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Face mask Avon "Planet SPA"

There is hardly any adult who has not heard of Avon. The brand’s products are used by millions of people from all over the world. Decorative and care cosmetics, perfumes, accessories, clothing line - all this offers Avon to its fans.

Among the whole variety of products, the Planet SPA series deserves special attention, the preparations of which provide gentle and high-quality skin care, which previously could only be obtained in a professional SPA salon. Innovative formulas based on components of natural origin are selected so that the effect on the skin is as useful and effective as possible.


Series "Planet SPA"is represented by a large assortment of cosmetic products that care both for the body and for the most delicate facial skin. The composition of the funds is the ingredients collected from different parts of the world, carefully selected and tested by the company's specialists.

Famous Planet SPA masks include:

  1. "Mediterranean resort". The mask consists of extracts of olive leaves and olive oil. Moisturizes, makes the dermis clean and silky to the touch. Each cell is saturated with vitamins and essential fats, receiving a healthy shine and natural radiance.
  2. "White tea". The main component of the mask is white tea extract. With its help, mature skin gets the opportunity to recover, cheer up, come to life. Chinese white tea is the most valuable antioxidant, it quickly removes traces of fatigue and stress, charges the dermis with energy.
  3. "Japanese sake and rice." The advantage of this mask lies in its composition. It contains rice extract and sake, which contributes to the tonic effect of use. This product line is the perfect combination of a pleasant, unobtrusive smell and weightless texture. Rice extract smoothes wrinkles, nourishes the skin, sake gives it velvety and softness.
  4. "Treasures of the Dead Sea" - a remedy made from rare black silt and crystals of sea salt. Increases skin elasticity, gives it deep cleansing. Salts and minerals of the Dead Sea nourish the dermis with macro- and microelements, which penetrate the pores, help to remove toxins and soothe the skin.
  5. "Himalayan berry." The mask contains an extract of goji berries, the action of which is aimed at restoring the skin and giving it a healthy and fresh complexion. Composition "Himalayan Berry" is a cosmetic product rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins and amino acids. Moisturizes the surface of the epithelium, makes the face silky and "fresh." It gives elasticity to the skin, intensively restores it.
  6. "Flowers of Thailand." The combination of lotus extract and coconut milk. The mask softens the roughened skin, saturates it with microelements necessary for normal life, protects and gently cares, makes the skin soft, soft and smooth. Thanks to the lotus extract, harmful radicals are eliminated. Coconut milk moisturizes, regenerates and nourishes.
  7. "African exotic" It is distinguished by the presence of Shea butter in the composition, which relaxes and nourishes cells, renews and moisturizes weakened and dry dermis, and protects against aggressive environmental factors.

Features and Benefits

Avon Planet SPA masks are a real storehouse for girls and women who are used to caring for themselves. Cosmetics are presented for different age categories, for different skin types, so there are plenty to choose from.

The moisturizing mask has a dense texture, has a pleasant aroma and a transparent, sometimes milky color. It fits perfectly on the skin, it is washed off as quickly and easily as it is distributed. After it, the skin looks cheerful, fresh.

As a result of use, disappeared signs of dryness and withering of the skin. The mask nourishes and moisturizes well.

Toning mask is easy to apply. Within 12-15 minutes it begins to dry out, which indicates that it is time to wash off the mask. It is necessary to spend more time on its removal than on the previous one. The mask has a pleasant aroma, dense texture. After it, the dermis of the face looks cheerful, clean and well-groomed.

The mask-film has a transparent consistency, a pleasant smell, is applied without difficulty. After drying, it becomes the thinnest film that needs to be removed with your fingers. After removal, a clean feeling appears on the skin, the skin becomes smooth and pleasant to the touch.


Judging by the numerous reviews, the masks of the Planet SPA series fully justify the expectations and the responsibilities assigned to them: they perfectly cleanse, smooth and moisturize the skin, especially the mask "SPA ritual of pleasure". The quality declared by the manufacturer is fully consistent.

Consumers note the smoothness of the skin after applying the funds, talk about cleanliness and a pleasant feeling of freshness on the face. In some women, the first signs of wilting of the skin disappear, wrinkles are smoothed out.

The skin is rejuvenated, excess fat and dirt are removed, which cannot be washed off with ordinary washing. Tactile sensations also indicate the effect of masks. The skin becomes velvety and it is noticeable not only visually, but also felt when touched by the fingers.

However, there are a certain number of comments about possible allergic manifestations, but these are more likely personal characteristics of consumers than poor quality of the product.

This video will help you decide on a face mask from Avon.

There are also negative opinions. For example, the Himalayan Berry moisturizing face mask has disappointed many. After application, a pleasant chill is felt, after washing off there is no feeling of tightness, but the effect of moisturizing by customers was not noticed.

But on the whole about Planet SPA masks there are more positive reviews than negative ones. Buyers note the affordable cost of funds, as well as impressive packaging volumes. As a rule, one tube is enough for several months. The expense is economical. The label has all the detailed information about the product, as well as instructions for use.

Watch the video: Avon Put Your Cool Face On Sheet Mask Demo & Random Haul non-Avon (February 2020).


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