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Face mask Natura Siberica

Every woman, no matter how old she is, always wants to look young, fresh and beautiful. That is why every day the female sex so intensely cares for her face, choosing for this a bunch of different care products. The mask for the skin of the face is a universal tool that purposefully affects certain problems that bother our face. Next, you will learn about the wonderful and organic masks from the domestic brand Natura Siberica, about their advantages and the result that you will get after use.

About Brand

Natura Siberica is considered the first Russian brand to manufacture and produce the most diverse organic cosmetics for face, body and hair care.

The brand appeared not so long ago, in the 2000s, and has already managed to establish itself among the entire female population in Russia. Real professionals are working on creating Natura Siberica products, using wild herbs and plants from Siberia in their care products. It is they who are chosen to create organic cosmetics, since they grow in a harsh climate and are very resistant to environmental influences. In addition, the most advanced technologies are used to create these or those means.

In addition to plants, the composition of the care products also has certified ingredients and extracts of plant origin.

All products comply with European environmental requirements. In some products, the content of synthetic components is minimized, which is why not all Natura Siberica products are certified as organic, but there are no parabens and oil products at all.

A huge assortment of various products and, of course, reasonable prices will please even the most demanding customers, but it’s not a pity to spend money on decent and natural cosmetics.

What is needed for

Professional cosmetologists advise you not to forget that the mask is part of a comprehensive facial skin care. Indeed, without it, achieving the desired result will be much more difficult. Most often, masks are used several times a week, only some options are suitable for daily use.

Masks are available for a variety of skin types and problems that concern our face at a particular age stage.

Most often, a mask affects a specific problem that bothers you. It can deeply cleanse pores, have an exfoliating effect, relieve oily sheen and matte facial skin, lighten age spots and much more. But its use alone will not produce the necessary fruits, it must be used together with other daily face care products, creams, serums, and cleansing. After all, only the correct and comprehensive approach will help maintain the beauty and health of the face.

You can use a mask not only if you want to rid the skin of certain problems. Many options are made for deep moisturizing and nourishing the skin, as well as for various prevention of dryness and the appearance of acne. Such masks will give a relaxing effect, as if you had just visited a spa or received a massage.

Product Overview

Natura Siberica offers masks designed for the most diverse female needs and the needs of our face at a specific age. Now we will consider products that are suitable for different skin types and are very popular:

For all skin types, "Fatigue Instant Mask, which will help to refresh the face, relieve it of various impurities and, of course, will return a healthy and radiant look without signs of fatigue. The composition is enriched with vitamins that will help restore metabolism in the cells of the epidermis. This mask also has a tonic effect, helps restore skin density and elasticity. Can be used several times a week.

For any skin type, we recommend that you take a closer look at The Restoring Mask, which contains ginseng and cedar from Siberia, as well as mountain ash from the Arctic, which have very useful properties for facial skin. This mask will help replenish former energy for the skin of the face, increase tone and protect against negative external environmental factors. This tool will even help smooth out minor wrinkles, relieve fatigue and restore skin to its former beauty.

For oily and combination skin types, we recommend that you take a closer look at "Thermal mask", which has a matting effect. It will help return the skin an even and saturated color, soothe and remove traces of fatigue. When used regularly for several weeks, your skin will become firmer and more hydrated.

"Bio - active mask for instant radiance" against fatigue and dullness of the skin, which urgently needs help. It will be a great option when you need to restore the face to its former radiant and healthy condition. The composition is very rich in organic components and complexes.

For deep hydration of the skin, we recommend that you look at the mineral mask "Intensive hydration", which will help restore vitality to the skin, deeply nourishes, cleanses and relieves unnecessary redness, and also makes the face smooth and smooth.

A milk option made from natural ingredients, which will return the face to its former smoothness and elasticity, can be a worthy option for buying. The composition is enriched with wheat proteins and whole moose milk. This tool penetrates even the deepest layers of the skin, so you will get the desired effect from the first use.

Anti-aging options

Masks of intense action in the fight against a variety of signs of aging will be an excellent solution with an integrated approach to returning the face to its former youth and beauty. At Natura Siberica you can find the following "Anti-age" options:

  • Intensive regenerating mask with black caviar and platinum. This mask has a very quick effect due to the special active complexes in the composition. It will help to stop the appearance of signs of aging and their further appearance, protect the face from various injuries and negative effects. It will relieve fatigue, make the skin soft and velvet, restore its former and lost radiance.
  • "Anti-age mask" for all skin types with a special lifting complex designed specifically for women of mature age. It will help stop the aging of the skin, nourish the cells with the necessary vitamins and restore its former elasticity. Used several times a week.
  • "Anti -age night mask" with Altai sea buckthorn will help to correct the signs of aging and various wrinkles, deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin, because it is at night that the skin is best absorbing various kinds of nutritional components.

Also, from nightly options, it is worth taking a closer look at the detox mask, which will help restore and renew skin cells. The composition contains plant elastin and vitamins.


Most women using Natura Siberica products leave exceptionally enthusiastic reviews. To begin with, the female population is pleased with the excellent composition and reasonable prices. In addition, the overwhelmed smoothness and elasticity of the face of a woman is noted after several uses. In addition, anti-age options actually help to combat all sorts of signs of aging, although many express their skepticism in this regard, talking about a short-term visual effect.

Overview of face masks Natura Siberica - in the next video.

There is also a deep hydration from various nutritious and intense masks that help restore healthy skin to the skin.

But how many buyers - so many opinions. Since the masks are organic, do not forget to read the composition and conduct allergy tests, as not all components of plant origin are sometimes suitable for everyone. And if you decide to purchase a mask from this brand, then you are unlikely to be mistaken, since even cosmetologists recommend its products.

Watch the video: Natura Siberica Facial Masks (February 2020).


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