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Waxing Eyebrow

Eyebrows draw attention to the eyes, making the look more expressive. As the unforgettable Leah Akhedzhakova said in the film “Office Romance”: “The eyebrow should be as thin and as thin as a thread and raised in surprise.”

Modern fashion trends dictate a slightly different look, gravitating more towards naturalness and naturalness. But beautiful, well-groomed eyebrows without hairs sticking out in different directions, as before, remain relevant for women.

Therefore, many girls resort to the procedure of depilation of the superciliary arches. This operation can be performed in different ways, using ordinary tweezers and removing each extra hair separately or use the modern method - eyebrow correction with wax.

This method of getting rid of excess vegetation on the superciliary arches is gaining great popularity both in beauty salons and in home use.


Compared to conventional hair removal using standard tweezers, wax eyebrow correction has several advantages:

  1. Fast hair removal method - this procedure will take you an average of 15 minutes. To pluck using tweezers, you will spend at least 15 minutes on each brow separately.
  2. Availability - All the necessary devices and components are sold in cosmetics stores, so you can conduct your own modeling at home, without spending money on expensive procedures in beauty salons.
  3. Lasting effect - after such an epilation, a repeated correction procedure must be carried out after 3 weeks. And girls, whose hairs are slowly growing back, can perform a second operation after 6 weeks. With other methods of depilation, new hair appears 4-5 days after the procedure.
  4. High performance - using tweezers it is very difficult to remove small gun hairs, and using wax, you can remove any “vegetation” on the face.
  5. Less pain - immediately a large number of excess hairs are removed, you do not need to pull them out one at a time, so painful feelings are not so pronounced and long-lasting.
  6. No side effects from eyebrow styling this way - if you do everything right, then redness, irritation or various kinds of peeling will not appear on your face.

It is worth paying attention that to complete the correction of the superciliary arches with the use of wax, the hairs should grow by 4 millimeters. If the length is insufficient, then they cannot be captured. If the hair is too long, then the pain effect will be more pronounced.


Like any other depilation, wax correction has some disadvantages:

  1. You will have to practice a littleif you plan to complete this process yourself at home. From the first time, the shape of the eyebrows can be far from ideal.
  2. If the procedure is not performed correctly, irritation may occur. Carefully choose the master to whom you apply for correction and modeling, and also carefully study the instructions before proceeding with the removal of unwanted hairs.

There are some contraindications, in the presence of which wax depilation should be discarded:

  • in the presence of personal intolerance to bee products;
  • with the development of inflammatory processes, the presence of wounds or cuts in the eye area;
  • if you have a large number of moles or warts in the place of correction;
  • diseases of the skin in the acute stage;
  • with circulatory disorders.

If there are no contraindications mentioned above, then you can start modeling eyebrows with wax.


For the correction of eyebrows, specialized types of wax are used:

  • hot;
  • low temperature;
  • cold.

Let's look at each tool individually.


This tool can be made in the form of a ball or cube. It includes a variety of resins, as well as olive and lemon oil.

Before applying such a substance to a problem area of ​​the skin, it should be heated to 60 degrees.

It is most often used in beauty salons, since it is very important not only to warm the wax to a certain temperature, but also to keep it hot during application.

Low temperature

Such a product is made from beeswax and pine resin. It acquires a liquid consistency at a temperature of 45 degrees. It differs by the speed of cooling, due to which it does not harm small vessels and capillaries located in the upper layers of the epidermis.


It is considered one of the most affordable means that are used at home. It is very convenient to use, since the substance, which includes wax, is already applied in a thin layer on a small piece of cloth or paper.

Before sticking to the skin, the wax strips need to be slightly warmed up, for this they need to be rubbed between the palms of the hands. The mechanism of action of this cosmetology product is similar to a patch:

  1. You need to glue the strip to the skin.
  2. It should be with sharp movements directed against the growth of hairs to remove such a strip.

To independently apply it at home, you can opt for any of the above products for hair removal. Most importantly, be guided by the features and type of skin.


The main ingredient that is part of the depilatory is beeswax. Additional components are various types of resins, for example, pine. To soften the skin, various oils are used.

When choosing a specific tool for eyebrow correction, focus on the sensitivity of your epidermis to the ingredients so that its application does not lead to irritation.

If a negative reaction occurs, the use of such a depilatory product should immediately be abandoned.

Which is better?

There are many different brands that produce wax for eyebrow correction.

Here are a few tools that are very popular with the fair sex:

  • "Brow shapers shurgi wax"from the American manufacturer in shape resembles the eyebrows. Such stripes have a curved appearance and are able to perfectly capture those areas of the skin on which most often you have to use tweezers to remove unwanted hairs. This set includes special stripes for the upper and lower eyebrows. Thanks in a convenient form, the modeling procedure will take you no more than 10 minutes and you can easily remove even the smallest hairs.
  • "Parissa brow shaper"are made from hypoallergenic substances, therefore they are suitable even for sensitive epidermis, prone to allergic manifestations.
  • Sally hansen - This manufacturer produces a special set for eyebrow correction. The wax can be melted in the microwave without the use of a specialized appliance. This product contains only natural ingredients. Using this set you can get a professional result as after visiting a beauty salon.
  • "RuWeye Wax Kiss"- such a film wax does not cause pain and is perfect for modeling eyebrows. It will be an excellent tool for independent use at home.
  • Veet - These wax strips are characterized by increased convenience, since even small hairs quickly and easily capture. They have a pleasant smell of roses.

How to remove at home?

The procedure for eyebrow correction with wax at home will require some training and dexterity from you.

The modeling process is as follows:

  1. Remove facial hair. They can be fixed behind the hairpins or use a bandage or scarf. Otherwise, you can inadvertently hook your locks.
  2. Consider the eyebrows: the length of the hairs should be optimal for removal (from 4 millimeters).
  3. Comb them. This can be done using a special brush or brush from unnecessary mascara.
  4. According to the instructions, melt the wax, bringing it to the desired temperature.
  5. Clean the area of ​​the skin on which the depilation will be performed. You can use any antiseptic dermatological agent.
  6. Using a wooden stick, gently apply wax to the area of ​​the skin where correction in the direction of hair growth is required.
  7. Place a piece of paper or a fabric strip on top.
  8. Stretch your skin with your fingers to reduce pain and sharply remove the strip against the growth of hairs.
  9. Apply a sedative to remove redness or irritation.

Strips to give the desired shape of the eyebrows are much easier to apply. Attach them to the desired area of ​​the skin and remove with sharp movements directed against the growth of hairs.


Young ladies using eyebrow correction with wax note that it will take some practice and dexterity to get the perfect shape.

Girls using this method of eliminating unwanted hair on the superciliary arches believe that this is a gentle method of removal that brings much less pain than using ordinary tweezers.

Eyebrow correction with wax is a quick and effective way to get rid of unnecessary hairs and the ability to give them a beautiful shape.

In the next video, see a detailed description of the process of waxing eyebrows.

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