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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Shadows Dior

It can be safely stated that in the modern world every woman uses cosmetic products. One of the must-have components of cosmetic bags, of course, are shadows. These are universal decorative tools that help emphasize the beauty of the eyes, make them expressive and more open. After all, there are quite a few tricks with shadows, thanks to which you can create the most luxurious and memorable image. In this article, you will learn more about the shadows from the iconic French brand. Dior, about his current collections and features of cosmetic products.


Christian dior is a world-famous fashion house, which, in addition to luxurious lines of clothing and jewelry, produces cosmetics and perfumes. The brand was founded in 1946, since then it still occupies a leading position in the fashion and beauty industries. In addition, it dictates the most real fashion, which is followed by beauties from around the world.

Brand cosmetic lines are luxury products. Of course, the prices may seem rather high, but to touch the true French luxury, women are ready for any expenses.

Decorative cosmetics from the brand is developed by the best specialists in the field of cosmetology and medicine, while using the latest technology and development. In addition to patented technologies, in the composition of the products you can see quite a few plant components and extracts that will favorably affect the condition of the skin.

Shadows, lipsticks, mascaras, tonal products from the brand - all this serves as the finishing touch in creating an elegant image with a special charm. Actively cosmetic products - in series - began to be produced since 1969 and since then have only been increasing their momentum, so we can be satisfied with the most luxurious cosmetics right at home. Huge color palettes, various textures and a wide range of different products to create the perfect make-up will make it possible to make a choice even for the most fastidious ladies of any age.


Among the huge range of professional products for the eyes, you can find a wide variety of textures. In the tool lines you can find the following shadows:

  • Persistent, with a mirror shine;
  • From limited collections and catwalk options;
  • Professional palettes;
  • Palettes for creating nude makeup;
  • Fluid options;
  • 2 in 1;
  • Base under the shade.

In the line of decorative cosmetics "Diorshow" there are:

  • Shadows "Fusion Mono". They are a very persistent tool. They have the softest cream and fluid texture that fits perfectly on the eyelids and instantly refreshes the look. The shades from the Fusion Mono palette are mirror options with incredible brilliance that will delight you all day until you decide to erase your makeup. Be sure to pay attention to the shade. 001 "Lune", 521 "Comete" and 661 "Meteore", and also do not forget the shade of nude 506.
  • "Diorshow Mono". These are the options for the shadows of "odnushki" All shades of the line are inspired by the catwalk collections of the Dior fashion house, as well as their fabric options. Will help to create absolutely any eye makeup. The line features matte shades, with metallic and sparkling effects, as well as satin. We recommend you pay attention to the luxury options with a rose: 826 "Backstage" and 848 "Focus".

Line "5 Couleurs" offers mini palettes (palettes) with five perfectly selected shades with which you can make any make-up in five stages, which only your soul desires.

  • Eyeshadow palette "Colors and Effects of High Fashion". The composition of the product is enriched with special rich pigments, due to which the application and brightness of the shade will not cause you unnecessary questions. Specialists of the brand have worked to make the color reproduction as clear as possible. Shadows from this line are barely noticeable on the skin, but at the same time they are very persistent and saturated.

We recommend that you pay attention to the following shades from "5 Couleurs": a palette in warm shades 657 "Expose"where you will find nude and gold colors or 537 "Touch". Matte will also be a great option. 757 "Dream" and luxurious 767 "Inflame". The numbers 156, 157, 646 and 647 are no less interesting. Perhaps, in the updated collections of the brand the following variants of the favorite fives will still appear under the numbers 746, 056, 876 "Trafalgar" and 796 "Cannage". You can find a wonderful shade of cocoa on the 557 Focus palette.

  • It is worth taking a closer look at limited shadows Spring / Summer 2017 from the "5 Couleurs" line, where you will find the freshest and summer shades.
  • Five-color "5 Couleurs Designer" offer shadows to create a flawless color transition. Shades of this collection are presented in monochrome versions. A great option for purchase may be 508 "Nude Pink".

If you are looking for something to create a natural make-up, we recommend purchasing a palette with the most natural shades "Eye reviver", which will help to create a perfect and radiant make-up for every day without any frills. The composition of the product uses a special technology that gives the eyes the softest shine. The complete set includes applicators for the most convenient application of funds.

