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The best foreign hair masks

Unfortunately, modern ecology adversely affects the condition of women's hair, so they constantly require attention and gentle care. Now it’s not enough just to wash your hair with shampoo. In order to look attractive and have a beautiful thick hair, additional care products are required.

Many girls prefer different wraps, cold and hot. But the most popular way to care for hair is applying a mask, especially if it is one of the best foreign hair products.

Features and Benefits

The mask is a simple and affordable way to care for various types of hair. Each representative of the fair sex can choose the perfect product among the variety presented on the cosmetic market. There are no comrades for the taste and color, so each manufacturer has its own regular fans.

For many years, cosmetics from Eastern and Asian countries have been especially recognized by women. This is not surprising, since the composition of masks from Thailand or Korea pleases with its natural components, which have a beneficial effect on the condition of curls and scalp. Initially, oriental cosmetics was intended primarily for dark hair, since most Asian women have dark hair. With the growing popularity of products from Asia and the East, masks for fair hair could also be found on the market.

Foreign cosmetics are considered extremely effective, and a good result is not long in coming. The active components contained in the masks penetrate deep into the hairline and have a healing effect. That is why you should carefully select Asian products so that they do not have the opposite effect.


As already mentioned, Asian and Eastern cosmetologists prefer to use predominantly natural ingredients when creating hair care products. Asia is rich in various healing plants and seeds that are great for hair. The most favorite among Russian girls are hair masks with almonds. They have a wonderful aroma, so it’s nice to use them. Almonds have softening and moisturizing properties, so such products are ideal for owners of dry and brittle hair.

Masks with black sesame seeds contain a storehouse of various vitamins and minerals. The use of such masks allows you to strengthen curls, make them thicker, and prevent brittleness and loss.

Royal jelly is known for its unusually healing properties that have a positive effect on various body functions. That is why hair masks with royal jelly are so popular among manufacturers of cosmetic products. Such products contain all the necessary substances that can improve the condition of the hair in a short time. But you should be careful when choosing such masks, as they are very effective and can have a negative effect on healthy hair.


The modern market for cosmetic products is full of hair care products from Eastern and Asian countries. Many companies have special recognition among girls, so there is a certain rating of hair masks that combine excellent quality and affordable price.


Hair care products from Korea are considered one of the most effective.. As a rule, each manufacturer tries to release a line of different products that together give the best result.

The secret of a positive effect on the condition of the hair lies in the use of ancient recipes where exclusively natural ingredients were used. Modern Korean cosmetics also contain a minimal amount of artificial ingredients, which are replaced by extracts and extracts of various plants. Only water that has passed several degrees of purification is taken as the basis. In the first place in the ranking of Korean cosmetics is Daeng Gi Meo Ri, which has many positive reviews, despite the relatively high cost of the products.

No less popular are companies such as Honey Intensive and Skinlite. This cosmetics is less expensive, contains more artificial additives and preservatives, but almost as effective as Daeng Gi Meo Ri.


If you have ever been to Thailand, then you could not help but notice what kind of hair Thai girls have. Long, thick, shiny hair can not but attract attention, and this is exactly how the hairstyles of most of the coats look. As well as Korean hair masks, products from Thailand have the most natural composition, which increases their effectiveness. Company funds Natura Great for dull and coarse hair. After the first use, the hair becomes more pleasant to the touch, easy to comb.

Another Thai company called Palmy focuses on the production of cosmetics for damaged and prone to hair loss. Here you can find a large line of products to deal with the problem of hair loss.


Italy is a trendsetter of fashion and beauty, but in addition to clothing, Italian cosmetics are also valued. Hair masks from Italy are popular in Russia, despite their high cost. Unlike Asian products, Italian masks contain more chemical elements that are harmless and extremely effective.

Products from the company Double are a true beauty recipe and are suitable for most types of hair. When using them, you should take into account the problem that you want to get rid of, and choose a remedy suitable for you.


Japan could not take its place in the ranking of manufacturers of the best hair masks. Here, the most distinguished product called "IAU mask", designed to care for colored hair. The regular use of this product keeps the color bright, protects against the effects of electrical styling devices. The mask is ideal for the summer, when your hair is especially exposed to the harmful effects of sunlight.

Another nice point is that the hair retains freshness, as the mask protects them from absorbing extraneous odors.


Cosmetics from Israel are quite affordable and can be found on the shelves of many cosmetic boutiques in Russia. Doctor Nature's product line is manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment that allows you to produce quality products. Hair masks have a wide range, designed for various types of curls and struggle with different types of problems.

Many Israeli cosmetic products belong to the professional class, which speaks of their effectiveness and unsurpassed quality.


Vietnamese hair cosmetics are also found on the shelves of Russian boutiques. Like all other Asian hair care products, it has a natural composition and is quite effective.

But according to the girls, the best Vietnamese cosmetics is the one that was bought in Vietnam. For example, this includes a hair mask "O'nalyss Natural Extract" with orchid extract. Light texture and visible result fell in love with many women.


Masks from Spain are quite expensive, so they can be purchased only in special branded boutiques. Most products have beautiful, convenient packaging, inside which is a healing product.. Most of the funds from Spain are concentrated, so they are enough for a long time.


Moroccan hair care products are considered quite effective, but are expensive and are rare in Russian boutiques. Masks have a natural composition in which extracts of plants and medicinal seeds are present. Cosmetics from Morocco are a real luxury that not all women can afford.


Turkey is one of the most popular countries among Russian tourists. Despite the fact that Turkish cosmetics are rarely found in Russian stores, many girls who have managed to bring it from this country use it. Hair masks do not differ in anything extraordinary, but are effective with regular use.


Most positive reviews have cosmetics from Asian countries, Korea, Thailand and Japan. It is these countries that enjoy special trust among girls who appreciate the natural composition of hair products and their high effectiveness.

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