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Lipstick Sleek MakeUp

To date, the most diverse brands and brands of decorative cosmetics offer such universal products for the fair sex as lipstick. And this is not surprising, because they have always been popular. With painted and expressive lips, the ladies feel more confident, relaxed and attractive, no matter what age they are. Next, you will learn about lipsticks from the famous British brand Sleek MakeUp and their extensive assortment.


Sleek MakeUp is a famous British brand that has been producing high-quality decorative cosmetics for over 20 years. Its products are sold in more than 50 countries around the globe, including our country. The range of products is very popular among women of all ages.

The company produces a huge variety of decorative makeup productsthat are designed for certain women's preferences, skin of different shades and types and its needs.

All products of Sleek MakeUp are absolutely safe to use, hypoallergenic, undergo many quality checks that meet international standards. In addition, in the manufacture of cosmetics, special rich pigments are used, which allow you to get a juicy and bright make up.

The brand aims to create universal remedies that any woman can afford.


I would like to immediately note that the brand does not test its cosmetic products on animals, which means that its composition will be very high quality. Many lip products from this brand enriched with vitamin E, which does not allow even matte options to dry the sponges, but deeply moisturize and nourish them. In addition to vitamins, in the composition of lipsticks you can find coconut oil and shea butter, which also have a positive effect on delicate skin. Standardly in sweets there is wax, which makes the structure of the cream.

Shelf life

In order for lipstick to serve the time allotted to it, it must be stored in a cool, dry place.

Unopened lipsticks are stored for an average of three years before first use; after opening, it is best to use the product for 12 months. Therefore, when buying, be sure to pay attention to the date of manufacture.

No specialist will advise using an expired product, since it loses its useful properties. Using it, you risk your health and getting an allergic reaction.


Among the huge range of lip products you can find the following types of lipsticks from brand:

  • Matte;
  • Liquid;
  • With a creamy texture;
  • Lipstick in sticks.

Be sure that Sleek MakeUp lipsticks won't let you down. All of them are very persistent, have high pigmentation, so you get a luxurious and bright shade on the lips. In addition, among a huge selection of shades, you will definitely find the one you need.

Brand lines

Among the wide range of lipsticks from the brand, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the main ones:

  • Lipstick from the series "Matte Me", creating a wonderful matte finish will definitely become your favorite. It has a pleasant creamy texture that does not dry out the delicate skin of the lips. Matte lipstick will help ensure a dense and even coating thanks to a convenient applicator. Very pigmented remedy.
  • Lipsticks from the series "True Color" They will also please with saturated matte shades. Their composition is enriched with vitamins for deep hydration of the lips. They have high pigmentation to obtain a bright and rich shade.
  • Line of lipsticks "Lip V.I.P." will delight you with twelve stunning shades associated with celebrity from the red carpet, luxurious models and actresses. Lipsticks from this series have pleasant creamy textures that are very easy to apply. In addition, these products will give your lips comfort and care for as long as they are on your face. Sweets also have a velvety semi-gloss finish.
  • We recommend that you pay attention to the lipsticks of wine shades from a limited collection "The Rockstars Lip V.I.P. Hidden Gems". They have a melting texture, absolutely imperceptible on the lips. Lipsticks from this collection are ideal if you want to focus on the lips. Presented in shades of "Scandalous" and "Superstar". The composition is enriched with a special moisturizing formula and a subtle shimmer that gives natural highlights and overflows. Lipsticks look very expensive, made in the shape of a faceted bullet.
  • Lipstick stick from the line. "Power Pump Crayon" very easy to apply, even if you are in a hurry. Perfectly selected formula allows you to make sponges more voluminous, and the color is saturated and persistent.
  • For those who are looking for something convenient and unusual, we suggest paying attention to "Lip 4 Palette" - this is a palette in which you will find bright and cream lipsticks in four colors.


