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Essence Eyebrow & Eyelash Gel

There are no trifles in the image. Beautifully designed eyebrows make your eyes open and your face softer. But it often happens that the hairs stick out in different directions and the eyebrows look messy. You can get rid of such an unpleasant phenomenon by resorting to a special gel, which not only disciplines naughty hairs, but also nourishes them with useful substances that make up


Essence Eyebrow & Eyelash Gel It is a colorless gel-like substance. Outwardly, the package resembles mascara with a similar brush, which, incidentally, is quite convenient to apply the product on the eyebrows, and, of course, on the eyelashes.

It should be noted that the tool belongs to the group of hypoallergenic and therefore safe for people prone to allergic reactions. However, experts recommend a sensitivity test in any case.

The price of the product is relatively low, and the economical use of the gel is also an important factor. So, with everyday use it lasts for about three months.

The gel can be used for eyelashes as a base for mascara. According to the manufacturer's promises, he fixes the shape of eyebrows and eyelashes well and does not crumble.

When applying, a small amount of gel must be applied in a continuous motion to pre-fat, combed and dry hairs. When applying the product in two layers, you can get a glossy effect.

For proper modeling of the shape with a brush, it is necessary to draw towards the temples, combing the hairs from the bottom up. After using the gel, you can apply makeup. This allows you to get more volume and better fixation. However, you can also apply the product on the eyebrow pencil to fix it.

When applying Essence gel for eyebrows and eyelashes, a fixing and modeling effect is achieved. The face and eyes become more expressive, giving attractiveness to the image. Such cosmetics are an excellent assistant for owners of naughty, straight and stiff hair. Application of the gel gives the so-called "dramatic" effect and the effect of wet eyelashes. For this, hairs are covered several times with gel. Each coat is dried before applying the next.

If the eyebrows are naturally too light or not thick enough and wide, you can use another tool from the manufacturer Essence "Gel Color Shape". This gel is presented in one color - 01 (Brown).

Outwardly, it is a small jar of three grams. By the way, the brush is not included, so you will need to purchase it. Inside, the substance resembles rather than a gel, but a colored paste. The manufacturer assures that the product disciplines the hair well, emphasizes the eyebrows and provides a fairly long-lasting effect.

Also, the manufacturer Essence presents to your attention a tinted product called "Make Me Brow"presented in two colors - "blondy and browny". Externally, it is a 3.8 ml tube. The brush is identical to the one we used to use for applying mascara.

The gel contains special fibers that make up for the deficit of their own hairs, giving the eyebrows an ideal shape and volume. Thanks to the tint effect, the gel stains not only the hairs, but also the skin, making the eyebrows visually more voluminous.


Essence brand products include both natural and chemical components.

  1. Water is needed for mixing. and dissolving other ingredients.
  2. Butylene glycol retains moisture, eliminates dryness, gives the hairs softness and elasticity, acts as an element that enhances the action of other ingredients.
  3. PVP-polyvinylpyrrolidone necessary for fixation.
  4. Panthenol improves structure and enhances shine, deeply nourishes, softens and restores.
  5. Carbomer soothes delicate skin and moisturizes the ciliary cover, acts as a thickener.
  6. Potassium hydroxide normalizes acid-base balance.
  7. Phenoxyethanol is an antiseptic, has a bactericidal effect.
  8. Methylparaben It is used as a preservative and extends the shelf life of the product.


In general, reviews about Essence gel for eyebrows and eyelashes are positive. Consumers note that styling eyebrows has become much easier, and the effect lasts a long time. However, the result still depends on individual characteristics.

If the length of the hairs is substantial enough, then the tool may not cope with their fixation. After using the gel, the previously applied pencil on the eyebrow looks brighter and lasts longer than in its absence.

Users note that such a volume of gel is enough for a long time, and its cost can not but rejoice. It is worth noting that some consumers believe that the product dries for a long time and there is a chance to lubricate the result.

Gel “Color Shape” users put a big plus for the beautiful color, which has a cold undertone and lack of red. However, for other indicators, the gel did not deserve the highest rating. Color, according to consumers, although beautiful, but not saturated enough, but rather translucent. So, if you do not have enough hair in any place, then thawed spots will be visible.

In some reviews, the presence of lumps was noted, which greatly complicate the creation of perfect eyebrows. The vast majority of consumers noted that the product is not stable and can be lubricated with one awkward movement. The situation can be saved by the additional use of finishing fixing agents.

Although consumers note the price as quite acceptable and give an additional plus for this, the drawbacks nevertheless outweigh the positive aspects and in this regard, most users do not recommend this product for use.

Make Me Brow is a tinted eyebrow gel. Has won a huge number of positive reviews. The vast majority of users say that they are ready to recommend and recommend it to friends and acquaintances.

Girls liked the color because of the cold undertone and the lack of red. In addition, it is quite saturated and according to reviews, one smear is enough to get the desired result.

The resistance of the product is quite good and can withstand the whole day. In addition, the gel contains microwaves, which fill places where there are not enough hairs, and it looks quite natural.

With a small, almost miserable brush, it is very convenient to apply the product. A compact package size allows you to squeeze it into a cosmetic bag of any size.

You can watch an honest review of this product in the video below.

Watch the video: The Eyebrow Pen semi-permanent by Essence - REVIEW Pharmacy&Makeup (February 2020).


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