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Givenchy Face Cream

To help our skin fully wake up in the morning and relax at night, we use various creams, because they moisturize perfectly, nourish our face with useful substances and protect against the effects of harmful factors from the external environment. And, in simple terms, a face cream is nothing more than a cup of invigorating coffee, which will charge our face with health and brightness for the whole day. Next, you will learn about effective facial products from the famous French brand Givenchy.

About Brand

Despite the rather high prices, absolutely all women in the world dream of acquiring funds from Givenchy. The French brand produces luxury cosmetics and care products, and therefore they are valued among all segments of the population. Givenchy is chosen by celebrities, women are politicians and just housewives. Many women give preference to the brand for a single year and do not change their choice in all subsequent ones.


If you want to get a really effective cream for your face, then consider the diverse range of creams from Givenchy.


Givenchy Introduces Innovative Face Skin CareHydra sparkling"unparalleled in its own way.

  • Moisturizer - Hydra Sparkling Mask. It is a night care that moisturizes, restores and restores radiance to the skin during the night. This product saturates the epidermis with active ingredients, strengthens the lipid barrier and helps retain moisture. The new generation antioxidant in the cream will save you from dullness and traces of stress on the face.
  • Hydra Sparkling Moisturizing Nourishing Cream saturates the skin with moisture and retains water in the cells of the epidermis, so that your skin shines and shines with health every day.
  • Hydra Sparkling Skin Moisturizer deeply moisturizes the skin, eliminates oily sheen, provides the cells with all the necessary energy. It is recommended to apply on the face and neck.

Anti-aging care

The brand’s laboratories devote great attention to creating anti-aging products that they have been developing for years.

Givenchy found out that in the epidermis there is a natural protein that helps our skin withstand all the ups and downs of life, and therefore developed a series of products "Smile'n Repair"that support the maintenance of the level of this protein and regulate its production. We recommend that you look at the cream to increase elasticity "Smile'n Repair"which will help restore youth and former radiance to your skin.

Also, an excellent wrinkle correction cream with SPF-15 can be a great acquisition from this anti-aging series. The delicate texture of the cream will give the skin unsurpassed softness, eliminate all imperfections, moisturize, protect and restore former firmness and elasticity.

Wrinkle Correction Expert "Smile'n Repair" perfect for skin care after a hard day. It is at night that our skin absorbs the most useful things best, and this product has a triple positive effect on it, which you will immediately notice after the first use. A special patented complex in the composition of this cream stimulates the production of protein, so that the skin becomes elastic again. Thanks to its specially selected composition, collagen production is stimulated.

From the line of anti-aging care, options from the L'intemporel series are also very effective. This series includes:

  • Delicate silky cream for global youthful skin. Suitable for all types. You can apply in the morning and / or evening on the face and neck. Thanks to the pleasant and melting texture, you will get a lot of pleasure from using this tool.
  • A rich cream for global youth will make even the driest skin of your face soft and moisturized. Cream, gentle as silk, will instantly melt upon contact with the skin, nourishing and saturating it with all the most useful.

Tools from the series "Le soin noir" protect and restore your skin from early aging and the appearance of a wide variety of wrinkles and age spots. Many specialists in the field of cosmetology recommend a cream from Givenchy "Treasure for the face". It contains a special concentrate of black algae juice, which regenerates the bonds between the cells of the epidermis, due to which the basic functions of the skin are restored and brought to life. To all other, the skin is instantly charged with energy, acquires a lost tone, signs of aging are reduced, and your face glows with beauty and health. The consistency of this cream is very pleasant, and the composition contains small flickering particles that leave a noble and healthy glow on the skin.

This facial treatment is considered premium and prices, of course, bite. But your face is worth this luxury, so you should not give yourself. I would also like to note that if you want to buy this cream, then you should also look at the serum from this Le Soin Noir series, so that you will get comprehensive care, and you will achieve the desired result much faster.


Reviews of all Givenchy facial lines are always enthusiastic among millions of fair women around the world. Many women do not change their choice for many years.

The disadvantages that many women note, perhaps, include rather high prices for products. But this is due, first of all, to the fact that in all means the brand uses very rare components and patented technologies, because of which this product is valued.

But the most important thing that all women say is that all that the brand claims about the properties and results after using its products is confirmed, and it is thanks to the high quality that Givenchy has so many regular and loyal customers.

If you still do not have a single remedy for this brand, then be sure to look at them, because they certainly will not disappoint you.

You can learn more about Givenchy cosmetics from the next video.



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