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Anti-cellulite cream sculptor Faberlic

The desire for the ideal is characteristic of women. Beautiful and well-groomed hair, fashionable manicure, smooth skin of the legs, a healthy smile and, of course, a toned figure. And if just a couple of days and, finally, the long-awaited summer comes, then the desire to look spectacular and attractive increases several times. All diets are immediately remembered, there is time for exercise and morning jogging. However, there is one trouble that is not so easy to get rid of. This is cellulite.

But there is nothing in this world that our women cannot handle. Modern anti-cellulite remedies will come to the rescue, which today are not so few. One of the most effective and popular among contemporaries of different age categories is considered Faberlic Anti-cellulite cream sculptor.

Features and Benefits

Faberlic anti-cellulite products in a short period of time began to enjoy high consumer demand. There was a period of time when the release of funds was suspended, but fortunately for the fair sex, the company released an updated version of the tools that help fight cellulite and keep the body in shape.

Faberlic produces a complex consisting of two drugs, the work of which is aimed at combating the so-called “orange peel” and weight loss, and the anti-cellulite cream sculptor plays the main role in this labor-intensive process.

A feature of this tool is that its work is aimed not only at eliminating existing cellulite, but also at preventing its occurrence in the future.

The active ingredients that make up the product help to get rid of a delicate problem as soon as possible. Thanks to caffeine, the metabolism in the upper layer of the epidermis improves, the burning of excess subcutaneous fat is stimulated; the skin tones and tightens, it becomes healthy-looking, smooth and silky.

The anti-cellulite phytocomplex has a positive effect on the fat breakdown system. With its help, toxins are removed, capillary walls are strengthened, the skin shines with health and beauty. The composition of the cosmetic product also contains oils, parabens and glycerin.

In general, the work of the anti-cellulite cream sculptor Faberlic is aimed at:

  • active effect on fat masses in the cells of the body, due to which a thermal effect is created;
  • drainage stimulation;
  • restoration of smoothness and elasticity of the skin;
  • hemodynamic improvement;
  • activation of the production of elastin and collagen, which are also called "youth proteins";
  • an increase in the amount of oxygen in the dermis and an increase in the action of all active ingredients due to the oxygen complex Novafterm O2;
  • withdrawal of excess fluid from the body, relieving edema;
  • improving metabolism in cells and accelerating the burning of excess subcutaneous fat.
  • strengthening the gluteal and femoral muscles.

As a result of using the product, the skin becomes elastic, supple and attractive, which is what millions of Faberlic brand connoisseurs wanted.

How to use

For any cosmetic product to bring the desired result, you need to know how to use it. The manufacturer of the anti-cellulite cream sculptor Faberlic recommends using the following care product:

  1. Apply the required amount of cream to the previously cleaned problem areas (hips, buttocks, stomach) (it is better not to regret it).
  2. For 5-7 minutes, massage the delicate areas with a massage brush in circular motions in a bottom-up direction until the product is completely absorbed. After the hand you need to wash.
  3. You can use the composition 1-3 times a week. Frequency depends on the degree of "orange peel".

Some girls use special cans during the massage to achieve a better result. And they, too, are not prohibited by the manufacturer, but rather, experts advise using these devices. You can also do wraps. Wrap all areas on which the cream was applied, wrap with cling film. But in this way, cosmetologists advise not to get carried away.


There are quite a lot of reviews about this tool from contemporaries, therefore, having decided on a purchase, each new consumer can know all the detailed information about the cream in advance. So, what shortcomings were noted, and what was most appreciated by women.

Reviews on the cream-sculptor from Faberlic "Expert" are positive. Women note the presence of a tangible result after a period of use of this drug. The orange peel is really eliminated, swelling is reduced.

They have a positive effect on the consistency and texture of the product; for many, the product is similar to milk.

It is easy to apply and perform all the necessary manipulations, it acts as customers comment on it instantly. There is no unpleasant feeling of “film” on the skin, but only a warming effect is felt that invigorates the skin. Although a certain number of women are currently classified as negative, because they feel a strong burning sensation, it can therefore be concluded that this drug is not suitable for owners of sensitive skin.

In the form of minor complaints, phrases about the cost of the cream sound, you always always want cheaper or even nothing. But, reading the comments, it becomes clear that the ideal of a woman exists, you only need to pay more attention and time to yourself.

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