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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Turquoise manicure

Turquoise color can be called differently: azure, aquamarine, heavenly, aquamarine. But no matter how you call it - in any case, it is a very beautiful shade that many girls choose for nail art, and its popularity does not fall, but on the contrary, it becomes even greater. The brightness of the turquoise varnish and at the same time its neutrality are able to harmoniously look with any color and style of your dress in everyday life and at a solemn event.

Psychologists say that the owners of turquoise marigolds cannot have a bad mood, irritability and anxiety - they will be in harmony with themselves and the world that surrounds them.

Main advantages

The turquoise color is obtained with a perfect fusion of green and blue. In this aquarium tone, brightness combined with naturalness. Such a coating is for lovers of positive things and for all ladies who want joy to settle in their lives.

For girls who follow fashion it is no secret that this year's trend is unusual and interesting shades. In clothes, preference is given to the color of the sea wave, blue, blue, strawberry pink and mint green - at the High Fashion show these shades flicker every now and then. From this we can conclude that turquoise is perfect for a stylish wardrobe.

Gorgeous azure color looks great even without decor, which indicates its self-sufficiency. That is, you can safely do without the cost of time, which requires delicate painting of nails.

The most suitable time for the mood for the turquoise shade is, of course, summer, with its long-awaited time of resorts and vacations, with bright expressive outfits that, combined with turquoise manicure, will look like real magic.

The turquoise color fits perfectly on short nails, while slightly extending them. And this, of course, can not but rejoice most of the girls.


The brightness of a women's wardrobe requires matching it in everything, even in the shade of marigolds. To choose a manicure option that suits a turquoise dress, you need to consider the integrity of the image. If you have a turquoise-colored outfit, then this shade should also be included in the nail design.

But it would be completely wrong to think that a manicure should exactly repeat the tone of the outfit and be monophonic - only details will be enough, for example, strips with the right tone, included in the general decor. And the overall tone of the marigold may differ from the color of the dress even by several shades, and still the overall harmony in the image will be observed.

Here you should also take into account a couple of nuances:

  • if your nails are long, you are free to apply any decor on them - with a large or small pattern, rhinestones, sequins, stickers;
  • if you have them short, then excesses are useless, dimensional forms in this case - a categorical "no", and a delicate and unobtrusive figure is what you need.

The fact is that turquoise is a color that is able to emphasize even the smallest irregularities, so preliminary polishing of nails and giving them the desired shape is very important.

Decor Ideas


Before performing the classic jacket, you will need preliminary preparation of the nail plates:

  • first remove the old coating;
  • nail plates are degreased;
  • the nails are given the desired shape;
  • the surface of the nail is polished and polished;
  • two types of varnish are applied.

A french jacket that combines turquoise, white and pink will look magical and bewitching. If this is a festive option, then small rhinestones that separate one varnish from another will be appropriate. Such a decision will give the overall image a festive mood and make it more elegant. Everything will look even more harmonious if rhinestones decorate the dress itself and / or any of the accessories.

Do not try to place turquoise in the main part of the marigold - it can be located at your discretion. For example, according to the masters of manicure, turquoise perfectly decorates the upper part of the nail plate - such a solution always gives the image of style and femininity.

With an image

Drawings in manicure today are very relevant. They are most often applied not to all nails, but to one or two on each arm. Although it is quite acceptable the presence of a variety of drawings on each nail. It can be made in the form of abstraction, flowers, stripes, cells, peas, feathers - everyone chooses the most suitable topic for themselves.

In addition, you can combine different options. Additional shades can be anything, depending on the requirements of the picture - black, pink, white, yellow.

You should always remember the main rule - the design of the picture should correspond to the overall image and your outfit.


If the bride has a turquoise dress, appropriate accessories should be added to him, which could emphasize the tenderness of her image. Everything should be taken into account - from the time of year and the festive atmosphere to the dress itself and its accessories.

Do not overdo it with the application of drawings and rhinestones - let them be a little better. It will look great on the nails of the bride turquoise with a white tone or pinkish, slightly complemented with rhinestones. Everything should be considered in the decor - her dress and accessories, the suit of the future husband and the general color palette at the wedding.

By the way, the option of a wedding manicure will be quite suitable for a graduation party or any other holiday.

Color combinations

A turquoise hue will allow you to add variety to the color palette and will be able to remind you of the summer mood in the cold. It has full compatibility with any tone, so turquoise looks so harmonious especially against the background of white, beige, pink, black, yellow and dark brown.

Turquoise varnish is good in monophonic design with gel polish, in matte, in multi-color, with or without a pattern, with decor in the form of rhinestones, pebbles, broken glass.

The main thing is that because of the too bright design of the nails, your overall image is not lost - a manicure should only complement it, and not distract all attention to yourself.

Avon "Crystal Magic"

Using this varnish, you will get nails with a matte sheen, on which the smallest particles-glitter will look very nice.

Avon "Crystal Magic" - This is a chic manicure with metal impregnations, personifying a rich and sophisticated style, reminiscent of expensive metal in the molten form, which was somehow applied directly to your nails. This is very reminiscent of royal luxury, when everything in gold, silver, bronze or platinum symbolizes wealth and royal opportunities. Such a spectacle is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.

The effect of this varnish is somewhat reminiscent of the effect of bloating small grains of sand on the beach., and this is one of the unique features of this varnish. It can resemble not only grains of sand, but also sparkles or metal shavings. It is characterized by its versatility and ability to give a woman its uniqueness, which also makes her a seductive beauty.

"Crystal Magic" - This is a matte finish, which, thanks to the shining microparticles contained in it, will decorate the nails with a textural effect. Manicure always turns out bright and original. The microparticles that provide this varnish with an overflow of color and radiance are different:

  • glitter - These are sequins of a rather large size, made in the shape of a star, square, circle, etc .;
  • shimmer represents pieces of nacre that sparkle, but are not noticeable to the touch;
  • glimmer - this is why the nail surface acquires a roughness, which is associated with sugar or sand.

How to apply?

Before applying the coating, first clean the surface of the nail. This can be done with a special manicure machine, which produces the same brand Avon. This achieves a better grip between the nail polish and the nail. Then the base is applied, and after about a minute, when it dries, you can apply "magic".

The coating is evenly distributed throughout the nail and does not leave stripes on it. Especially attractive is the coating with a sand effect on shades such as dark plum.

Can be strengthened "Crystal Magic"the top fixer, but then all the sugar effect will be lost and the nails will be just smooth. In general, everything is very individual and each girl decides for herself what to do. But to remove such a coating, there will be no problems - this can be easily done with using ordinary nail polish remover.

However, it should be noted that sugar manicure does not last long on the nails, they should be used immediately before going to an important event or meeting, because chips will appear on the nails the very next day. Even if you don’t do anything with your hands, its shade will still fade and after a couple of days it will not look fresh, and chips, even if not the next day, but after three days will also appear.

See the turquoise manicure in the video below.

Watch the video: Turquoise Marble Stone Nail Tutorial (February 2020).


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