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BB Cream Nivea

Modern cosmetics manufacturers are trying to make it safer and more environmentally friendly. An example of a good tonic for the face is BB cream. This cream with a light texture can be safely used on a daily basis instead of tone, or as a basis for a more complex makeup. About how this product differs by a simple tonic, and how good Nivea BB cream is, and we will discuss this article.


Nivea - this German brand pleasantly pleases us with high-quality makeup products that do not harm the skin. And Nivea BB cream is no exception to the rule.

The products of this brand are manufactured in Germany. The brand has been manufacturing its products for over a hundred years. Manufacturers very carefully control both the composition and the entire process of manufacturing and testing their products. Therefore, their care and decorative cosmetic products are really good.

You will see a test drive of BB creams in the next video.

As for the BB-agent, first you need to say that this cream is sold in a very convenient package.

It is supplemented with a narrow neck, due to which, the product is consumed as slowly as possible. On the box you can find all the information about the composition, and make sure that the cream is hypoallergenic, and suitable for any type of skin. So, it can be selected for any type of epidermis.

This product is available in two primary colors. One of them is lighter, the second is natural. Despite the fact that there are only two, BB creams with a light texture perfectly adapt to skin tone. Therefore, it is difficult to make a mistake with the choice of color. Although, if you have very dark or tanned skin, then the light beige shades on you will look too unnatural.

At the same time, the product looks as natural on the skin as possible. It rests on the skin with a thicker layer than a simple tonic. So for beginners who are just starting to use cosmetics, BB cream is best suited. It can be applied even with your hands, without using special sponges and brushes. Nivea Cream is a product that is suitable even for teenage girls.

As for the texture, the cream is very light and fits perfectly on the skin.

It does not emphasize invisible peeling, so the skin as a whole, looks well-groomed and neat. It is best to distribute this product with a small sponge. So you get a more even and neat makeup than when applied with your fingers. In any case, you will not have a mask effect on your skin that looks so ugly on any face.


Cream from this brand is not in vain called 5 in 1. This is ensured by its correct composition. It is protected from sunlight by SPF filters. On hot summer days, it will not save your skin, but in spring and winter the level of protection that this cream provides will be quite enough.

Nivea is also well known for its moisturizing properties. This is due to the fact that a special technology has been created in the laboratories of this company that enhances the production of aquaporins. They are the natural conductors of moisture in the epidermis. So, after using such a product, the skin remains hydrated throughout the day. Even after a full day's work, you will seem rested and relaxed if you use this product during makeup in the morning.

Of the elements useful for the skin, it is also worth noting provitamin B5.

is he enhances the moisturizing effect by retaining moisture and promoting skin regeneration. Shea butter also contributes to this. It nourishes the skin and makes it really velvety and pleasant to the touch. So, when buying a product from Nivea, you can be sure that it will not harm you.

But to make the product as safe as possible, pay attention to the country of origin. The product must be original, made in one of the German laboratories. This is really a guarantee of quality and a sign that you have a product that really works on the skin as the manufacturer assures. A cheap Chinese fake has no positive effect on the skin.

Also in the cream from this brand there are small particles that create the effect of a natural glow on the skin.

Therefore, if you use this product, You do not have to pick up additional highlighter or other means that add natural radiance and vitality to the face.

In general, as is clear from the composition, the BB cream from this manufacturer is really natural, and the product itself is very multifunctional, and can cope with many problems.


The quality and effectiveness of Nivea BB creams are also confirmed by positive customer reviews. Girls who use it claim that it is easier and more pleasant to use than a tonic. This applies to the application of the product and how it is felt on the skin throughout the day.

The product is really capable of perfectly adapting to the skin tone.

You do not have to test a large number of different shades - just choose a lighter, or darker tone, and wait until it absorbs, adjusting to the skin tone. The result will be immediately noticeable - the skin tone will even out, and the face as a whole will look more well-groomed and beautiful.

Of course, the girls note that due to the less dense texture, such a cream does not mask the very obvious flaws and large acne.

But he will easily hide light redness and rashes. So such a product can be used on a daily basis to look as well-groomed as possible, and feel confident without making any special effort for this.

For combination or oily skin with enlarged pores, such a product is also suitable.. It makes enlarged pores less noticeable and dulls the skin throughout the day. After a few hours, the makeup does not deteriorate, and the skin does not get tired. After all, she remains hydrated. Therefore, you can not worry about her condition - in the evening, having washed off the cosmetics, you will not notice any negative consequences of using this product.

The only thing worth remembering is that the tone needs to be applied with quick movements, otherwise it will be absorbed into the skin and lie on uneven spots. The product must be distributed over the face with a thin layer, because this effect of spotted makeup will then be very difficult to remove. A very oily skin must certainly be powdered so that the oily sheen does not appear on the face within an hour after application. It is advisable to use high-quality powder so that the cream does not oxidize and does not change color after contact with the matting product.

Comparison of Nivea BB cream with another well-known manufacturer - in the next video.

Of the positive aspects, it is worth noting that many girls are pleased with the low price of such a tool.

It costs about three hundred rubles, and it can be purchased at many cosmetic stores in almost any city. So, even teenage girls who are just starting to use cosmetics can afford it.

As you can see, positive reviews confirm that the BB cream from this brand really works well on the skin, and not only makes it visually better, but also cares for it. This tool is inexpensive, therefore, even if it does not suit you, you will not be very disappointed. So, if you need an easy and universal remedy, then this product is definitely worth paying attention to.

Watch the video: First Impressions: NIVEA BB Cream (February 2020).


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