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White eyeliner

Women are inherent in natural beauty, tenderness and fragility. However, this is not enough for them: they strive to look stunning and unique, so that the whole world lies at their feet. To help transform, hide some flaws and emphasize the most attractive and strengths of their appearance will help decorative cosmetics.

It is enough just to look into a woman’s handbag to experience surprise at the amount of various means there. However, there are cosmetics that are considered basic. These are universal assistants when with just one cosmetic product you can completely transform yourself externally. Such indispensable helpers include a white eyeliner.

Why is it needed?

The main feature of the white pencil lies in its versatility. After all, this is an indispensable assistant that almost every professional makeup artist has. So, according to the recommendations of representatives of the modern world of the fashion industry, this cosmetic accessory can be used for the following purposes:

1. As a basis for shadows.

It is enough to draw a strip with a white pencil on the upper movable eyelid, shade the shadows, and the makeup will sparkle in a completely new way, the eyes will become more expressive. The shadows applied to such a base stay better and hold longer, the base prevents them from slipping.

2. For enlarging the eyes.

Life hack for eye augmentation: draw a pencil on the inside of the eyelid. In order not to injure the eyes, for the inner eyelid it is recommended to choose pencils with a soft base or pencils-kayal.

3. To correct the shape of the eyes.

The well-known rule for the correct implementation of makeup says: dark color reduces, light color - on the contrary, increases. To give the eyes a more voluminous shape and visually add volume to them, you need only one white eyeliner. With a gentle movement in the inner corners of the eyes, make small strokes with a pencil and then blend the pigment. This procedure is not harmful to the mucosa, if everything is done with clean hands and very carefully.

4. To draw clear arrows.

This method will be interesting to those girls who prefer to focus on the eyes with eyeliner. Having drawn an arrow, draw a thin line with a white pencil near its tail, lightly blend it so that there is no white trace, but there is a slightly lightened background. With this trick you can draw spectacular graphic arrows.

5. Underline the shape of the eyebrows.

White pencil is a great helper for shaping your eyebrows. To make them more neat and attractive, to emphasize the shape, to hide some flaws - all this can be done with a white eyeliner.

6. Eyebrow shape correction at home.

During eyebrow correction, it is better to use not a black, but a white pencil. According to the opinions of makeup artists, a dark color can be confusing and distracting, while a light color does not interfere with correcting the shape of eyebrows and is easily erased at the end of the procedure.

7. To increase and give volume to the lips.

As it turned out, a tool for giving expressiveness to the eyes can be an excellent tool for adding volume to the lips. To give the lips expressiveness and the desired shape, you need to highlight the center of the lips with a white pencil, blend it, and then apply lipstick. If you want to focus only on one lip, you must carefully and barely noticeably draw a tick V in the middle, thereby highlighting the place called the “Cupid’s arrow”.

How to choose?

Unlike other makeup products, choosing a white pencil is pretty straightforward. First of all, you should decide on the variety, since there are wooden and plastic models. In the first option, you will need a special sharpener with a good blade, and in the second, it is enough to twist the base a little to extend the stylus. However, if the base breaks in a wooden pencil, it can always be “updated” with a sharpener. But the plastic pencil "resuscitation" does not lie down, in case of breakage it can be thrown away.

The stylus is soft (optimal for application to the mucosa of the lower eyelid) and hard (more suitable for use on the upper eyelid). But when choosing a cosmetic product, be sure to pay attention to the absence of any small particles and grains of sand on the stylus, otherwise you may injure your eyes.

Depending on the type of lead, pencils are:

• Thin. Used as an eyeliner, it is best to draw arrows or highlight the contour of the eyes;

• Thick. They are used instead of shadows or highlighters to brighten problem areas);

• Greasy soft or kayal - A great option for shading.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the waterproof types of tools to create an expressive look, thanks to which perfect makeup is maintained throughout the day.

Today, white cosmetic pencil is presented in a wide range. There are both snow-white and dairy, ivory, with a slight shade of beige, silver, mother-of-pearl, with glitter and many other options. Also in stores with a wide selection of decorative cosmetics, products of different brands are offered to the attention of buyers. According to customer reviews, the most popular and highest quality are eyeliners from Yves Rocher, Christian Dior Crayon Khol, Lumene, Pupa Multiplay, Divage Koyal and other brands.

How to paint?

Having bought a white eyeliner for the first time, most girls think about how to apply it, which methods are best used, and what should be avoided. Today, there are a dozen different ways to use a white pencil. Only having tried some of them on yourself, you can find the most successful and suitable options.

However, there are a number of so-called universal methods that will suit almost every woman, regardless of skin color and shade, shape and section of the eyes.

For example, a white pencil is considered an indispensable accessory for visual enlargement of the eyes. From the middle of the upper eyelid to its outer edge, you need to draw a thin white line. At the same time, note that the arrows should not protrude beyond the outer edge.

Another way to make your eyes more expressive and attractive is to use an eyeliner on the lower eyelid. It should be done very carefully, since the line is drawn along the mucosa. For such a "tricky trick" it is better to give preference to a slightly bluish, silver, milk or ivory shade.

Girls who prefer a retro style in their wardrobe also need an appropriate make-up. Therefore, a universal white pencil must be present in a cosmetic bag. Combined with blue, green, and brown shades, you get the perfect look for a retro look.

Makeup options

For the integrity of the image, it is not enough to correctly choose clothes and accessories, you should also pay enough attention to makeup and hairstyle.

White eyeliner is considered a universal remedy in a women's cosmetic bag.

It would seem that to be irresistible, it’s enough just to make up your eyes. However, there are many different tricks and nuances with which you can give the image of romance, or vice versa, bitchiness, elegance or simplicity and conciseness. White tone is combined in different ways with different skin tones and eye color.

For example, for girls of the eastern type or brown-eyed beauties, such an item is an indispensable accessory in a cosmetic bag. It refreshes the appearance and gives youth a conceived image. According to the recommendations of specialists in the field of makeup, eyeliner drawn along the eyelash growth line is suitable for brown eyes. It is best to draw in two steps: from the outer edge to the middle of the eye and from the inner corner to the center, reconnecting both lines.

For light-eyed young ladies, pencils with a slight shade of gray or light blue are more suitable. Arrows with pearlescent highlights will also look beautiful.

Girls with green eyes should be careful with white decorative pencils, because they greatly simplify the image, the face becomes faded and drooping. As a good option, a white line is allowed on the inner side of the lower eyelid.

Also, ladies of mature age are recommended to take a more thoughtful attitude to their makeup and the choice of cosmetic products. Highlighters and pencils with sparkles or metallic highlights should be avoided. Haze - the most successful and harmonious option, which is suitable for older women.

In the next video, a makeup artist shows how to use a white eyeliner correctly.

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