain trace elements, has a beneficial effect on the state of the dermis, a great option to refresh yourself in the summer heat, or rid your skin of dryness in an office where the air conditioner is running or heating appliances are turned on.

You will learn more about thermal water and its beneficial properties from the video.


Micellar water usually, in addition to the main property of purification, has a number of additional functions. The most functional is 5 in 1. It removes makeup, reduces inflammation, tones the dermis, prevents aging, and moisturizes.

You will learn more about micellar water and what it is used for in the video.

Thermal water is of three types.

  • Highly mineralized. Ideal for oily and combination skin. Perfectly dries, eliminates oily sheen.
  • Slightly mineralized. Suitable for dry, inflamed skin prone to redness and allergies.
  • Isotonic. Great for sensitive skin.


Like the concept, the method of use for these cosmetic products has differences.

Micellar water is applied with a cotton swab to an unwashed face.

It helps to remove makeup and remove other impurities from the skin. After application requires rinsing. Since micelles, remaining on the surface of the skin, can clog pores, causing inflammation. In addition, they prevent the penetration of moisturizers, nutrients and other substances into the layers of the epidermis when applying creams, masks and other care products. In addition, a cleaning agent often contains surfactants, which, if not washed off, can cause allergies.

Thermal water is designed to moisturize, and is usually released in the form of a spray.

With this package, it is easy to apply on cleansed face skin. It does not require any flushing. After applying it, you need to wet your face with a napkin. Otherwise, the product will draw moisture from the skin, thereby drying it even more, and if you do not do this in sunny weather, you can even get a dermis burn.

This product can be applied over makeup. It perfectly fixes it, helps to avoid oily sheen.

It is allowed to use it even for infants, in order to avoid diaper dermatitis.


According to reviews, micellar water removes makeup quite qualitatively, while the skin remains a feeling of purity and comfort. But still, she should not remove persistent makeup. For this, oil-based products that dissolve pollution well are best suited. An excellent cosmetic product in this category is Vilsen micellar water. Along with it, products of such well-known brands as Garnier, L'Oreal, Lancomme and others are also in special demand.

The use of thermal water is also gaining momentum. It is especially popular with ladies with dry, sensitive skin. Moisturizing Water "Luxurious smoothness"according to reviews - an excellent product that gives even very dry skin a state of comfort, fills it with life-giving moisture, makes it smooth and velvety.

Watch the video: The Best Drugstore Skincare To Buy IMO. Beauty with Susan Yara (February 2020).


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