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Creams from Thailand

Thai cosmetics is one of the most popular souvenirs that our girls bring from travel. Creams from Thailand with an original composition and high efficiency are used by girls and women with different skin types.

But in order for your opinion about cosmetics from this colorful country to be positive and not to harm your health, you need to carefully select products.


Cosmetics originally from Thailand are a combination of oriental wisdom and European quality. That is why girls from all over the world love her. But there are certain categories of products that you should pay attention to.

For body

Of the body products, nutritious and anti-cellulite creams are very popular. If you want to tighten your skin and make your body more elastic and attractive, then you should pay attention to effective pepper remedies. It is believed that such creams contribute to accelerated blood circulation and the burning of fat cells. As a result, after regular use of such products, the body becomes more toned and slim.

And skin products with such a component as centella are able to have a healing effect on the epidermis.

Therefore, they are bought to save from rashes, redness and just minor household injuries.

Another product beloved by many beauties is coconut cream. Coconut oil has recently been popular in both cooking and cosmetology. It is used for body and hair care. Due to its healing properties, it positively affects both the structure of curls and the condition of the skin. The only drawback of coconut oil creams is that they are quite comedogenic, so owners of oily skin should not use them.

For face

Facial treatments using Thai products can also create a real miracle with your skin. Most often, Thai creams have a whitening effect. This is reported by the corresponding inscriptions on the packages. So, if you want to lighten your skin or cope with the consequences of an unsuccessful tan, then such products will delight you. And if you don’t like this effect, then carefully read the product description so as not to get a result that will disappoint you.

Also in Thailand, you should buy creams and serums with collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Eastern cosmetics industry is aimed at active skin rejuvenation. And products with such components as nothing else help to cope with the first age-related skin imperfections. The cream brought from Thailand will prolong the youthfulness of your skin and help to hide the first facial wrinkles without the help of a cosmetologist.

Another interesting option for Thai skin care products is pearl cream. Among the assortment of Thai cosmetics, you can also find pearl powder. But it is the cream that will provide the best skin care option. After using it, the surface of the face becomes pleasant to the touch and matte. Oriental beauties of the same product in combination with jasmine rice also make masks.

Featured Products

Among the entire range of body and face products that can be brought from Thailand, there are creams that girls call the best and seek to get it for themselves. Let's look at a list of good creams so you know what to look for.


This brand has a lot of interesting products, which are also noticed by the oriental ones. and western beauties. But now we will focus on herbal cream, which is intended for massage. After using it, the skin becomes incredibly soft and soft. But to obtain such a result, you need to carry out the use procedure in accordance with the instructions.

More about this product in the next video.

This cream must be applied to the face, rubbing into the skin with slow massaging movements.

After that, it must be left on the skin. Three minutes after the cream has been absorbed, subtle drops of turmeric oil will begin to appear on the surface of the face. They do not need to be washed off with water, it is enough to get your skin wet with a dry cloth.

Good reviews are received and eye cream with grape extract. It very quickly helps to get rid of the blue around the eyes, and make the thinned skin of the eyelids lighter and moisturized.

Thai secret

The products of this company are also pleasantly pleased with their quality. From the presented assortment it is worth paying attention to such products as " Oriental Jasmine and Sweet Almonds". They not only smell pleasant, but also help get rid of wrinkles.


These are noni fruit care products. Such creams are suitable for owners of normal skin, and girls with some problems on the face.

You will learn more about this product from the next video.

Point cosmetic

These cosmetics are used in professional salons and barber shops. They can find not only good shampoos and other products for hair care, but also high-quality creams.


Girls and women from all over the world appreciate the good Thai creams for both high quality and unusual combination of components. Some buyers buy cosmetics from Thailand just to experiment with something new.

Therefore, very often girls buy creams with gold, snails or snake venom. The result is most often pleasantly pleasing. The only thing to remember when buying or ordering Thai products - its composition may not be suitable for you. Be sure to check how your skin will react to a new unusual product. For testing, it is enough to apply a new product on a small area of ​​the skin, for example, on the bend of the elbow or wrist, and wait a bit. If redness or rashes do not appear at this place, then you can safely continue to use the purchased product.

Try the original Thai cosmetics, paying attention to the reviews and comments of other buyers, so as not to immediately be disappointed in overseas care products.

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