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Tanning at home

Chocolate skin tone is not only beautiful, but also fashionable. Girls around the world give preference to tanned skin, because it looks healthier, smoother and more natural.

Sometimes it is not advisable to spend money on trips to the solarium, and the purchase of cosmetic substitutes, for example, tanning, does not bring the proper result.

That is why there are homemade methods for preparing such creams. Unlike branded ones, they consist only of natural ingredients, and their use is shown not only for the effect of an even tan on the skin, but as part of a comprehensive care.

In addition, the compounds can be perfectly used as face masks, lotions or mousses - they not only improve the natural complexion, but also contribute to nutrition and hydration.

What is it needed for

Home-made tanning can be used as basic skin care in the spring and summer, and the effect of a light “sun kiss” will be a nice bonus. The advantages of this tool include:

  • lack of harmful dyes and additives - self-prepared formulations contain only natural dyes that do not harm the skin. Conventional cosmetics use molecules that color the skin through a chemical reaction;
  • has a nourishing and moisturizing effect - due to minerals, vitamins and fatty acids, you can not only give the epidermis an even and natural shade, but also nourish it with useful substances;
  • makes skin tone even, smooth and soft to the touch;
  • the procedure requires a minimum of time, and the effect comes much faster than from a visit to the solarium;
  • use a product prepared on your ownYou can at any time of the year;
  • home creams do not stain the skin, do not stain the epidermis. With proper application, natural dyes last longer on the dermis than artificial ones;
  • formulations due to the ingredients have no contraindications.

Disadvantages of home tanning:

  • flushing off the skin is quite problematic: due to the renewal of the epidermis, the dye disappears unevenly, leaves spots on the skin;
  • in order to get a high-quality result, the solution should always be freshly prepared, and applied carefully and evenly. If you skip any part of the body, you can get the effect of "spotting";
  • homemade tanning is able to delight the skin with a delicate chocolate shade from two to five days. Persistence depends on a number of factors: the use of peeling before using the product, the number of layers applied, the frequency of showering and others;
  • some home formulations are unpleasant in smell. However, it quickly erodes;
  • the product can partially dye clothes and bedding.

Homemade mixtures can be used an unlimited number of times - they are suitable for daily care. And that's why:

  • not only the appearance of the skin improves, but also the internal processes: deep nutrition and restoration of skin functions - in particular, restoration of water-salt balance;
  • peeling passes;
  • restores the natural glow and radiance of the skin;

Useful substances in home remedies:

  • vitamins A, E, C - are an antioxidant complex that protects, nourishes and improves oxygen metabolism between skin cells;
  • tannins - able to regenerate damage and smooth out bumps;
  • antacids - natural antisepticsthat kill microbes and have anti-inflammatory effect. Due to them are eliminated redness and inflammation on the skin, as well as the reasons for their appearance;
  • carotenoids - natural dyesthat give the dermis a natural and even tone;
  • minerals - contribute to skin rejuvenation and smoothing of small irregularities. Means with a large number of minerals are able to accelerate the metabolism, establish the work of cells and activate regenerative functions.

We make it ourselves

There are a huge number of home recipes that can stain the dermis and restore its functions. As a rule, their components are available in every home.

Tea leaves

The most popular recipe that you can quickly cook at home is tea bag lotion. Making it is quite simple: you need to make very strong tea, based on the fact that two tablespoons of the product account for 80 ml of water. The proportions can be varied and experimented with the emulsion as you wish. To achieve a quick effect, you should wipe their face daily several times a day. For the body you need to use a jar with a spray.

It is important to know: this lotion does not stain clothes and does not leave stains on the skin. Its regular use contributes to the lifting effect, improves the external condition and functions of the dermis.


For this method, you need to buy whole coffee beans and grind them in a coffee grinder. Gradually mix water into the powder until a consistency of homogeneous gruel. Here you can add a few drops of any cosmetic oil. It should be applied to the face and exposed areas of the body for 15-20 minutes several times a day. And in order to further fix the effect, you should add a few capsules of vitamin E and A.


One of the most persistent body lotions is a product based on a rhubarb decoction. You can use the juice of the first extraction instead of a decoction - so the coloring effect will last longer.

In order to make such an extract with your own hands, you need to add a tablespoon of moisturizer to one tablespoon of juice. The result is a liquid consistency that resembles a melting ointment. The result of such a cream is cumulative.

