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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Avon Eyeliner

It is impossible to imagine a modern girl who would not use cosmetic eyeliners. They help to create a spectacular image, emphasize the expressiveness of the look and remove imperfections. That is why they are becoming more and more popular every year and the number of firms producing them is growing steadily. Avon presents its customers a huge selection of natural cosmetics, including eyelids.

Brand Features

Brand Avon is one of the leaders among cosmetic companies. The features of their pencils are that they are resistant, they are easy to apply, there is a wide selection of different colors, the composition includes natural components and they are inexpensive.

How to choose?

Any woman in a cosmetic bag has funds for the eyelids. The advantages of a pencil, as opposed to a leash, are that all errors can be easily removed with a cotton swab.


First of all, you should decide on the color. No doubt black is universal and fits all. With it, you can remove visible defects and visually change the section of the eyes, making them more expressive.

Brown color helps soften the look., makes the transitions and lines of the eyelids smoother.

White is perfect for owners of almond-shaped, narrow eyes. By applying it to the lower eyelid, you can achieve a visual increase in the cut of the eyes, they will become more wide open.

Many girls, mainly teenagers, prefer color shades for the eyes. In this case, it is worth considering the color of the hair, eyes. Blondes and brown hair and blue eyes will suit a light blue and green tint. Blue-eyed brunettes - the whole palette of purple.


Next, you should determine the hardness of the pencil. It all depends on the goals that you pursue.

A hard pencil will help you make a thin line., with its help ideal arrows will turn out. But there are also disadvantages: they will turn out thin, so in order to achieve the desired thickness, you will have to try. Moreover, something is unlikely to be fixed after application.

Medium softness is the best option. They practically do not break, with their help you can achieve any lines, just use it.

The soft texture of the pencil is easy to lubricate., the lines are pretty thick and hard to sharpen. But it will be easier to achieve bright and expressive lines.

Moisture resistant

In hot weather, it is recommended to purchase a moisture-resistant pencilto avoid smudges under the eyes. If moisture is not terrible, then it is better to buy ordinary. In any case, you should not rub your eyes!


If we talk about the material of the pencil case, then there are only two of them: wood and plastic.

Wooden pencils you need to sharpen yourself, and a poor-quality tree can break. They require constant sharpening, otherwise the lines will turn out to be thick and uneven.

In plastic products the lead extends automatically, it is not necessary to sharpen it. This option is more convenient than wooden pencils. You need to be careful when buying a product made of such material: it should not bend much, it should not be chipped, otherwise you can easily cut yourself. The tip should be sharpened from the very beginning, otherwise there may be problems with the pencil.

Types of funds

Avon's assortment of eyeliner pencils is simply amazing.

  • The contour pencil is designed to create thin lines, it is invisible and emphasizes the neckline.
  • Pencil shadows can be used instead of shadows, they are easy to apply, since they have a thick stylus, they can create smooth lines.
  • If you want to emphasize the inner edges of the eyelids, use kayals. These pencils are very soft and are usually sold in plastic packaging.
  • Ayliner is a pencil and 2 in 1 eyeliner. Paint is applied to the eyelid with a brush. Such a tool can dry quickly, so you need to adjust something right away.
  • Pen marker or eidefiner. The rod is saturated with paint, the tip itself is filled with it as soon as you draw the line. This tool also dries quickly.


Do not forget to look at the composition! It should contain only natural ingredients, mainly oils, fats and wax, nothing more. Even better, if vitamins are present, thanks to which the skin will not deteriorate prematurely.

How to use

Any product for the eyes must be able to use, otherwise the line will be uneven and of the wrong thickness. Makeup artists advise to apply a corrector, foundation for makeup or powder on your eyelids before use.

A common way to apply the product is on the upper eyelid, along the eyelashes. Fail the entire eyelid or some part of it, it all depends on the type of makeup.

If you are new to this business, you can ease your task if you put points on the eyelid, along which you will consistently draw a straight line with a pencil.

There is no consensus on the sequence of applying pencils and shadows. Someone advises to first apply the shadow, someone, on the contrary, a pencil. This all does not really matter, because the pencil still needs to be shaded so that it merges with the shadows and does not catch the eye.

There should be no problems with shading.but do not rub the line too actively, because the color may be blurry. With enough light movements to erase the clear boundary between the pencil and the shadows.

Popular Series and Shades

One of the most popular eye care products Avon is an "Gray satin", with the help of which an unusual satin effect is created. The pencil is in a plastic package, it has a soft texture, but it does not break. The obvious advantage is the economical expense: it lasts for 2-3 months with daily use.

Explosion of popularity received eye care "Play of color"He has a large color palette, every girl will find a color to their liking. It is very simple to apply and difficult to lubricate. Everyone notes its durability and richness. The most popular is the shade."Sugar plum"which will help emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes.

The Diamond series will help you create a flickering look in any light.Her pencil is easy to apply and has a variety of colors. It is perfect for evening makeup. Soft stylus does not require much effort when applying color. Unfortunately, there is one drawback - sparkles are difficult to remove even using a special makeup remover.

Color Accent - another unique line of pencils from Avon. With their help, chic, spectacular arrows are created. It lasts at least 8 hours, given an active lifestyle.

Unique are the shades of "True color". Many of them use them not only for the eyes, but also for the lips! Due to the saturated color, unique images are created, so by purchasing this product you can "kill" two birds with one stone. Specialists advise you to purchase "Space brown"shade, as it is universal for lips and eyes.

The company is known for its brand "Mark", which includes gel pencils "Color accuracy". Their soft texture and vibrant colors allow you to draw bright, attractive arrows. You can be sure that such a pencil will not be smeared.

The “Cupid Arrows” series includes universal colors, but with sparkles. The product has a delicate texture, that is, it is not suitable for bold lines. Having bought, for example, color "Gray haze", you can achieve a barely noticeable silver tint.


Reviews on the Avon product line are only positive. Many women are devoted fans of these products. Among the advantages they highlight the uniqueness of colors and textures, ease of application and low price. For many, pencils of this company have become favorite, and girls are not going to change their favorite. Clients are advised to buy funds from official representatives in order to avoid low-quality fakes and allergic reactions.

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