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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Chanel Gel Polish

It's no secret that the story of Chanel's rise to the world Olympus of glory began with the creation of a collection of fragrances. Then the company grew and began to engage in the production of other cosmetic products. Today, having Chanel cream or perfume on your dressing table is not only useful, but also prestigious.


In addition to caring products, the brand also produces decorative cosmetics for nails. The varnishes of this company have every reason to be considered one of the best in their niche. They are loved not only for their exquisite packaging, but also for their consistently high quality, increasing every year, as well as for the variety and constant updating of the color scheme.

Stylists assure that beautiful high-quality manicure plays an important role in the art of seduction. Therefore, it is so important to always have well-groomed hands, and Chanel products will help. In its arsenal you can find not only the varnish coatings themselves, but also various compositions that strengthen the nail plate.

Nail polishes, like all products from Chanel, have long been a sign of luxury and aristocracy. The abundance of shades will satisfy the taste of any woman, whether it is a respectable business woman or a shocking teenager. The color palette of nails is huge: from a calm classic "Ballerina", which has already become a classic of the genre, to ink-purple "Roubachka".

Relatively recently, gel polishes began to enter into fashion. The developers of Chanel decided to keep up with the fashion and created a series of persistent varnishes with a gel effect. Collection "Le Vernis"is a series of special super-resistant varnishes that stay on the nails an order of magnitude longer than conventional decorative coatings.

In this collection you can find the most incredible shades: here and turquoise "Blue boy"and berry "Suspicious"and swamp "Garconne "and causing fuchsia "Purple", and many more other colors. There are varnishes with the addition of a shimmer that flicker very effectively in the sun and in the light of evening electricity.

A large selection of colors allows you to try on different images and conduct experiments with your appearance. Chanel's choice of varnishes is a choice of courageous women who are not afraid of change, who is alien to the image of a "gray mouse. There are also classic monophonic colors with a glossy sheen, as well as with a mother of pearl shimmer. For courageous ladies, nonsense suggests trying on a jade or eggplant shade or classic black. Another advantage of the varnishes of this company is the effect of mother of pearl.


One of the indisputable advantages of the products of this famous brand is its hypoallergenicity. It contains no formaldehydes and other harmful elements, which traditionally form the basis of inexpensive varnishes. Ceramides contained in their composition are not only not harmful to the nails, but also have a healing effect. In addition, the varnish formula contains iron and vitamins that strengthen the nail plate and protect it from brittleness and delamination.

However, despite the fact that this brand belongs to the category of elite, reviews about its products can radically diverge. Many of her fans are delighted with the quality of Chanel varnishes, claiming that they dry quite quickly and at the same time hold for a long time. Others, on the contrary, complain that the varnishes exfoliate 2-3 days after application, that when stained in one layer, the brush leaves a trace of villi and, compared with other, more democratic brands, varnishes of this eminent company dry for a very long time. Perhaps the whole thing is in the composition. Many cheap varnishes contain acetone, which allows it to dry quickly. However, few people think that it also dries the nail itself, making it more brittle and brittle. Wax and calcium are added to the composition of varnishes from Chanel, which have a strengthening effect and are binding elements.

How to use

For so that the varnishes last longerbase coat recommended"La Base", which is applied under the varnish base directly on the nail itself. Thanks to vitamin E, which is part of the base, it protects it from the aggressive effects of external factors, and argon oil, also contained in the product, saturates the plate with nutrients, smoothes it and corrects imperfections. This foundation can be used as an auxiliary preliminary element of manicure, as well as an independent care tool.

In order to keep Le Vernis varnishes longer, it is recommended to apply the product as a finishing touch "Le Gel Coat", which creates the effect of gel polish and prolongs the life of the decorative coating by an average of 6-7 days without the use of a UV lamp. After drying, it has a glossy surface, enhancing its color and protecting it from chips. This tool is recommended to be applied in two layers. After you applied the base coat, then directly the varnish itself, you can apply the first coat of Le Gel Coat, let it dry, and then coat your nails with a second coat.

The brush of this top coating is wide enough that it can be applied in 1-2 movements. The texture of the top is quite dense, after drying it is difficult to adjust. And since it dries literally in a few seconds, then its consumption should be minimal.

Not so long ago, the famous Le Vernis collection has undergone some changes and has been re-released. At the same time, it was decided not to change the design of the bottle, as well as the brushes - they remained in their usual original form.

But as for the color scheme, here the palette has undergone major changes.


Of the usual former shades, 5 items remained. It is gentle bodily "Ballerina", hot chocolate "Particulière"bright defiant "Pirate"dark burgundy "Rouge Noir" and the most copied color, which became a hit of the twentieth century - dark red "Vamp".

As a novelty, the Chanel developers decided to please their fans with 11 new shades of varnish.

  • "Organdi" (No 504) - This is a calm flesh-beige color in the nude style for those who prefer a calm classic, goes well with any clothes and jewelry.
  • "Shantung" (No 508) - cold raspberry tone; to get a dense color, one layer is enough.
  • "Roubachka" (No 514) - dark purple, almost black, reminiscent of ink. If you apply one layer, the effect of stained glass is obtained. For a richer shade, a second coat is recommended.
  • "Rouge Essentiel "(No. 500) bright deep color of a starfish with an orange tint. In the bright sun it seems fiery, and in the shade it behaves more restrained.
  • "Garconne "(No. 520) - The color of the varnish is dark green with a grayish tint. The texture of the varnish is creamy, not dense enough to apply it in one layer.
  • "Mythique" (No 512) rich wine tint with a thick brown undertones, translated as "mythical".
  • "Miami Peach "(No 203) - orange with bronzing pollen, which plays beautifully in the sun, shimmering in its rays.
  • "Nouvelle Vague" (No 527) - The colors of the clear summer sky with a dense texture, especially beautiful on a tanned manicured handle.
  • "Riviera" (No 537) - a bright pink berry shade, without a shimmer. A binding varnish that does not tolerate even the slightest imperfections on the skin, suitable for uncompromising persons.
  • Dragon (No 475) - rich scarlet, with electric lighting gives a sharp neon tint.
  • "Rouge Noir" (No 530) - Another shade of red with a transparent texture of bottle glass. The varnish dries for a long time, so it is recommended to use a top coating - drying. When applied in two standing tone does not appear at all.

A characteristic feature of nail products from a well-known brand is a bright and eye-catching gloss. The product is easy to use, easy to apply, and when applied does not leave sloppy stains and other defects. Consistency is relatively moderate. In addition, all varnishes and manicure products have a long shelf life. And the updated color coating formula promises to be not only more persistent, but also have a therapeutic effect, making the nails of lovely ladies more strong and well-groomed.

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