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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Faberlic Nail Polish

Nail polish. There is so much competition in the market for its various types in today's conditions. There are well-deserved "titans" in this area. One of them is Faberlic varnishes. They stand apart from everyone else and are represented simply by a huge number of the most unimaginable shades and all kinds of relief coatings. By purchasing products from this company, you will surely never regret your choice.

Features and Benefits

Faberlic stands out among other brands for its very large line of coatings for our nails of various colors and properties. This brand holds the brand, and the price is always consistent with quality. Colors are always bright and saturated. So I want to try some more. Also there are varnishes with smart colors (CC varnishes), which have several advantages:

  • Hold for at least 7 days;
  • Application is possible without a base;
  • No drying required;
  • Just one layer is enough.


The composition includes a number of elements that help maintain shine longer and contribute to the long-term preservation of color on the surface. The full composition includes: butyl acetat, ethyl acetat, nitrocellulose, adipic acid / neopentyl glycol / trimellitic anhydride copolymer, dipropylene glycol dibenzoate, isopropyl alcohol, stearalkonium bentonite, acrylates copolymer. A fairly small list of elements for such a product as a coating, which also falls on the cuticle's delicate skin. We are all used to the fact that there should be some unimaginable number of components in the composition, but there are not so many of them. This reduces the likelihood of irritation from the fact that the substances contained in the varnish cause an allergy or other similar reaction of the body.

Brand lines

In addition to the so-called "Smart Color", varnishes such as "Mirage", "Candy Nails", "Secret of Style" are on sale. All of them differ not only in colors, but also in properties, everyone can be suitable for a specific situation. Consultants can give a lot of advice on which one is best to choose. But let's take a look at the most popular of them in order.

In the video below - a review of Faberlic CC 9 in 1 Smart Color nail polish.

Mirage Lucky They are distinguished by special special effects, which are created with the help of small inclusions. They add bulk and mystery to your nails. In addition, creating an image does not require anything other than the jar of varnish itself. Presented are colors such as Tea Rose, Sweet Papaya, Creamy Sundae and others. Only 14 shades.

Candy Nails line up creates an effect of exclusivity, as if it was done only for you and only you have it. The creamy texture simplifies application and makes it a complete pleasure. The sophistication of this varnish is suitable for those who like soft and warm shades.

"The secret of style" It is located in the upper price category, but it is rightfully located there. Its deepest colors will not leave indifferent even the most demanding women. The palette consists of 10 colors, and each of them is insanely beautiful. The shades of "Lilac Dawn" and "Shiny Diamond" stand out especially, and "Raspberry Dress" is undoubtedly a classic, but into which something new was breathed.


Let's look in more detail about all the shades of varnishes from Faberlic, because there are so many of them that getting confused is not at all difficult. Let's talk about the main, and accordingly, the most popular colors.

Sand - This is a special type of varnish that has a unique texture and relief. The name probably makes it clear that nails covered with such a tool look like strewn with thousands of grains of sand.

Also, this kind is not limited to the scope of a uniform and monotonous coating. To create individual patterns and drawings, you can use sand varnishes of various colors.

Hue 7407 is part of the "Best Script" line. This is your secret weapon, battle others with this color, its saturation, depth. The technology used to create it ensures perfect distribution over the entire surface of the nail plate. To further extend the life of the varnish, a special protective coating from Faberlic can be applied on top. It will give even more gloss and shine.

“Vanilla sky” is not just a color that gives lightness and lightness to our nails. This color also gives our manicure the effect of lengthening and refinement. Vanilla is of various types, but here it is the most unimaginable and indescribable in words. We can say that for everyone it is different and special. This is achieved by drawing the entire rich palette from a cup of hot vanilla cappuccino or clouds at sunset in the late evening, smoothly turning into night.

"Angel Wing" clearly justifies its name as something dazzlingly white and airy. This should definitely be in every lady’s own collection. Depending on the natural brightness of your nails, the color density is achieved after applying 2-3 layers. For lovers of French manicure, he will undoubtedly become a favorite among everyone else. And this is the most winning option for special occasions, be it any holiday or even a wedding.

And this is not a complete list of the palette that is on the pages of the catalogs of this brand. It includes a wide variety of colors and shades for all occasions.


Among the large number of reviews about Faberlic, the most part is enthusiastic and laudatory. Women admire the persistence, richness, simplicity, ease of use of these beautiful and colorful jars. They also stand out at a relatively low price. All together creates the exclusivity and inimitability that all presented coatings possess without exception.

So, let's summarize all the positive and negative sides. The first thing I want to say about things that delight everyone. And this:

  • When the varnish should be glossy, it really is. And when it is stated that it is matte, then it always is.
  • The ease with which it is applied simply strikes everyone on the spot. To do this, each jar has a convenient brush with a rounded tip to get to the most inaccessible places.
  • The ability to apply it without first applying the base to the nail. This property makes it possible to use varnish for those who are constantly in a hurry and in a hurry.
  • Drying speed also shortens the coating procedure. There is no need to buy special lamps for drying, the drying process is natural.
  • The durability of varnish that can last for weeks. And in the case of using special gel-containing products, it can reach up to a month, during which not even the slightest chip will be noticeable in your manicure.
  • Beautiful and stylish bottlethat will stand out in your large collection.

Undoubtedly, this is only part of all the positive aspects that Faberlic can have. All the rest you can find only by buying and trying it.

The video below is an overview of the Secret of Style nail polish.

The disadvantages of varnishes of this manufacturer are few:

  • Fans of the kitchen and working with their hands complain of insufficient durability. But this is natural, because the coating does not have magical properties. If you did a manicure, then be so kind as to limit the mechanical effect on the nails a little. Run your beauty and let others fully enjoy it.
  • Some women noted that the varnish begins to thicken after six months after purchase. There is nothing to worry about. You just need to dilute it by adding a drop of your nail polish remover. And the best solution would be to not leave it for a very long time, to indulge yourself in excellent color as often as possible.

Watch the video: Лаки для ногтей Секрет стиля от Faberlic Nail polish Secret of style. 10000000roz (February 2020).


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