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How to choose a hair shampoo

Shampoo is one of the most important and basic hair care products. That is why it is so important to approach his choice correctly, to look for the most suitable means. Each of us can use only a certain type of shampoo. With the wrong choice of cosmetics, dandruff appears, as well as a characteristic itch, the curls weaken and their loss intensifies. With too dry locks, the surface of the scalp also becomes dry, problems with hair are inevitable.

Main functions

If you choose the right shampoo, most of the issues related to the health of the hair will be resolved. When choosing a cosmetic product, you should primarily focus on the type of hair and the frequency of its use.

The most important function of a hair wash is to give it a fresh look, as well as maintaining a healthy condition of curls. Cosmetics for hair care should cleanse the scalp from impurities, bring strands to tone, remove various impurities, silicone.

Additionally, shampoo should help preserve fluid and keratin, increase the elasticity of curls, protect cuticles. With a hair wash, static electricity can be minimized. Some cosmetics are combined with balms and rinses, so you can treat a little curls.

It is important that in the end, the hair is not only attractive and filled with shine, but also filled with health. Certain types of shampoos even stimulate hair growth, improve blood circulation, and enrich with vitamins.

How to choose?

The cosmetic market is simply oversaturated with the amount of hair care products. Usually, the eyes scatter from the number of brands and types of shampoos, so it is always difficult to choose the right option.

Before buying, you need to decide what type your curls belong to.

This problem can be solved by a test prepared by specialists - for example, in the nearest beauty salon. If this is not possible, then you can decide on your own.

The most easily recognized type is bold. On the strands for a short period of time, a characteristic shine appears. Often the owners of such hair are forced to wash their hair once a day or two days, which causes inconvenience and discomfort. Dry hair is too stiff, difficult to comb.

What is suitable for the fatty type?

Those whose hair is oily are best suited for washing their hair with the structure of curls. Shampoo should not only wash hair well, but also relieve its characteristic shine. Makeup should be suitable for daily use. Aggressive chemical components are necessarily excluded from the composition of such a means for washing hair, since they wash away all the available fat on the scalp.

Natural elements (oak bark, sage, mint) will help normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands. The presence of antibacterial substances also puts shampoo among the priorities.

What is suitable for dry and dyed hair?

A prerequisite for dry scalp is the choice of shampoo, which is designed exclusively for dry hair type. It is important that in the care product there are components that strengthen and moisturize the structure of curls. When planning to buy a product, you need to make sure that it is suitable in composition. Honey, calendula and chamomile are plants, the presence of which is desirable in the shampoo.

With dyed and damaged hair, you should choose means for thorough care. Such cosmetics should not cause irritation of the scalp. It helps maintain the selected shade. After use, the curls should "come to life". The appearance of elasticity indicates that the shampoo is of high quality. An additional advantage can be protection from ultraviolet radiation. The same recommendations should be followed for highlighted hair.

What is suitable for dandruff?

If dermatitis occurs, you should consult your doctor. Focusing on his recommendations, you will need to purchase a hair wash with a therapeutic effect. The most common causes of dandruff include the presence of fungus, as a result - rapid hair contamination.

Cosmetics that actively fight dermatitis must necessarily contain bifonazole, tar or salicylic acid.

Harmful and useful components

Means for washing hair can have both beneficial and harmful substances. The most important thing when choosing cosmetic products is a safe approach. It should not harm the hair, good remedies help.

In the market of modern curl care products, most products have a chemical base. Only a small amount (5 to 10 percent) is based on natural ingredients. The main thing in this matter is that the components are combined with each other.

The most beneficial substances include panthenol, collagen, vitamin A and E, keratin and herbal extracts.

Panthenol makes hair lighter, it envelops them with an invisible coating. Vitamins help supply the scalp with the necessary substances, they contribute to the development of hair follicles. Thanks to them, you can also avoid excessive drying of the scalp, give the curls a "lively" shine. Collagen helps retain moisture on curls, lifts them from the roots. Extracts of various herbs tone the hair structure, saturate it with useful substances, some help to clean the dermis in a short time.

To restore hair, experts recommend using an additional hair mask. So the curls will receive the necessary protection from external influences and will be better able to maintain their shape.

The following substances should be avoided in the shampoo: butyloxytoluene, laureth sulfate and silicones. The first two components prevent the oxidation of fats, as a result of which the hair loses its vitality and becomes dry. Often there is an allergy, discomfort appears. Silicones make hair split, hair style is heavier. The hair is smoothed, a feeling of their healthy appearance is created, but this is a visual fraud.


Such curl care products have recently become especially popular. The trend is natural beauty and the lack of chemistry, including in cosmetics.

The distinguishing mark of such a product is the letters SLS. The main thing is to be extremely attentive, since manufacturers often play with words and can write that cosmetics for washing hair do not contain SLS. This is the exact opposite effect. It is important that you carefully examine the label before purchasing.

Soft cleansers of plant origin are the main components in such shampoos. Due to this composition, there is no characteristic itching on the skin, the hair is always clean, it is not necessary to wash the curls so often to make them look fresh. In most cases, the need for frequent shampooing is associated with a poor-quality composition of a hair care product. Shampoo with SLS in its composition it has exclusively natural components - for example, extracts and extracts of medicinal plants, oils and aloe.

Choose such cosmetics should be based on the following principles:

  1. A natural cosmetic product costs a lot of money.
  2. A lower price, if the product is not at a discount, must necessarily alert the buyer.
  3. Foam indicates low quality and high sulfate content. This shampoo should be in liquid form (without foaming).

It is better to choose only brands that have been tested by time. A new product may have an attractive composition on the label, but it does not yet have a reputation. It is possible that the components may not correspond to reality (or the result will not be the same effect as described on the package).

The main advantages of shampoos that do not contain sulfates include gentle cleansing of the hair and scalp, the absence of irritation, discomfort. Such funds give the strands a more healthy appearance, restore their structure, retain color when stained. Additionally, cosmetics have a positive effect on hair growth.

Sulfate-containing shampoos also have a number of minor disadvantages. They do not wash silicones and other products that were used for styling from curls. Owners of long and thick strands will be forced to wash them several times. It is worthwhile to prepare for the fact that the consumption of such shampoo will be more than usual. Another minus - curls for a long time wean from chemistry and adapt to shampoos, based on exclusively natural components.

How not to make a mistake with the choice?

When planning to purchase a cosmetic product, you need to carefully study the reviews about it. Brands verified by a large number of buyers have a good reputation, so you can safely buy them.

The second thing you should pay attention to is the individual characteristics of a person, his habits (and even the weather conditions of a particular area). For girls or men who are used to washing their hair often, shampoos are best suited for regular use. If the city has constantly unstable weather and curls have to be laid daily, then sulfate-free shampoos may not work, as they will not completely wash off the chemical base. If there are serious problems with the surface of the scalp, it is recommended that you consult a dermatologist before buying cosmetics.

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