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Steaming face mask

In order for the skin to remain fresh and healthy for a long time, it needs proper timely care. It is better to start taking care of your appearance as early as possible. So you can postpone your first visit to a professional beautician for many years. But now we are not talking about expensive drugs that restore the epidermis, but about its proper cleansing and nutrition.

Every day, the skin requires thorough cleaningthat removes accumulated dust from the surface, sebaceous gland secretions, cosmetics residues. Typically, women use special foams for washing, milk and tonic, peels and scrubs for these purposes. This is a daily ritual for those who think about how they want to look in old age.

But sometimes this is not enough. The secret of the sebaceous glands can accumulate in the pores of the dermis, clogging, not giving access to oxygen. This can cause inflammation, the appearance of black spots, withering of the epidermis, loss of elasticity and a pleasant even color. In order to open the pores and completely remove the dirt, you can use home steam, which have the ability to beneficially affect the skin, as well as the respiratory tract. However, this method has enough contraindications and is not accessible to everyone.

To replace it comes a steaming face mask. Unlike steam, it acts on the skin very delicately, while it perfectly cleanses, stimulates blood circulation and restores the cell layer.

Operating principle

Warming cosmetics is designed to open the usually narrow pores of the dermis, to rid it of impurities on all layers, the remains of sebaceous secretion, surface dirt and dead cells. The composition of the selected substances in a certain way is applied to the face in a heated form, all layers of the skin are warmed up, stimulating blood circulation. Thanks to temperature and humidity, the cornified upper layer is steamed and then removed with a mask. The effect of such a procedure is not comparable to ordinary daily cleaning.

Due to the increased temperature, metabolism in cells is faster and nutrientscontained in the mask are much better and more efficiently absorbed. Such care is indicated when age-related changes occur, as it stimulates the regeneration of the epidermis and the production of elastin and collagen fibers.

In addition, the care products used after using such a mask are much easier to assimilate and act more efficiently. This is due to the complete cleansing of the pores and accelerated cell metabolism.

So, a warming mask has the following attractive properties:

  • cleans the surface of the dermis and pores from the remnants of the secretion of the sebaceous glands and accumulated dirt;
  • improves oxygen metabolism and the absorption of nutrients by the cells of the epidermis;
  • increases elasticity skin and complexion;
  • in the inner layers of the dermis the synthesis of collagen and elastin proteins is stimulated, which ensures the fight against age-related skin changes, smoothes fine wrinkles;
  • holds nutrients well and moisture to the entire depth of the skin, moisturizing better and for a long time;
  • relieves inflammation, reduces the number of pimples and black dots and serves as an excellent prevention of their appearance;
  • may have a calming effect in the presence of appropriate components, for example, chamomile extract.

A pore-expanding procedure is indicated for dull, lifeless and aging skin. Especially good results can be achieved by a course of ten to twelve applications. After this, it is better to rest the epidermis for several months.

Features of use

For a good work of the mask composition, experts identify several stages of the procedure and advise them to comply with them:

  1. Preliminary cleaning. Before applying the mask, you should cleanse the skin with a scrub. Or you can wipe your face with a non-alcoholic tonic or infusion made from chamomile.
  2. Using a mask. The heated mass is distributed over the surface of the face, starting from the forehead area. Do not rush to impose the composition, make sure that it is not too hot, otherwise you may get burns. Wait to get used to the temperature of the mixture and then distribute it throughout the face, avoiding the areas around the eyes and mouth. Hold the product on the dermis for about fifteen to twenty minutes. After that, if the skin is dry, and the base of the mask is oil, the residue can be wiped off with a napkin. Otherwise, rinse the product with enough running water.
  3. After the procedure, you need to give the epidermis a rest. If you experience a feeling of dryness or tightness, use non-greasy milk. Do not expose the skin to sunlight or mechanical scrubbing. It is better to carry out the procedure at night before bedtime.

By type of application, the following types of steaming masks can be distinguished:

  • Fabric Based Product superimposed on the face after the fabric is moistened in a prepared and heated solutione. Due to the fact that even when covering the fabric base with a film, it cools down rather quickly, the fabric should be wetted several times during the procedure. Make sure that the base does not cool too much, otherwise the effectiveness will decrease significantly.
  • Cold steaming gels work a little differently. They do not need to be heated, the thermal effect is achieved by mixing the constituent substances. Most often, the basis of such funds is mustard powder, capsaicin, isolated from hot pepper, saline or alkaline solution.
  • The steam version is similar to the use of inhalation for the treatment of upper respiratory tract. Essential oils, herbal extracts, and other active substances are added to boiling or very hot water. Over rising steam, warm the skin. At the same time, the anti-cold action of such a procedure does not disappear. But this method is not recommended for those suffering from some ailments, such as the proximity of the capillaries to the surface of the skin, high blood pressure and some others.

