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Ionization comb

Today, girls and women use many functional devices for hair care. One of the universal types is a comb with the effect of ionization. With the help of such a device, it is possible to ensure proper care even to severely damaged curls. Models are presented in a fairly wide range and have many useful features. That is why it is worth familiarizing yourself with such options in more detail.

What it is

Every woman dreams of healthy and beautiful hair, but in modern life it is quite difficult to achieve this. That is why manufacturers present to the customers a lot of useful and safe products that greatly facilitate daily care.

One such option is a comb with an ionization effect. The main action of this device is aimed at eliminating the static stress that forms on the hair. Most often, women face such a problem in the cold season, when there is a need to use hats. Positive ions provoke magnetization of hair.

For this reason, curls begin to lose their healthy appearance. The hairstyle looks messy, and women have to spend extra time on styling. Using a comb with ionization, you can speed up this process. The work of such a cosmetic device is due to a special heating device. In the process, negatively charged ions are generated that eliminate static voltage.

Features and Benefits

The ionization comb is especially needed in the cold season, when static tension on the hair is formed by wearing a headgear. For all the above characteristics, it becomes clear that such devices are radically different from traditional options.

A feature of this device is the universal principle of action. Thanks to the use of a brush, one can not only get rid of static electricity on the hair, but also provide proper care to curls and scalp.

Another feature of the comb is the absence of joints on the material from which the teeth are made. Due to this, the hair cannot be damaged during use. The teeth glide smoothly and easily through the hair.

The main advantages of such a device include:

  • during use, hair cuticles are smoothed;
  • No need to spend extra time drying curls;
  • the comb is suitable for daily use;
  • moisture is retained in the hair structure.

By using the device, odors can be eliminated. It is known that hair quickly absorbs a variety of aromas.

It is worth noting that manufacturers do not recommend using a comb for wet hair. In the opposite case, the procedure will not give a positive effect.

Operating principle

Particular attention should be paid to how the ionizing comb functions. First you need to say that the principle of operation of most of these devices is to perform several processes.

A comb with an ionizer performs the so-called polishing. During combing, a quick smoothing of the hair scales occurs. Gradually, the curls acquire a healthy shine and become more obedient.

The ion comb has an antiseptic effect. Thanks to the use of the device, pathogens present on the hair are killed. The need for frequent shampooing is also reduced.

The ionic comb functions due to the interaction of mechanical and temperature processes. Some models are additionally equipped with features such as performing head massage. More modern are devices with the function of straightening curls. Basically, the cost of such models is slightly higher, but the device can be safely used for different processes.

A hairbrush with negative ions is also used to form a hairstyle. With the help of such a device, you can quickly and easily make styling and not spend extra time on the process.

Devices with an ionizing effect that provide gamma radiation are often equipped with additional elements. In salon conditions, combs with a fluid reservoir are often used. In the process, they distribute the nutritional and medicinal compositions along the length of the curls.

How to choose

When choosing a device for hair with the effect of ionization, you need to pay attention to several important features. The first thing to consider in the acquisition process is power. If the curls have a dense structure, it is best to choose options with high rates. This will allow faster and better hair care.

If you plan to use the device daily, you should give preference to compact models. Basically, such devices operate on batteries, which is quite convenient. You can always carry a comb with you.

Also, for daily care, it is worth choosing flat models. To create complex styling, voluminous rounded options are suitable.

To make comb care easier, give preference to collapsible models. All elements can be quickly disconnected from each other and each component can be cleaned. Cleanliness is an important factor in hair care and should not be neglected.

Pay special attention to the functionality of the model. For simple styling, simple options with a minimum set of options are suitable. For more complex processes, it is better to look at the multi-function brush.

Rating of the best

Consumers using hair care models have already highlighted some good functional options. One of the best is the Bosch PHB5363. A practical and convenient device suitable for daily use and to create a beautiful styling. The device is powered by batteries, has good power and attractive design.

The main advantage of this brush is that it can be easily disassembled if necessary. Thanks to this, cleaning the device does not take much time.

See the video below for more details.

One of the leaders in today's market is Rowenta. The device from this manufacturer is equipped with a special button and indicator, which allows you to monitor the charge. The advantage of the device is its compactness. The comb is suitable for daily use and can be easily carried in a bag. The pillow is easy to remove, cleaning is given without much difficulty.

A good option for caring for naughty hair is the Babyliss Sublim'Hair device. The device has good power, perfectly eliminates static voltage. If necessary, the comb can be disassembled. The device runs on batteries, the charge lasts a long time. Soft teeth gently care for curls.

You can use a Philips brush for styling. Convenient multifunctional device with the effect of ionization is perfect for daily use. Various nozzles come with a comb


Determine a good and high-quality option will help customer reviews. Particularly popular among women is the model Braun Satin Hair7. Convenient and practical device carefully cares for the hair. Many girls noted that the device perfectly removes static stress, restores the natural shine and radiance of curls.

A good option, according to customers, is a hair dryer from Rowenta. A feature of this model is the presence of several temperature conditions. The kit contains a large number of nozzles, which greatly simplifies the care of even naughty curls.

Buyers have identified and such an option as Supra MFS-114. The main advantage of the device is its compactness. You can take a comb with you to work or on a trip - it takes up the minimum amount of space in the bag. Users noted that the device copes with the tasks perfectly.

In general, customers are satisfied with devices with the effect of ionization. Most models have high power, are easy to clean and hold a charge for a long time. Such a device can even be put in a small bag and used as soon as necessary.

Watch the video: We Tried An Ionic Hairbrush To Tame Frizz And Flyaways (February 2020).


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