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Baby Moisturizer

The baby's skin is very delicate, so it requires special care and protection. The choice of a moisturizer for children must be approached with particular care, choosing only that makeup, which includes natural ingredients.

Therefore, many mothers are trying to find the perfect tool that can perfectly moisturize the skin of children, characterized by increased dryness.


The best cream for a child is a natural remedy, the high quality of which is confirmed by the corresponding certificate. On the packaging of such a cosmetic product is a special icon indicating the eco-certificate - BDIH, NaTrue, Ecocert.

You will learn how to choose a baby moisturizer from the next video.

Naturally, such products for children will cost more than analogues, which may include artificial ingredients.

But you should not save on the baby’s health, especially when it comes to the delicate skin of babies.

Moisturizing cream for children has a light texture, is perfectly absorbed, softening dry skin and maintaining water balance. It can be used by lubricating certain places that are dry: cheeks, folds, legs.


Before purchasing this or that baby cream, attention should be paid to studying the composition of this cosmetic product. The main components that should be part of a moisturizer for children:

  1. Olive or almond oil - These vegetable oils are very similar to lipids of the human skin. They can easily penetrate and carry out an active metabolism of the dermis, filling it with vitamins and antioxidants. The oils of these plants are rich in polysaturated fatty acids, which are very necessary for the dry skin of babies.
  2. Jojoba oil It has an excellent moisturizing effect. Therefore, the cosmetic product, which it is part of, will be an ideal tool for dry and overdried epidermis.
  3. Shea Butter - perfectly protects the skin in the summer from sunlight, and in the winter - from frost and cold wind.
  4. Calendula and chamomile flower extracts have a natural antibacterial effect, and very carefully remove the inflammatory process, stimulating the restoration of the skin.

To protect the baby's skin in the diaper area, you should opt for special products, which include zinc oxide and calendula extract.

It is worth refusing to buy a moisturizer for children containing the following ingredients:

  • Paraffin or petroleum jelly - these elements clog pores and prevent the skin from breathing, thereby violating the heat exchange and natural restoration of the dermis. Such mineral oils are foreign to the human body and negatively affect the delicate skin of babies.
  • Parabens - preservatives of artificial origin, which are also carcinogens.
  • Phenoxyethanol causes an allergic reaction, causing various irritations and rashes.

Overview of popular brands

An important role in choosing a baby moisturizer is played by the manufacturer of such products. Most popular brands:

  • Kinder produces a hypoallergenic moisturizer, which includes natural ingredients:
  1. wheat germ oilrich in vitamin E, polysaturated acids and lecithin, perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the cells with useful substances that are necessary for dry skin of a child, prone to peeling;
  2. yarrow extract - removes dry epidermis, soothes and eliminates a variety of irritations.

It has no age restrictions for use.

  • Tiptop. This brand baby moisturizer is used for children from one year old. Its distinctive characteristics:
  1. It has a moisturizing and softening effect, saturates the skin with vitamins;
  2. protects against the appearance of irritation;
  3. removes roughness and regenerates the dermis;
  4. provides a refreshing effect, retaining moisture after water procedures and in the summer;
  5. easy to apply and absorb very quickly;
  6. after its application there is no oily sheen;
  7. passed clinical toxicity tests.

This product does not include alcohol, dyes, or prohibited ingredients.

  • Aqa baby - a moisturizer for daily use, it is suitable for babies from the first days of their lives. The composition of this product includes sunflower oil, which saturates the skin with vitamins A, E, B5, has a calming, softening effect, and also removes irritation on the skin. Distinctive features:
  1. the formula of this cosmetics is developed on the basis of artesian water, and also contains 98% of natural ingredients;
  2. has a hypoallergenic composition;
  3. carries out a protective function of the skin;
  4. tested by dermatologists.
  • BabyCoccole "Umka" protects the epidermis from the harmful effects of environmental factors. It has an excellent moisturizing effect on the dry skin of the baby. Main characteristics:
  1. suitable for newborns;
  2. the composition includes natural ingredients and almond oil;
  3. gently moisturizes, soothes and protects the skin;
  4. made specifically for the care of sensitive dermis of small children;
  5. hypoallergenic agent;
  6. has a physiological pH.
  • Pigeon - Moisturizer from this Japanese manufacturer is intended for children aged 3 to 10 years. Continuous use of this product helps to quickly get rid of problems associated with dry skin. It allows you to soften the roughened area of ​​the epidermis, returning a comfortable feeling. It can be used for weathered cheeks, roughened knees and elbows. The composition of such funds includes ceramides and amino acids, which protect cells from moisture loss. The delicate and light consistency of this cosmetic product is well applied to the skin, quickly absorbed, and does not leave a sticky feeling.
  • "Sun and moon" - a moisturizer that contains only natural ingredients that perfectly soften dry baby skin, giving a soothing effect. After using it, the wounds heal faster, the dryness of the dermis is removed. The skin is protected from germs and the negative effects of the environment. This tool perfectly renews the natural moisture of the dermis, giving it smoothness and elasticity. Such cosmetics are perfectly absorbed, leaving a delicate aroma.
  • Babyline - The moisturizer from this German manufacturer is enriched with vitamin E, chamomile extract and panthenol. He perfectly cares for the dry and sensitive skin of the baby. It has no mineral oils, tested by allergists.

Selection tips

When choosing a baby moisturizer for dry skin, be sure to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Shelf life and storage period: if it is quite large, then a large number of preservatives are included.
  2. Smell and color: light neutral aroma and white color - the best option for such cosmetics.
  3. Child age: for example, if the package says "0+", then this cream can be used for infants, as it has a soft and safe composition.
  4. The components that make up dry skin products should be natural origin.


Moms who purchased baby moisturizers from well-known manufacturers noticed the beneficial effects of such products on the dry skin of babies. The skin became softer to the touch, the rough and weathered areas disappeared.

Moms noticed that a high-quality moisturizer for the child is well absorbed, does not leave an unpleasant sticky feeling after itself.

And also does not cause allergic manifestations, carefully taking care of the delicate skin of the peanuts.

Get only a good baby moisturizer from trusted brands that use natural ingredients for their cosmetics, and then you will be sure that the baby’s dry skin is under reliable protection.

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