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Gel Polish Canni

Canni gel polish is a Chinese brand product, a low-cost alternative to expensive brand coatings. It is certified and approved for import into the EU countries. Rapidly breaking into the Russian market, gel polish company attracts the attention of our compatriots. What are its features, advantages, and what the reviews of professional masters working in the salon and at home say about it, we learn from this article.

Company Information

The Chinese brand Canni began operations in 2007. This is a whole concern for the production of cosmetics and products for the nail industry. In a relatively short time, the company has become successful and in demand: its products are widely known outside the country. The company owes its popularity to gel varnishes copied from the famous "Shellac" from CDN.

The entire range has quality certificates and protection against falsification.

Creating a beauty product, the brand sought to make gel polish available for every woman so that it could be used not only in the salon. The manufacturer offers coatings that can be applied independently at home. To do this, you need the funds themselves, as well as a special lamp.

The company produces a complete set for the correct execution of manicure, allowing the nails to look beautiful and well-groomed for a long enough time. In addition to gel polishes, the nail sphere includes primer, base, topcoats and gel paints for design.

Advantages and disadvantages

Canni gel polish is a specially developed plastic gel, which is applied as a regular varnish, but needs to be dried under an ultraviolet lamp, like a gel. In other words, this is a mix of nail polish and gel.


Chinese brand coating is odorless, easy to apply without creating air bubbles and the effect of waves. It contains high-quality components, thoroughly cleaned of harmful impurities. That is why the product does not have a sharp specific smell.

One of the advantages of Canni gel polish is the ability to use the product at home. At the same time, the coverage characteristics of the Asian company are not inferior to American expensive products. This is a quality coating, which has a rich color palette.

The design of the bottle resembles the famous "Shellac". The volume of the product is 7.3 ml. Thermal gel polishes are available in a volume of 15 ml. This is enough to have time to enjoy the product and not become indifferent to it.

Gel polish has a convenient, neatly trimmed brush made of natural pile. It makes application easy and neat.

The advantages of gel coatings of the company include their versatility and compatibility with the base and top of any other brands. They combine well with a different base, while the durability of the coating does not decrease. This significantly saves time, allowing you to preserve the beauty of manicure longer.

The gel polish of the brand is characterized by high resistance. The company guarantees excellent coating durability for two to four weeks without chips and cracking. The consistency of varnishes is optimally dense, eliminating the need to apply the product in three or more layers. For application, usually no more than two thin layers are enough: the color is dense and saturated, without the appearance of stripes and unpainted areas.

Asian brand gel coat polarization time is 2 minutes in a UV lamp. Such varnishes help strengthen the nail plates, protecting them from external mechanical damage. In addition, they have a nice glossy shine that lasts until the coating is removed.

Removing the coating is easy: the whole procedure does not take more than 15-20 minutes. To do this, a piece of cotton pad is impregnated with a special liquid, applied to the nail and wrapped with foil. After time, the varnish exfoliates and is removed using an orange stick. In this case, the nails do not remain yellow: they look natural.


Experienced craftsmen note that gel varnishes of the company should not be applied to sick, thin and weakened nails. In this case, a decrease in coating resistance is noted. It begins to crack after a few days. In order for the effect to be persistent and long-lasting, you need to first strengthen the nail plates or use a strong base and top.

The use of gel polish at home implies the purchase of a special lamp, which must be changed after about six months of use. If you try to do without a lamp, the effect will not be so lasting.

To minimize expenses, do not buy a branded, large (for two hands at the same time) or too powerful lamp. The optimal power indicator is 36 watts: this is enough to not harm the skin of the hands and not spoil the manicure. You can buy an LED lamp, however, with this purchase it is more difficult: it does not dry every type of gel polish, although it is considered a professional device.

The consistency of different shades may vary. For example, one tone can perfectly lay on the surface of the nail, evenly distributed and not flowing over the cuticle. A different shade may require more attention in the work. Therefore, before buying your favorite tone, it is better to see reviews on the Internet.

The consistency of different shades may vary. For example, one tone can perfectly lay on the surface of the nail, evenly distributed and not flowing over the cuticle. A different shade may require more attention in the work. Therefore, before buying your favorite tone, it is better to see reviews on the Internet.

Product Overview

The range of the brand for perfect manicure using gel coatings includes a number of coatings: base, finish, primer, series Canni Colors, Canni "Thermo", "Cat's eye", gel paint, starter kits, modeling camouflage gel, special liquid preparations for nail plates.