Indications and contraindications

The use of a warming mask for the age-related epidermis is recommended., which requires frequent updating and special stimulation for the proper functioning of the metabolism of nutrients, blood circulation and cell division. In addition, the pore-expanding mixture is shown to owners of oily skin. This type of dermis often forms sebaceous plugs in the pores, which must be removed regularly. With the timely implementation of the procedure, it is an excellent prevention against the formation of pimples and black spots, and also regulates the work of sweat and sebaceous glands.

The temperature formed on the surface of the skin improves blood circulation to cells and tissues. This effect allows you to make the complexion more even and beautiful, to restore the natural glow. Excellent for the skin is a procedure in the winter.

A mask revealing pores has a beneficial effect on skin affected by age-related changes. Temperature and active substances stimulate the production of collagen protein, which restores the structure of the skin. Due to this, it is possible to significantly reduce small wrinkles, restore the oval of the face and make it more even and elastic. The only negative point is that you can not use such a tool for the skin around the eyes.

There are some features of the mask, which are worth paying attention to:

  • Be sure, as with any makeup, test for an allergic reaction. The product may contain some active substances that, thanks to heating, are particularly effective. And of course, these ingredients can cause allergic manifestations. On a small area of ​​the skin, apply a small amount of the composition, after fifteen minutes, check for itching, redness or irritation. If there is no reaction, you can carry out the procedure on the face.
  • The procedure is contraindicated with capillaries located close to the surface of the dermis. After all, the hot composition will expand the vessels and make this cosmetic defect more pronounced.
  • The schedule for the use of masks should be observed. With a dry type of epidermis, a course of ten procedures is recommended with a break of a week. And with bold - six procedures alternate with a two-week rest. Remember that heating procedures that are too frequent can make the vessels fragile and interrupt the blood microcirculation.

Home cooking

It’s much harder to use steaming formulations at home than other cosmetic counterparts. They have quite serious contraindications. Also, when warming up on the skin, sleeping pains up to this time may appear. Fortunately, with regular and proper cleansing, this problem can be eliminated by permanently giving the skin integument health and freshness.

Consider a few home warming masks.

  • Oatmeal Based CompositionIn addition to warming up, it also acts as a peeling. For use, oatmeal is steamed in milk or hot water, half a tablespoon of baking soda is added to the mass and applied to the face with a light massage.
  • Anti-aging agent. Avocado oil must be heated in a water bath, add a tenth of grape seed oil or rose. Oils are not rubbed, but easily applied with your fingertips, and the face is covered with a film with cut out holes in the mouth and eyes. From above it is better to cover your face with a towel.
  • For dry dermis. A fabric mask dipped in cooked chamomile broth with up to five drops of pink, linden or rosemary oil is perfect for such skin. After the procedure, the remnants of the product can not be washed off.
  • For oily dermis. To combat black dots, a compress of mint and thyme decoction, enriched with lemon juice, cream and a spoon of table salt, is well suited.
  • Composition with Zinc It is not inferior to salon procedures in efficiency. A spoonful of zinc ointment is mixed with half a spoonful of white clay and diluted with fresh cucumber juice.

Manufacturers and reviews

Professional cosmetics offers a fairly wide selection of steamers for the face. An example is gel fromSkinlight", creating a warming effect and consisting of only natural ingredients. Israeli company Biox releases a series of tools "Dead sea premier". Among them there is a product from the Dead Sea minerals, steaming the skin.

Excellent reviews received products Garnier "Clear Skin". This tool is used before cleansing the face, expanding the pores and removing the keratinized layer of the epidermis. "Skin naturals"contains zinc and clay, narrowing the skin pores and effectively cleansing. Users consider this product quite successful, but at the same time aggressive, it is advised not to use it often and only on the necessary skin areas.

Well proven mask "Face no problem"from the company Floresan. Cleanses the skin from acne, inflammation and gums, evens out color and eliminates bumps in the skin. It contains kaolin and zinc, which after use narrow the pores, preventing the occurrence of such problems again. The package contains five sachets containing bulk for one use. Users find it an excellent cleanser at an affordable price.

Famous brand Avon releases the tool "Volcanoes of Iceland"with volcanic minerals and spring water. Reviews associate the product in quality with the proven Korean counterparts.

Organic shop produces the best organic products of Russian production. Including a face bath "Organic kitchen". The composition has natural ingredients, including chamomile, tea tree, lavender oil. They soothe the skin, dry pimples, give a healthy complexion.

We can say that steaming masks have earned popularity among the people. Many are quite effective and have a visible effect after the first application.

The following video is an overview of steaming face masks at home.

Watch the video: Treat Yourself to a Facial. A Pro Shows us How it's Done. (February 2020).


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