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L'Occitane Hand Cream

The effects of the environment usually affect the skin of the hands. If a woman carefully cares only for her skin, trying to preserve her youth, and forget about her hands, then they will certainly betray her true age. Hand cream is usually remembered when skin dryness is already clearly felt, but you should at least once use one of the L'Occitane brand hand care creams, and you will never forget about this procedure.

And all because using this product is a pleasure.


The manufacturers of this cosmetic brand - for innovative development and research, the company constantly makes sure that the products are in harmony with the outside world, for which they abandoned synthetic components in favor of natural ones. These are truly unique products containing magical elements from the southern coast of France and other Mediterranean countries.

Read more about winter hand cream in the next video.

All L'Occitane products have a rich composition of nutritious oils, as well as herbal extracts of natural origin.

This composition provides the skin with relief from a number of problems, as well as a positive effect on the structure of nails and the condition of the cuticle.

Any kind of L'Occitane creams is a pleasant texture that, being weightless in consistency, can instantly penetrate the skin, and the pores do not clog while allowing the skin to breathe. It is also important that the clothes do not get dirty with such a cream, and therefore it can be applied if necessary to any area of ​​the skin. And yet - each of these cosmetic products has its own smell, bright and unforgettable.

About the product line

The company often holds promotions for customers, and then you can become the happy owner of a gift box, inside which a whole set of creams, as a rule, is a trio of different types of cream. In the gift version, the tubes have a volume of 30 ml, and the standard options are 150 ml each. Having received such a set, you will have the opportunity to compare the aromas and effects of different versions of this product and choose for yourself what you like best.

With shea butter

This is a means of instantly hydrating the skin of the hands, as well as softening it. At the same time, your hands will smell gently and unobtrusively. The texture of the cream is quite thick, but very tender, which gives the composition the ability to absorb quickly and without problems. Using this wonderful product, you will not have dry and hard skin on your hands, but soft and velvety.

This effect became possible due to the content in the cream:

  1. 20% shea butter;
  2. almond extract;
  3. honey;
  4. extracts from jasmine;
  5. extracts from ylang-ylang;
  6. Vitamin E - a natural antioxidant for nourishing the skin and prolonging its youth.

Frequent buyers of this product are the representatives of the stronger sex - they appreciate it for how the product is quickly absorbed and, at the same time, is able to heal small wounds.

Statistics show that of the entire line of L'Occitane creams, Karite is the most popular, and every three seconds somewhere in the world it is sold. If the skin of the hands dries up, this is the best remedy for it. For 30 ml of funds you will have to pay 850 rubles, and for 75 - 2300, but in this case, such a high price is justified by the high quality of the product.

With almonds (Amande)

Replenishment of the almond series of drugs. The cream perfectly refreshes the skin, makes it soft and supple. The tonic properties of this cream are perfectly manifested. Using the almond composition, you will get smooth skin on your hands, all small cracks on it will quickly heal, and damaged areas will be restored.

Light in texture, getting on the skin adds softness and silkiness to it. The surface of the epidermis is refreshed and smoothed, thanks to menthol and almond proteins in the product. There is a small tube with a capacity of 30 ml is also not cheap - 650 rubles.

More about almond cream in the next video.

With lavender

The first cosmetic products in this company, at the choice of its owner Olivier Bossant, were produced with this extract. The French call it "blue gold", the aroma of this plant is so unique. The L'Occitane company collaborates with farmers whose fields are located in Provence and purchases lavender from them.

Using L'Occitane with lavender means being on a spacious lavender field and feeling the peace and complete peace of mind.

One tube of this cosmetic product, in addition to the lavender aroma, also contains honey for skin care, and shea butter to moisturize and restore its protective properties, as well as grape oil to eliminate fine wrinkles and deep penetration of nutrients.

Thus, the process of activating regeneration at the cellular level occurs, the skin is enveloped in a hydrolipidic film, acquires softness and elasticity. The texture of the cream is not thick and not liquid, absorption occurs instantly, and the hands are protected. For a small tube of this product you will have to pay 650 rubles, and for a capacity of 75 ml - 1390.

With verbena

The tool resembles a matting gel. Thus, the skin of the hands is well hydrated and calms down, the applied composition is absorbed instantly and absolutely without a greasy residue. The tool does not need to be used just before bedtime - you can not be afraid that greasy hands will leave a mark on a book or, for example, on a tablet. Verbena extract is the main component of this product, but tapioca powder is also present in the company with it, thanks to which the coating on the hands is matte.

