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Carrot Face Cream

For many of us, carrots are a common root crop found in every kitchen. But, as it turned out, this product is not so simple in fact. In addition to cooking, it has found its application in cosmetology, as it has a number of useful properties for our skin.

Features of the composition

To date, there are a lot of ready-made cosmetics, the basis of which is carrots. Usually they are made in the form of ointment or cream. Of course, their composition may differ slightly from each other, but always distinguish the main components that carry out the main function of such cosmetics.

  • Olive oil, as a rule, plays the role of a liquid base and a connecting component. In addition, quite a lot is known about the properties of olive extract. They contain a fairly large concentration of vitamins, minerals, trace elements necessary for nutrition and moisturizing the skin. It is also important that such substances can be used for any type of skin, since they do not dry it and do not clog the pores of the sebaceous glands;
  • Actually carrot extract. In this case, it is the main and key component. Carrots are not only an excellent antioxidant, which prevents premature death of tissues, but also protects the skin well, supports and improves its tone, activates regeneration processes, which contributes to rejuvenation. In addition, the composition of carrots in itself is very effective. First of all, it is rich in vitamins of group A, and the so-called retinol - a substance that prevents the appearance of wrinkles and folds, smoothes the surface of the dermis and gives it natural elasticity;
  • Also a powerful antioxidant is the third component - vitamin e. In addition, it restores normal skin tone, and maintains the natural balance of its structure. It also enhances the moisturizing properties of the cream, as it retains moisture inside the dermis, while maintaining its freshness and creating additional protection against irritating external factors;

Basic properties

Carrot cream is good for taking care of dry and flaky skin.

It has a pleasant soft and soothing texture, and also provides a whole host of beneficial effects. Some of them are achieved by adding additional components to the composition, as manufacturers, as a rule, indicate on the packaging of the product.

  • Intensive moisturizing, which is achieved by combining the oil base and the extract of this root crop. This ability is perhaps one of the most important for problematic dry skin;
  • Thanks to the inclusion of vitamins of group E, the cells of the dermis are not just saturated with the necessary components and moisture. A special protective layer is created that prevents the loss of fluid, and also mitigates the influence of external factors;
  • Prevents peeling and tightness of certain areas of the skin;
  • Saturates the dermis with essential vitamins and mineralsdue to which a healthy appearance and complexion is maintained;
  • Prevents early wrinkles and creases. Smoothing the surface of the skin, activation of cell repair processes, as well as the effective influence of antioxidants, are considered a good anti-aging dermis;
  • Supports and normalizes natural mechanisms protection;
  • It has a mild effect.therefore well suited even for sensitive skin types;
  • Regular use of cream able to produce a good anti-inflammatory effect. It is often recommended in the fight against the appearance of acne, to relieve itching and other manifestations of inflammation;

Indications and application features

Carrot cream is considered to be not just a cosmetic, but a full-fledged medical product, since it has quite pronounced effects.

Of course, it can be used for everyday skin care, but due to the high content of vitamins and the substance retinol, possible abuse should be avoided.

Experienced cosmetologists distinguish the following absolute indications for the possible use of a cream based on carrot extract:

  • Dull skin, signs of its drying out and premature formation of folds, wrinkles;
  • The appearance of acne. In particular, it can be used to treat teenage acne;
  • Reduction in elasticity and elasticity of the skin for any reason;
  • Small cracks, individual areas of inflammation, redness;
  • Drying out and peeling.

In addition, carrot cream can be used for preventive purposes. For example, it produces a pretty good protective effect, which reduces the influence of seasonal factors such as cold air, frost, excessive exposure to direct sunlight.

The tool is easy to use and does not require any special preparation. But still it is better to follow some advice from cosmetologists to ensure a really good effect from its use:

  • Before applying a layer of cream, it is necessary to cleanse the skin of the remains of dust, dirt, and also natural fats. Sometimes just washing with warm water is enough for this, however, it is best to use specialized means for cleaning the dermis;
  • Do not squeeze too much money;
  • Apply cream need soft massaging movements. Avoid contact with the thin skin of the eyelids and around the eyes;
  • Carrot extract well absorbed. If within 15 minutes the face still has its remains, then you have used too much money. Remove excess with a dry cloth;
  • Can be used as a foundation for makeup. Nevertheless, after applying the cream, it is better to wait about 30 minutes, otherwise it may not be fully absorbed, so the makeup will be smeared;

Popular brands and reviews about them

Choosing a good carrot cream, you can come across a wide variety of brands. For example, a fairly large importer is Israel, a popular line of estimates, which includes and cream based on root extract - Mon Platin. Among women and cosmetologists, they get pretty good reviews, but the impression can ruin the price.

At the same time, you should pay attention to domestic manufacturers. Cosmetic series like "Viburnum"and"Spring", well established among representatives of the fair sex. Their distinctive feature is accessibility, and the composition is devoid of unnecessary chemical components, so this cream is a simple and effective skin care product.

In the video below - a review of carrot face cream from Care & Beauty Line.

Watch the video: DIY Carrot Cream. Skin Whitening & Lightening Cream. Get Super Glowy & Shiny Skin (February 2020).


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