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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Oriflame Face Cream

Oriflame produces a lot of cosmetics aimed at care. These are shampoos, and cream, and much more. Among the great variety you can always find what your skin needs. Today we’ll talk about Oriflame face cream.


Oriflame has a lot of funds aimed at helping and solving a specific problem. Their creams are available for all skin types and for any condition.

All products in the assortment are divided by skin type.

To use them correctly, you first need to determine what type you have. It is better to contact a specialist with this question, but you can do it yourself.

Another huge plus is that the company makes products not only for the female part of the population, but also for the male. Oriflame provides such a large selection of tools that anyone can choose exactly what they need.

Daily care

The older we get, the more attentive our attitude towards the condition of the face should be. Every woman must have a number of care products, which can and should be used day and night, as well as options for nutrition and hydration.

1. Day rose face cream. The composition contains rosehip oil, softening the skin, giving it nourishment and hydration. According to the manufacturer, the protection and moisturizing will last all day.

You will learn more about this product in the next video.

2. Night care cream "Essentials" with a complex of vitamins. Helps nourish the skin while you sleep, as well as replenish moisture reserves.

3. Product "Optimals" "Active oxygen" - cream for daily use. Good for skin with excessive sensitivity and for dry skin. Relieves irritation, accumulates moisture and provides protection from the harmful effects of the environment.

This line also has a special cream "Protection and Lightening", which has a brightening effect.

Read more about this product in the next video.

4. "Swedish SPA-salon"- a product that brings hydration and recovery. The antioxidants, malachite and vitamin E that are part of the composition refresh and protect the face. Recommended for use both in the morning and in the evening.

5. Tea Tree - moisturizing, matting cream specifically for oily skin. Looks after, replenishes stocks of water in cells, relieves a person of a fat shine. Good to use every day in the morning.

6. For aging skin, the company has developed a cream "Lucerne", which exists in day and night variations. Both of these products moisturize the skin, restore it and help get rid of the first facial wrinkles.

Learn more about the cream "Lucerne" from the next video.

7. Product called "Chamomile" Designed for daytime use. It soothes, softens and eliminates any irritation. Well suited for sensitive skin.

8. Cream-gel "Aloe Vera" for normal and combination skin. It gives the skin softness, regulates the moisture balance and makes your face clean and healthy.

9. Moisturizing foundation gel "Fresh Peach" It will help not only give the skin an even, delicate tone, but also moisturize it well, and also protect it from the harmful effects of sunlight and other factors.

10. And the last in the top ten - cream "Olive" for dry skin. Thanks to oil with olive, the face is well nourished and saturated with useful vitamins, it becomes healthy and supple.

Sun protection

Giving your skin UV protection is very important. This is especially true for the face, as it is most in the sun. Oriflame offers just one protection - sunscreen "Sun Zone".

By itself, it is quite powerful, as it not only protects the face from solar radiation, but also prevents the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. It is waterproof and quickly absorbed.

It is recommended to apply it half an hour before sun exposure, and then renew it every two hours, especially if you decide to bathe or rub your face with a towel.

For men

Not only women need protection and care. Oriflame presents a line of male face care products, which includes a variety of creams.

Many men have sensitive skin that gets irritated after they have shaved and more. Especially for this, Oriflame has a Cream for Sensitive Skin. In addition, among the products for men there is also an “Anti-aging face cream” that reduces wrinkles and keeps the face in good shape.


All users agree on one thing - Oriflame produces good skin products at a low price. Even the cheapest products have a good effect. Means for every day are pleasantly surprised by the combination of price and quality, many people like the smell.

Some buyers noted a not too natural composition, but it was not said anywhere that some cream hurt anyone. There have been cases when the product didn’t fit specifically on someone’s skin, but this is purely individual.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that Oriflame makes quality products that give a real effect.

Watch the video: Essential fairness Face Cream - Oriflame Honest Review #Fairness #Glow #Whitening (February 2020).


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