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Tinted Balm Concept

Tinted Balm Concept, unlike various paints, it allows you to not radically change the color of the hair, but to correct it for how many tones. There are other differences due to which many women really appreciate this type of makeup.


Tinted balms after use are washed off and are able to return the natural color of hair after 3-4 weeks. This is possible thanks to special pigments in the composition that do not penetrate deep into the hairline. So you can safely experiment with shades without fear of losing the previous color, moreover, the composition of these products does not violate the structure of the hair. Concept balm does not have ammonia and its components, which can lead to a dull shade.

The pigments included in the tint balm remain only in the outer scales of the hair, without penetrating the core of their shaft, so they are easily washed off. When applying, there is no need to use additional care products to moisturize or prevent hair loss. Compared with paint, Concept balm has the following advantages:

  • he creates a special film, protects from burnout and exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation;
  • it is washed off after several washing procedures with ordinary shampoos, holding for a maximum of 4 weeks;
  • helps get rid of yellowness, for example, after highlighting;
  • hides gray hair.

Hair after application retains shine and softness. A large number of Concept toner balms are presented with various colors and effects that are easy to find in any cosmetic department. Their palette can be mixed, getting new original shades.

Tool lines

  • Line of balms from Concept Fresh Up It is intended for equalization of tones and correction of shades without breaking the structure and the appearance of fragility. They can be used between basic staining procedures. In addition to pigments, there are active ingredients in the composition that strengthen, accelerate growth and give the hair a healthy freshness. These are linseed oil, vitamins A, B, E, F, natural wax, lecithin and other components. There are many varieties for light, dark, brown or blond hair, and the balm itself is sold in a convenient plastic bottle with a volume of 300 ml.
  • Arctic Blond Concept Line helps to get rid of yellowness - a problem that many blondes face. Especially often, it can occur after highlighting or another staining. Tinted balm has a thick gel texture of dark purple. After using the Concept, the “Arctic blond” gives a uniform shade, in addition, it acts as a caring shampoo: the hair does not tangled and comb easily.


Concept color correction products have the following components:

  • pigments of various kinds, which are deposited on the scales of the hair and create a protective film with a specific color;
  • Castor oil, providing hydrolipidic balance;
  • beeswax, strengthens hair structure;
  • linseed oil, giving a moisturizing effect;
  • lecithin and vitamins, which strengthen and nourish the hair.

The ingredients of Concept balms are completely harmless, do not have a harmful effect on the hair, skin on the face and head.

Color palette

Women can choose their favorite color from a wide palette presented by the manufacturer Concept. It must be indicated on the package. Do not be afraid of the color of the balm itself in the bottle, usually it is thick purple or black. But despite this, it gives the desired result.

Pearl or Arctic blond balm is designed for not quite natural blondes, that is, if there is yellowness after cosmetic procedures or dark roots. Despite the saturated dark color, it successfully corrects and creates a completely uniform and bright shade.

  • Tonic "Concept Fresh Up Brown“for brown shades it’s quite able to cope with blackout for a couple of tones, while concealing a possible gray hair. Its variety”Fresh Up for Fair Hair"Perfect for brown hair, and it can be used regularly. Funds from this line of balsams can preserve the integrity of often colored curls, restore their elasticity and silkiness.
  • For copper shades it is successful to use the tonic balm "Concept Profy Touch"which perfectly nourishes and retains warm, natural colors even after repeated dyeing. He will cope with staining of dark roots. The Concept Profy Touch can be used alternating with other similar shades.

How to choose

When choosing a tint balm, one must take into account the level of its resistance. It depends on the type of paint in the composition and shows what time will keep its effect:

  • Temporary balms with a resistance level of 0 are ideal for those women who want to experiment with a new color, choose the most successful or change the shades of individual strands. They are very easy to apply, they are quickly washed off, a huge variety of species is presented. These include, for example, "Concept Start".
  • Unstable Balms Level 1 used to give midtones or increase color intensity. They are harmless, since they do not contain ammonia, do not spoil the natural color, but are washed off after several trips to the shower.
  • Level 2 or semi-resistant tonics already intensively stained thanks to hydrogen peroxide in the composition. It can be used as an alternative to hair dye, it is only necessary to periodically refresh the color.
  • Persistent balms with 3 levels of resistance able to stain for a long time, and give completely new shades. But unlike paints, they contain various vegetable oils that moisturize and prevent brittleness.

