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Carbon comb

The comb becomes an indispensable accessory in daily hair care: it combes, unravels curls, helps in styling, dyeing and other manipulations. Choosing a suitable comb is no less important than choosing a shampoo or mask, and this type of accessory is classified not only by its shape, but also by the type of material used.

What it is

The carbon fiber comb for curls consists of a durable frame, which is based on a durable carbon with a ceramic coating, and belongs to professional care products. It has a number of significant advantages:

  • The carbon accessory is highly resistant to mechanical shock. and high temperatures;
  • She is elastic, serves for a long time, is not demanding in care;
  • Prevents the formation of static electricity;
  • Used for styling and painting., since it does not interfere with either chemical components or high temperature;
  • Used to create fleece. and voluminous hairstyles;
  • Suitable for both male and female haircuts.

Carbon comb comb allows you to carefully comb the curls without damaging them during daily use, moreover, no professional hairdresser can do without it.


HairWay Professional

A professional comb has the shape of a comb with small frequent cloves, it is suitable for forming parting, creating hairstyles, coloring and normal combing. Accessory "HairWay Professional" is designed for professional and home use, has incredible durability and flexibility, which is why it is almost endless.

The durable ceramic coating does not wear off under the influence of coloring pigments and chemicals, nor under the influence of high temperatures and frequent use. Reviews about it are extremely positive as a worthy and necessary accessory. The comb is odorless, which would indicate a toxic composition.


Among the carbon combs of this brand there are classic options with wide and narrow teeth, accessories for haircuts and styling, as evidenced by the width and length of the cloves. Reviews about them are also exceptionally good, the only thing that can push the consumer away from the purchase is a rather high unit price.


The carbon fiber comb of the brand has a convenient handle and infrequent teeth, which allows you to use it for combing thick, wavy, naughty hair, including with a porous structure. She perfectly copes with the creation of a perfectly even parting, hairstyles of various levels of difficulty and the usual combing several times a day.

Consumers call its main advantage an antistatic effect - this is what served as a call for purchase, according to most women.

Easy combing

The hairbrush brush for daily hair care carefully treats hair: dry or wet. It has a stylish design and a comfortable handle that makes combing easy. Regular use of the accessory prevents brittle hair due to a careful approach to unraveling it, charges it with shine, makes it smooth, obedient.

One of the features of the Easy Combing massage brush can be considered the different lengths of its teeth - this allows it to painlessly untangle the most malicious nodules. In addition to the usual combing, you can use the accessory to evenly distribute the mask or oil along the length of the hair for better penetration into the hair structure.

Reviews about this brush literally prompt you to buy: consumers note its moderately high price, attractive design and a variety of shades. In addition, the Easy Combing carbon fiber ceramic comb can be taken with you wherever you go.

For more information on carbon combs, see the video below.

Watch the video: 5 Reasons Why You Need A Carbon Comb (February 2020).


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