The peculiarity of this product is its cooling effect, and therefore it is recommended to use it in the summer, as it is not suitable for skin nutrition in winter. For 30 ml of L'Occitane cream with verbena you will give 650 rubles.

With a rose

This unique flower has not only an unsurpassed aroma, but also healing properties that can give the skin a beautiful and well-groomed appearance and eliminate the discomfort of dry skin.

In this case, shea butter, vitamin E and rose extracts act on the skin.

This is a complex effect on the skin of the hands - their softening, protection against negative effects from the outside, giving the skin softness and silkiness, as well as a pleasant pink aroma. In addition, the tool will soften the cuticle and strengthen the nails. For a small tube you need to pay 650 rubles.

With peony

The texture of this L'Occitane cream is very similar to the structure of the fluid, although it is not. The tool moisturizes the skin well and visibly smoothes it. The cream is applied exclusively to the dry surface of the skin, but if done on wet hands, a film forms on the skin.

This product consists of an extract of peony, grape oil, shea butter, glycerin and water.

Absorption of the cream is instantaneous, as a result of which the skin of the hands acquires protective functions. For a 30-gram tube you need to pay 650 rubles.

With red cherry

The aroma of this product is amazingly similar to the aroma of fresh berries. The skin will be well-groomed, both in winter and in summer - perfectly moisturized, with an established process of cell renewal. Free distribution of the composition on the skin of the hands, rapid absorption. Contains extract of cherries, glycerin and some other natural elements that contribute to the moisturizing process.

The applied cream does not make the hands sticky. Having applied such a cream in the winter, you will immediately find yourself with your memories in the cherry garden, fragrant with summer aromas. For the smallest tube of such pleasure, you will have to pay 800 rubles.

With cherry blossom

The product also has a cherry flavor, but in this case it is the smell of cherry blossoms. This smell is not of hot summer, but of early spring, in addition, this cream has healing properties of this plant. The composition nourishes, softens and moisturizes the skin of the hands. In this case, the absorption process is the fastest. The main active ingredient here is an extract from the flowers of the Luberon cherry, the birthplace of which is Provence. The product has a very gentle effect on the skin due to the complex effect of this extract and shea moisturizing oil. There is very little of it in this composition, which is why the texture of L'Occitane cream is very light and it is absorbed into the skin as quickly as possible. 30 ml of cream costs 650 rubles.

With vanilla

Vanilla cream does not look thick, although it is not liquid - it has an average consistency. By applying this product to your skin, you will still feel the pleasant smell of vanilla for a long time, and this is confirmed by numerous customer reviews. For the skin, this product is both nutrition and protection from adverse external influences. The product consists of an extract of vanilla pods and 10% shea butter, produced by the state of Burkina Faso. For 100 ml of this fragrant L'Occitane cream you will pay 2300 rubles.

With immortelle

The tool belongs to a specially developed series of anti-aging areas. The name of the flower contains the basic idea of ​​eternal youth, and the cream really has a rejuvenating effect. He has another, unusual for us name - immortel. Thanks to the action of immortelle extract, collagen fibers are reliably protected from destructive processes. The optimally developed composition of the cream makes the skin of the hands beautiful, restores its youth and deflects aging for an indefinite period.

The skin will be reliably protected by such a cream from negative influences from the outside, from the harmful effects of direct sunlight on it, the skin will not be subject to pigmentation, and if it has already taken place, it will be eliminated.

In addition, the product with immortelle has regenerative properties, so that the epidermis is smoothed and looks young. A small tube of this L'Occitane cream costs 650 rubles.

What to pay special attention to

Before applying any of these types of L'Occitane cream to your skin, wash your hands thoroughly and let them dry completely. Then apply the composition to the skin and distribute it over the entire surface. Just a minute after that, you can do any business without fear of leaving a bold mark on anything. A good time to apply L'Occitane cream is when you rest - so the composition will be longer on the surface of the skin and will be able to better moisturize the epidermis. But in the afternoon, if you feel that the skin of your hands is dry, also apply this composition - only after water procedures for hands.

An opinion on L'Occitane hand cream is in the next video.


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