Another criterion when choosing a balm is a shade on the international scale of natural tones. Usually, several numbers are indicated on the package, after reading them, it is easier to choose exactly your type.

The first number indicates how dark the hair color is from "black "to" blond blonde", the second denotes the main shade - from"natural pearl". The last digit (or two) indicates an additional hue. It is useful to have such a scale with you, so it’s easier to make the right choice.

  • For blondes Concept tools with a low level of resistance of 0 or 1, which are not able to greatly darken, are suitable, and with a negative effect, they are easily washed off. You can use "Fresh Up" of the corresponding tones: light brown, light blond, light blond. To neutralize yellowness on light strands, the Concept Arctic Effect is suitable.
  • For brunettes persistent balms of 2 or 3 levels will suit well. They are able to intensively paint in dark colors. These are funds from the Concept Fresh Up Brown line, dark chestnut, dark chestnut or black.
  • For gray hair you need to choose tonics with a high level of resistance and apply your own shade. The choice from the manufacturer of the Concept is wide and allows you to choose exactly what you need. Such balms can be used in combination with other healing or coloring agents.

When choosing a tint balm, in addition to the shade according to the color scale and the level of resistance, one must take into account how often dyeing or other procedures with the hair took place before: curling, highlighting. For use against gray hair, you need to know approximately the amount of gray hair and, depending on it, choose a remedy according to the intensity of action.

If you previously used natural dyes, then you need to approach the tinting procedure more carefully. Many products, such as henna or basma, can have a negative effect in combination with a tinted balm. To get rid of gray hair, it is best to apply Concept tonics of the most natural shades.. With very light natural curls, it is worth using their darkening gradually over several procedures. In this case, apply colors with different intensities - first lighter, then darker.

When buying in a store, it is best to consult an experienced seller who can really tell you the most successful variety of balm. And be sure to pay attention to the expiration date before purchasing.

How to use

  • Means "Concept Fresh Up"applied to clean hair evenly along the entire length, it is better to use gloves. For easy correction of the shade, the balm can be aged no more than 10 minutes, if intensive coloring is required, then 15-20 minutes. After that, the residue is washed off with warm water without shampoo, the hair is dried.
  • Gels Concept "Arctic blond" are applied by hand to the hair for 5-10 minutes, then washed off with warm water without the use of shampoos. Despite the thick dark violet consistency, it is easy to wash off, including with hands - gloves for application are not required.

In addition, for all types of tint balms there are recommendations for effective use:

  • Tonics are designed to darken in several tones, they do not have a brightening effect. Because of its thick shade, you should not keep them on your head for more than 15-20 minutes, otherwise the hair may acquire unnatural colors.
  • To weaken the intense color, you can dilute the tint balms with regular shampoos or conditioners. This is especially true for purple, blue or silver shades.
  • Unlike real paints, tonics need to be applied only to clean hair.
  • Residues should not be removed with shampoos. Normal water can handle this.
  • For application, you can use a soft brush, Only wash it thoroughly after each use.
  • Do not use the product after perming.

In order to completely get rid of a new shade, for balms Concept it is enough to wash your hair 2-3 times. After that, you can use paint or another type of tonic. If you want to get rid of the new color as quickly as possible, then you can use a kefir hair mask with burdock oil or special cosmetics to remove pigmentation.


Women who have repeatedly used Concept balms appreciate them for persistently preserving the desired shade for a long time without loss of intensity. At the same time, if desired, it is easy to get rid of it, for example, using the Concept Soft Skin dye remover, which can be used even for sensitive skin.

Balms from the series "Fresh Up", "Arctic Effect" and "Profy Touch" received positive reviews due to the fact that they do not have a harmful effect, the hair does not lose its natural properties and retain its luster and beauty. Some recommend using them regularly, especially in combination with contouring products for skin protection or conditioners.

You can watch the review of Concept "Blond" shampoo in the video below.

Watch the video: CAILYN Concept (February 2020).


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