The first manifestations of an even tan on the body are noticeable after a week of use.

To make a decoction that can be used instead of juice, you need to boil one spoon of the roots in 250 ml of water for about twenty minutes, then strain and cool to room temperature. The resulting liquid can be used as a lotion. The composition not only darkens the skin due to the coloring pigments of the natural type, but also narrows the pores, smoothes out irregularities and makes the complexion even.

Carrot recipe

With the help of carrot juice, you can achieve a beautiful even tan, which will not stain, and will appear as even as possible.

At home, a golden skin tone can be obtained using the following composition: juice from one carrot should be mixed with olive oil (15 ml). This composition can be used for the face and whole body. It is aged on the skin for about 10 minutes like a mask. The method is ideal to emphasize an existing tan or for girls with dark skin.

It is not suitable for fair-skinned people - the pigment will color the skin in a yellow, unnatural tone.

Onion peel

Onion broth not only stains the skin in one application, but also maximally cares for the epidermis. It becomes soft and silky in a few weeks. The broth is prepared as follows: onion peel (from several onions of pink and white onions) must be poured with cold water and left for several hours. Such a solution can be rubbed on the skin until completely absorbed. Flushing is not recommended.

The second solution can be prepared by boiling onion husks. The broth should be boiled for about 15-20 minutes over low heat, and then cool. When cold, it must be rubbed evenly into the skin of the body and face.

Walnut leaves

The tool gives a natural shade. For several applications, an even, golden tan is achieved. A plain decoction of leaves is used - added to the bath. In such a bath should be about 20 minutes. The biggest advantages from this application are a minimum of actions, time saving and even tan.

The product has a lasting effect: the pigment lasts on the skin for about seven to eight days.

Blue clay

In a dry clay powder (three tablespoons) you need to add one tablespoon of henna and a little cinnamon. Dissolve this mixture in the bath. It should be taken no more than 20 minutes. It must be remembered that allergic reactions to components are possible, therefore it is worthwhile to conduct an allergy test.


To give the epidermis a light tan effect, not a golden hue, you can use chamomile decoction with the addition of a series. The infusion should be filtered and use on face and body. It is better to use the product through a spray so that the lotion is evenly distributed and does not leave streaks. For the correct consistency, mix eight tablespoons of one and the other herb and pour boiling water (1000 ml). It is necessary to insist it for about three hours.

Preparation for the procedure

For an even shade and a beautiful golden tan, it is necessary to prepare the dermis. Fundamental rules:

  • clean skin before procedures special scrub or peeling. You can use a product based on coffee and honey, and ethers should be added as little as possible;
  • for a uniform tone throughout the body Before using home tanning, hair must be removed;
  • if creamy consistency is used, you should wait about an hour after the bath so that the pores are clogged;
  • cannot be used before lotion chemical and cosmetic creams for the body and face;
  • prepare towel before application to remove excess, as well as stabbing hair.

The benefits of a home product

Home remedies can be used as masks, compresses and peels. Depending on the method of use, it has different properties.

For example, onion peel helps to expand blood vessels, speeds up blood circulation and helps to treat varicose veins. Adding infusion several times a week to bath water helps to heal the whole body.

A decoction of walnut leaves is used to treat acne and skin diseases. Many respond that its regular use as a lotion has a beneficial effect on the skin of the face.

Chamomile extract, according to reviews, soothes redness, eliminates itching and allows the skin to breathe.

A rhubarb root infusion can drown out unpleasant pains. Many girls apply this ointment to sore areas of the body.

Getting rid of the rules

To remove unwanted color on the skin, you can use proven methods:

  • if palms are painted, then they must be steamed in a water bath, and then walk on them with a hard washcloth. You need to pay attention to those parts of the hands that stand out. This will help to quickly remove unnecessary pigment. The complex can use light peeling;
  • to quickly wash the whole body, you should take a hot bath, and then use a washcloth to go over your whole body;
  • if there is no washcloth at handTo remove unwanted stains from the epidermis, you can use effective peeling: grind the sea salt in a coffee grinder to a fine crumb and add lemon juice. The first component will allow you to quickly wipe off the dead particles of the dermis, and the second will lighten and even out skin tone.

One plus of a home spray: it is completely harmless and requires a minimum of financial investment and time. If you need to look slightly tanned for the evening, this method is for you, recommendations in the next video.

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