Starter kit consists of a 36 W UV lamp, a base top coat, one of a choice of color gel polish, an oval nail file 100x180 gr, a buff for polishing, a pusher, and a degreaser. The minimum set is intended for those who are just getting acquainted with the art of applying gel polish at home.

In the line of base, top and primer includes nail primers with gel polish. They do not affect the water balance of the nail plate. The base coat is the basis of manicure and protects the nail from pigmentation. The company produces a matte, glossy and rubber top, which protects the coating from chips and cracks.

In addition, the top ensures the preservation of the shade from burnout.

The range of shades contains a lot of Canni Odourless gel polishes with an interesting effect. They are distinguished by a rich gamut of tones, making the image not only bright, but also spectacular. One of such varieties of the company's coatings is magnetic cat-eye gel polish.. It contains the smallest metal particles, which, when using a special magnet, form a variety of patterns from stripes to peculiar spirals and stars.

The series includes 24 delicious tones, one more intense than the other. Against this background, gel varnishes with the numbers 294, 298, 287 and 299 are especially distinguished. To make the effect as natural and bright as possible, masters recommend applying a black base before the gel varnish layer.

The set of thermal gel polishes includes more than 20 different shades. Gel polishes with this effect are very popular today. Their feature is the color change under the influence of temperature differences. Such coatings are relevant in the cold season, when the effect can manifest itself in full force. They change colors constantly.

Camouflage line sustained in nude tones. It included 12 different shades. It is designed to give false nails maximum naturalness. These coatings do not differ in operation from gel varnishes, their consistency is thick, viscous, not hindering the application process. They are applied in one or two layers.

Reinforce Firming Nail Gel Polish used as an extra layer, it is designed to strengthen thin, brittle nails. Such a coating is applied before or after color gel polish and prevents chips, cracks, and mechanical damage. It does not contain toluene and formaldehyde, therefore it is harmless to the body.

In series special liquids included a degreaser, primer, liquid tape for manicure, a special tool with an antibacterial effect for treating hands, nail plates, as well as tools. In addition to these accessories, the line includes nail polish removers with and without acetone, super gel gel polish remover, special sticker napkins to remove softened coat and lint-free napkins to remove defects at intermediate stages of manicure.

An interesting line is the gel paint used for art painting and flat nail design. This palette contains 141 shades. The consistency of the gel paint is quite dense, which allows you to design on multiple nail plates at once.

Shelf life

When purchasing brand coatings, you need to pay attention to the expiration date indicated on the package. Usually it is 2 years from the date of manufacture of the product. During this time, the components that make up the gel polish do not change their properties, so the varnish retains its characteristics.

The shelf life of gel polish after opening usually depends on the owner of the product. It should be noted that when the bottle is opened, heavy substances and dyes push solvents to the surface of the varnish, so it begins to evaporate. This leads to the fact that the consistency of the product becomes thick, each time less suitable for application.

It is better to store gel polish in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Color palette

The range includes 258 different shades, which allows you to choose the perfect coating, taking into account your preferences. The color palette contains tones for every taste from transparent varnishes to dark colors and options with different effects. Each gel polish has its own number for ease of selection. When buying, it should be borne in mind that two layers of applied gel polish are present on the samples. In live selected shade may vary slightly.

Natural and beige shades, which are at the peak of fashion today, are especially popular. In addition, the trend is in powdery tones from light (145) to bronze and dark (182).

The colors of the company's coatings are rich and noble: these are delicate pastels, caramel and mint tones, neon and saturated bright colors, monochrome and pearlescent colors, options with jelly texture, glitter and shimmer varnishes. A rich and deep tone of any color looks luxurious, whether it is diluted smoky blue (075), juicy lilac (031), cherry (028) or bright mint (076). Divorced turquoise (208) and luxurious gold (188) tones are no less sophisticated.

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Among unusual gel coatings, thermo gel varnishes occupy a special place. Their uniqueness lies in the contrast of tones with a change in temperature. For example, in frost the shade darkens, and in the heat it becomes lighter. Among the interesting shades, the tone 333 (orange + coral), 343 (raspberry + lilac) and 346 (gray + coral) are especially distinguished. Some chameleon gel polishes have a subtle transition in tone, while others have a bright contrast.