Each line of lipsticks will delight you with rich palettes and a huge variety of shades. Here you will find options for every day, holiday or for any other event and a different mood. In order not to miscalculate with the right tone and not to get confused with the names, it is best to pay attention to swatches. They allow you to more accurately understand how this or that shade on the skin looks.

Great shade nude "Naked True" waiting for you in the line of "True Color". Suitable for creating a calm makeup for every day.

If you are looking for bizarre and unusual colors, then you will definitely find them in the collection "Lip V.I.P" and "Lipstick Whimsical Wonderland Collection". These tools will make your lips memorable and add emotion to them. Do not forget to pay attention to the shade "Fancy Pants".

The manufacturer released lipstick-sticks in 6 glamorous shades with a luxurious satin finish. Great options for the purchase can be shades with a pink: "Fully Fuchsia", "Berry Burst" and "Power Pink". Red - "Raving Rouge" or bodily "Notorious Nude".

Be sure to pay attention to the luxurious shades from the Matte Me line: "Birthday Suit", "Ruffle Trim", "Lace Detail"noble wine "Velvet Slipper" and tender berry "Shabby Chic".

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The Sleek MakeUp brand offers fairly reasonable prices for excellent European quality. So, for example, in our domestic cosmetic stores lipsticks can be purchased in the range from 500 to 700 rubles. Very often there are discounts when lip products can be purchased even cheaper.

How to distinguish an original from a fake

Most often, mass-market products are not fakes, but, nevertheless, there are exceptions. Lipsticks from the brand are relatively inexpensive, so it is better to purchase them in leading cosmetic stores that are licensed to sell funds from a particular brand. It should be neat and with online shopping.

Fake or the copy always looks cheaper than the original - it gives out poor-quality packaging, a bottle of cheap plastic with crooked inscriptions or errors. If we talk about liquid lipsticks, then the applicator is uncomfortable, deformed. As for the quality itself, it is unlikely to please you. Here a bad smell can give a copy, the product itself will streak on the lips and have an unpleasant texture, which will be difficult to wash off.

If you purchase a fake intentionally, you should know that it is unlikely that the original composition will be indicated and used on a non-original product. No one knows under what control fakes are made and what was used in doing so. From saving now in the future you can spend a lot of money on medicines for allergies. Therefore, be careful and careful when buying.

How to use

To create a uniform coating, best use lip pencilwhich allows you to create a clear outline. Do not forget that it should be in tone with your lipstick. Be sure to pay attention to the pencils from the brand, which do not require sharpening. They allow you to create clear lines and smoky options.

To get a faint hue, apply lipstick once, for a more saturated one - two and, finally, for a rich color in full brightness, three layers will be enough. Liquid lipstick from the brand requires applying in one layer, in addition, you can easily apply it even without using a contour.


Opinions about lipsticks from the brand Sleek MakeUp in women are rather contradictory. Many argue that lipsticks are very persistent, have bright and rich shades, but, unfortunately, dry their lips despite the fact that the manufacturer promises the opposite. Some women get out of the situation using a moisturizing balm before applying the primary color, but sometimes this interferes with getting a matte shade. Overdry lips and liquid, and the usual options. Some note that clots appear at the slightest touch of liquid.

Some ladies say that lipsticks "sit" perfectly on the lips all day, while others note that they are very heavy to wear and do not recommend them for purchase.

Lipsticks on sticks get more positive reviews. They have a pleasant texture and are unpretentious in application compared to other options. Among the positive reviews, it is also noted that the brand offers a huge range of options, starting with a wide variety of shades and ending with pleasant textures, which cannot but rejoice. In addition, it is attractive and quite affordable price.

We can safely say that the lipstick from the brand is pleasant to the representatives of the fair sex 50 to 50, but how many people, so many opinions.

Watch a short video with swatches of matte lipsticks from the Matte Me series below.

Watch the video: Sleek Makeup Lip Dose Lipsticks. Review & Swatches (February 2020).


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