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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Tartiso Gel Polish

Tartiso is a famous Italian brand, whose gel polishes have a rich palette. They are issued by several collections, each of which differs in any special effect. The color of this product is always saturated, the pearlescent compositions and the Cat Eye series are especially popular.


  1. no pungent odor;
  2. does not cause allergies;
  3. the shade is always characterized by density and saturation;
  4. polymerizes quickly (no more than 2 minutes);
  5. worn long enough without chipping - more than twenty days. It does not lose the brightness of the tone, the surface does not wear off, the tip of the nail does not break, and despite the fact that you will constantly do something with your hands;
  6. easy to apply without spreading.

Tartiso gel polish is considered universal and harmoniously combines with base and tops produced by other brands, such as Noel, Bluesky, Cuccio, CND or Nova.

To work with it, you need products related to related products - the base and top from Tartiso. All this is a means of high quality, thanks to which your manicure will meet the European quality standard.

The high density of this product ensures smoothness and color saturation even when applying only one layer. The nail plate is uniformly painted along the entire length, it is convenient to apply a picture to the varnish. From the entire color palette, it is easy to choose a shade for the desired effect.

Equally important for this product is the presence of a convenient bottle and brush - wide and soft. It is convenient from the very first attempt to cover the entire nail plate with the composition, and it will take very little time to polymerize - up to two minutes.

In whatever country in the world Tartiso gel polish is made, these products always meet Italian quality standards. The Tartiso brand today is a well-known company engaged in the production of gel polishes, gels, with which you can simulate nails, nail polishes and a number of various related materials and tools designed to build nails and create manicures.

Tartiso today is known in all European countries, and everywhere the products of this brand were able to gain confidence, become very popular and in demand. At the same time, this is not an expensive product at all, which is why it is so affordable for everyone who likes to do manicures at home on their own, without spending money on salon masters.

The fate of many gel polishes that hit the Russian market was initially doomed to success and popularity for the simple reason that they had no alternative. But to win consumer attention for the products of the nail industry is not an easy and quick task.

If someone ignores Tartiso gel polishes, then this is completely unreasonable.

After all, it’s enough just to try it once in work, as all its advantages will become obvious, to refuse from which in the future will be simply impossible.

It is very important that the Italian product has a pleasant smell, because for a healthy lifestyle, which is currently given special attention, a chemical smell that can scare away the consumer, especially if he is prone to allergic reactions, is unacceptable.

In the smell of this product, customers will hear a little coniferous notes and a pleasant aroma of chewing gum. This smell is in many ways reminiscent of Kodi products.

The palette of this product has such a large selection of shades that only one red color is presented in twenty versions. In terms of quality and palette, it will not yield to any expensive and world famous brand. But there are certain problems with the availability of this product - it is not so easy to find it in the store, but with the help of the online store it can only be purchased by residents of large Russian cities.

About the color picker

She will satisfy anyone, no matter how picky and moody the client is. The choice will please lovers of French nail design, mother-of-pearl nails, as well as lovers of sparkles. Gel polishes are distinguished by a large selection of transparent products, as well as one that is distinguished by a dense rich range.

There are a lot of series for this brand, but not all of them are available for Russians. The main gamut of colors includes varnishes containing shimmer and mica, there are also nude tones resembling varnishes with powder.

Shades of mother-of-pearl were included in the collection, which was called "Pearl".

No less interesting was the collection, combining different shades, which was called "Las Vegas". It is distinguished by the fact that all its colors are capable of changing the tone depending on the kind of lighting in which it is located.

If in the room you had a manicure of one tone, then going out into the street you will already have a completely different shade of gel polish on your nails. For fans of chrome shades, manufacturers have prepared a collection called Royal Secret.

The brand is not one step behind the fashion trends, not tired of constantly adding more and more new shades to its palette.

You will learn more about Tartiso gel nail polish design options in the next video.

Similarities and differences with Bluesky

It is clear that how many people, so many opinions - each may have their own preference in this case. But still there are some basic parameters by which one can judge a particular product.

In this case, speaking about how long the product lasts on the nails, it is quite difficult to identify the leader - both products will be able to decorate the nails longer than three weeks. And it’s not worth staying longer on gel polish - it will not look aesthetically pleasing for the simple reason that the nails have grown and therefore the manicure in any case needs updating.

If you compare Bluesky and Tartiso in the price category, again equal rights, because both products cost about the same.

But for beginners who are plunged into the nail industry, you can still advise Tartiso, because it is a little more difficult to use his opponent - it will require some skills and accuracy.

There will be more problems in the second case with the withdrawal of funds - here you also need to understand how to do this step by step so as not to harm the nail plate.

The color palette is the main thing that determines the success of the product. The manufacturers of both companies are well aware of this, so the choice is huge for each of them. Although there are still users who in their reviews consider the shades of Tartiso more saturated and vibrant.

The cost of Tartiso gel polishes refers to products that have an average price category - you will have to pay about 300 rubles for a 10 ml bottle.

Overview of popular rulers

"Tartiso Classic"

This is a classic collection, which includes all the basic shades. The range of shades is able to satisfy any preferences, the products do not have an irritating chemical smell, an allergic reaction is excluded, the color of gel varnishes pleases with its richness.

Tartiso Cat Eyes

Here the whole "trick" in the flicker and overflow of glare. The nails seem visually voluminous. This product is able to change the direction of glare depending on the magnetic effect. In a bottle of 10 ml of the composition, which is characterized by quick drying in the lamp, instant fixing and polymerization. To apply the composition is very convenient and simple - the saturated composition will lie evenly even on the problematic nail plate.

"Tartiso Pearl"

The dense texture of this gel polish does not allow it to spread, which creates excellent conditions for applying the picture, and the jacket in this case is simply impeccable. The best application for a dense and even shade would be two coats. This version of Tartiso gel polishes is considered the most popular among consumers.

"Tartiso Opal"

This product belongs to the Cat's Eye series.. Shades are dense and saturated, look great when applied to the nail plate in two layers. The substrate in this case is not needed. By consistency, this product has an average density, has a subtle smell. A magnificent high-quality product does not contain a microschimmer, it looks great in the form of glare, and the shade of the main layer does not suffer from this.

"Tartiso Rendezvous"

The well-thought-out density of the product does not allow it to spread. The composition is applied in two layers, half a minute is enough for polymerization in an LED device, and two in a UV lamp. This collection has 60 shades - choose any one and it will last the entire period declared by the manufacturer, without fading or chipping.


Novelty, which replaced the super gel polish from Luxio "Gel Play Glitz" - This tool was immediately liked by everyone, but its price barrier for many turned out to be insurmountable. With the advent of his counterpart from Tartiso, they began to call him nothing more than the budget "Gel Play Glitz", and this is evidenced by numerous reviews of manicure masters.

This is the most unusual collection of gel polishes from Tartiso.

They can be used with and without a substrate, in any case, the chameleon shades will play in the light and create a very interesting effect.

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