Thanks to the variety and nobleness of the shades, manicure allows a sea of ​​ideas for nail design.

How to use

In order for a manicure to be truly impeccable and lasts longer on nails, it is important to observe some rules for its application, as well as take into account the nuances of gel varnishes.

To perform a manicure, you must have:

  • grinder (to prepare the nail plate for the base coat);
  • degreaser (to ensure maximum adhesion of the nail to the base);
  • base coat (an important point for tone leveling and strong adhesion with color gel polish);
  • color coating of any shade (optional);
  • top (to protect colored varnish and give it a noble shine);
  • alcohol solution (to remove stickiness when working with a sticky top after nail design);
  • soft napkins without lint (for adjusting manicure at intermediate stages);
  • UV or LED lamp.

Rules for performing manicure

The technology for performing manicure using gel polish consists of several stages: preparing the nail, applying the base, color and top coat.

  • Preparation of the nail plate. You can do a manicure, remove the cuticle without soaking. Then you need to prepare the end face of the nail: the uniformity of tone and the durability of the coating depend on how smooth and cleaned of dust it is. If you used oil or cream when performing a manicure, the product must be removed and the nails dried for at least 10-15 minutes.
  • Keratin removal. Using a buff (grinder), you need to delicately remove the glossy layer from the surface of the nail, not forgetting about the free edge. The movements should be light so as not to disturb the structure of the nail. After treatment, the surface of the nail plate looks dull.
  • For maximum adhesion to the coating, it must be degreased with a dehydrator (a special liquid with a deep impact). If you do not remove the residual sawdust and the sticky layer, gel polish will not last long. You can use a primer, especially if the nail plates are soft.
  • Basic coating. The manufacturer recommends covering the surface of the nail with a base as thinly as possible with rubbing movements in the direction from the end to the base. Gel polish dries slower than simple coatings, you can apply it calmly, trying not to get on the cuticle and the side rollers of the nail.

Each applied layer must be dried under an ultraviolet lamp for two minutes (using an LED lamp - no more than 10-20 seconds).

  • If, nevertheless, the varnish has got on the skin, it is better to remove it before drying under the lamp: late removal may cause chips and cracks to appear soon. Everything should be perfect at every stage. The resulting layer is needed to protect nails from pigments of colored gel polish. It will be sticky, so touching it is strictly excluded: otherwise, adhesion to the color layer will not be reliable.
  • Color coating. When applying gel polish, the layers should be as thin as possible. A thick layer will spoil the entire manicure, will dry longer in a UV lamp, may wrinkle, roll in waves. Ultimately, the manicure will be ruined. If you want to make the tone more saturated, it is better to apply the product in two or three layers, but always thin. We must not forget that after each layer it must be dried in a lamp.
  • Top (finish) coating. It is applied in a denser layer, depending on preferences it can be matte or glossy. The finish layer in the UV lamp will dry for 3-4 minutes, in the LED lamp - about 1 minute. If a top with a sticky layer was used when fixing the manicure, after drying it is necessary to degrease it with an alcohol-containing solution. Usually a topcoat with a sticky layer is used in case of nail design. If it is not - the usual finish option is quite suitable.

In addition to observing the rules, it is important to take into account the shelf life of the varnish: a thick, old varnish will not give a perfect result.

Reviews of the masters

Gel Polish is a professional tool. Buying such a coating, you need to listen to the opinion of professionals who have repeatedly tried this product and can tell its advantages and disadvantages.

The opinions of experienced masters working in beauty salons are contradictory. Some argue that the coatings of the Asian brand are impeccable and last long enough to stay on the nails (up to the point that they can last about a month). Other professional manicurists note that the quality of coatings differs in different shades. Some have high resistance, while others exfoliate after a few days, although the manicure was performed according to all the rules of application (for example, tone 122, 126, 162).

Many customers are satisfied with the policy of the company, making big discounts when buying a large number of coatings. All masters are unanimous in one thing: the shades are truly mesmerizing, they differ in depth and purity of color. They also note a certain discrepancy between the shade and the one declared on the site, although this fact does not sadden professionals at all: the shades are luxurious, they stand out noticeably from the brand tools of the nail industry.

It is worth noting that Canni products are often faked., Which leads to negative reviews about brand products. You can buy such a tool yourself only from official representatives of the company.

Below we suggest watching a video review of this product.

Watch the video: Canni gel polish some colour swatches (February 2020).


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