Liquid eye shadow fromAddict fluid shadow"are shadows with a mirror effect and a 2 in 1. eyeliner. They have a special hybrid texture, thanks to which they are absolutely not felt for centuries, but at the same time they give a persistent and bright shade with the smallest sparkles.

In the limited collection from the brand "Color gradation"presents monochrome shades from sky blue and azure colors, as well as bright coral.

Limited Edition Options

Very memorable and vibrant shades can be found among various summer and spring collections of past years, among which 466 "Kingdom Of Colors" (Spring 2015), 556 "Tie Dye" (Summer 2015) and 366 "Bain De Mer", 536 "Escapade" (Summer 2016). Flawless Shadows 756 "Golden Shock".

Do not forget to look at the shade 456 "Jardin" (Fall 2014) and the wine palette at number 970.

Eyeshadow and eyeliner "Diorshow Color and Contour" are suitable for creating the most intense and summer makeup. The limited edition of 2017 is presented in the most luxurious shades: champagne with bronze, yellow in combination with pearl and blue with azure.

How to choose?

We can safely say that the choice will be difficult, since such a variety of shades and textures simply cannot but please and not frighten at the same time. And the girls want to buy everything at once. To best understand colors, it’s best to pay attention to swatches, which will help you choose the right shade.

Do not forget that on different skin shades will look different, especially glitter options. For example, gold most favorably emphasize dark skin, but colder silver or pink shimmer options are ideal for fair-skinned girls.

If you can’t decide what to buy, then why not choose a set with mascara from the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl brand? This set may be a great gift if you are looking for something special.

How to apply?

Before applying shadows, an ideal option would be to use the “Backstage Eye Prime” base for eye makeup, which will help make the subsequent application of the main color more even and uniform. This base is very easy to distribute using a regular eye brush.

You can apply cream shadows in two ways:

  • Using soft shading. This method can be performed by shading the shadows with your fingers until a barely perceptible coating and flicker.
  • Bright shading. For this technique, it is ideal to use a special applicator to get the maximum coating density for a bright and saturated shade.

For the most intense color when using dry shadows, use the applicator to distribute the product.

When using the shadows of the "fives", you can create the following makeup options:

  • Natural. For this makeup, you should apply the most average shade from the five palette to the entire eyelid, a darker and deeper shade - along the growth of the cilia, using a light shade, brighten the area under the eyebrows and add a little to the inner corner of the eyes to give them a visual increase.
  • Sophisticated. The main shade that is applied to the entire eyelid is also medium in the palette, dark is applied along the growth of the cilia. Both of these shades should be shaded using the special applicator that comes with the kit. A light shade should also be added under the eyebrows and in the corners of the eyes for greater expressiveness.

For maximum fixation and durability of liquid shadows, it is best to apply them on a moving eyelid. If you use them as an eyeliner, then simply draw a small line along the base of the cilia.

Also do not forget that any shadows can be supplemented with eyeliner, even dark and black colors. To do this, you can use a black pencil or liner from the brand, which will help create the perfect French arrows or just emphasize the eyes with a clear line.


All women who have ever used shadows from the brand express extremely positive reviews, leaving a lot of enthusiastic emotions about the shadows and talking about the following pluses:

  • All shadows are very pigmented, bright and juicy.
  • The widest selection of colors and shades, textures and palettes simply cannot but rejoice, as well as regular updating of collections.
  • Shadows do not roll throughout the day, even liquid options, although some note that if you cover them with the entire eyelid without a base, then by the end of the evening they can slightly “swim”, but not critically.
  • The funds use special formulas, thanks to which the shadows are absolutely imperceptible for a century, moreover, even if you walk with them all day, they will look gorgeous.

Ladies of all ages highly praise mono options that are really convenient for any occasion, as well as the ability to buy limits from past spring or summer collections. In addition, the updated line of funds from the brand is always intriguing, and you want to buy new shades all at once.

As for the negative sides, they note a rather high price, but most often ladies get shadows at seasonal discounts at pretty competitive prices. Ladies also say that fake shadows are not so rare, especially shades of 4 shades of mother of pearl, and you can stumble on them in any unverified place. Therefore, you should be very careful with the purchase and purchase brand products only in licensed stores, boutiques or on the official website.

In any case, if you buy original funds from the brand, you will not be disappointed.

The makeup lesson from the Dior Pro-team is in the next video.

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