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Liquid Matte Lipstick

Often matte liquid lipsticks are also called “matte lipstick” due to the smoothness of the application. It looks expensive and elegant, is versatile and can be worn both for an official event, and for a walk with friends. The finish of such a lipstick is matte, velvet.


One of the main features of this tool is its pigmentation.. Liquid lipsticks are quite bright, so they do not need layering and frequent tinting.

However, in addition to this, they require, if not ideal, then good condition of the lips, as they are able to emphasize all the flaws and peeling.

Also an important feature of liquid matte lipsticks is durability. A correctly selected lipstick can hold out on your lips for a day, withstand a light snack - as in the case of a full dinner, the mucous membrane will have to be tinted. This tool is ideal for dates and other romantic or friendly meetings, as it does not leave sticky or pigment kisses on the partner’s lips.

Lipstick does not float off your lips when the temperature rises, it is stable, which makes it an ideal tool for the summer, and hair with a strong wind will not stick to it.

It differs in texture and density - yes, in any case it is liquid, but liquid cream and liquid gel are separated, translucent or dense, with the effect of varnish lips or with a velvet coating.

Shelf life

Preservatives are responsible for the shelf life of any lipstick - and it is very important that they are safe for your lips, do not cause allergies and do not dry. Boric acid and formalin were used before, but recently, fortunately for us, a small amount of benzoic acid salts has been used.

On average, the product can be stored for three years, the shelf life of one particular product can be found on the packaging.


Durability components are polymers and long shelf life - preservatives, as a rule, salts of benzoic acid. Haze is provided in most cases with tin oxide.

Oils, fats and waxes are not part of this lipstick - that is why it remains stable even in the summer and does not flow, and also has a liquid consistency.

Of course, there is a place to be dyes and pigments - natural and artificial. It is thanks to them that lipstick becomes colored. A huge number of dyes. They include bromine and fluorescein, and are extracted from coal tar. If we are talking about natural dyes, then they are obtained from the carmine of cochineal worms - better known as E 120. Pimento is obtained from quartz, mica and fish scales, as well as from titanium and iron oxides.

Lipstick often contains various perfumes. Of the additional auxiliary ingredients, various flavoring components, UV filters that protect from the sun, vitamins can be distinguished.


Since recently it was this type of lipstick that has become very popular, many brands began to produce their own lines. The palette of colors on the market is simply huge: from saturated red to muted beige, soft dusted shades of "Nude". If desired, you can also find purple, black, green and even neon lipsticks - this is due to the fact that it is liquid products that are used for carnivals and holidays. There are lipsticks with the ombre effect.

Brand and Series Overview

Liquid matte lipsticks are a profitable niche in the beauty industry, so literally every brand has several lines or series with this product. These are Smashbox, Magnifique, Eveline "Velvet Matt", IsaDora, "Suede", Focallure and many others - from European to Belarusian manufacturers.

  • OFRA "Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick". The brand has gained popularity thanks to the instagram, and now there are about thirty shades in the palette. She will survive as coffee is not breakfast, and a few snacks for lunch. However, such cosmetics costs well - about a thousand rubles.
  • NARS "Velvet Lip Glide Matte Lipstick". Available in thirteen shades, the cost of one is one and a half thousand, but this is justified. Lipstick is very pleasant to use and apply - not sticky and not viscous, liquid, but freezes on the lips (like cream), does not bring discomfort or a feeling of tightness / dryness. It’s like a second skin, incredibly smooth and well pigmented.
  • Too Faced "Melted Matte Liquified Matte Lipstick". She is a little cheaper than another lipstick, about a thousand two hundred rubles. At first glance - glossy, shiny. When dry, it becomes really matte. She seems to fill her lips with pigment and vitality, does not dry.
  • Stila "Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick". It costs about a thousand three hundred rubles. The composition includes vitamin E - the "vitamin of beauty and youth", thanks to which the lips do not dry. Almost not felt on the lips, although heavily pigmented, felt weightless. The collection has fourteen shades.
  • BH "Liquid Lipstick Long Wearing Matte Lipstick". Enough budget counterpart, costs only five hundred rubles. The composition also includes vitamin E, which does not allow the skin of the lips to dry, and a polymer that promotes resistance. Lipstick is sold in ten shades - from bright pink to rich plum.
  • MAC "Retro Liquid Lipcolour". As a color specialist, MAC offers its liquid lipsticks in twenty bright colors - this is probably where you will find the color to taste. The lipstick feels like suede or velvet on your lips.
  • Revlon "True Matte Complimenti". The price / quality ratio of this brand is excellent. The price is small (about two hundred to three hundred rubles), but this lipstick has a wonderful coating and color.
  • Clinique "NEW Pop Liquid Matte Lip Color + Primer". With the addition of a primer, the lipstick becomes even more resistant to weather conditions and life troubles. The primer helps the lipstick to lie down better and does not allow the lips to dry out. The tool itself has a very convenient applicator with a thin tip, which allows you to more thoroughly paint the contour and corners of the lips.


When it comes to liquid matte lipsticks, cost does not play a big role. When choosing them, you need to pay attention to the texture, color, coating and your personal desires, and not to the price tag. However, if you live in a big city, it will not be difficult to find a cheaper analogue of an expensive product.

Remember that part of the cost of a product depends on its packaging: the brighter, stylish or shiny it is, the more lipstick will be more expensive.

The other part is from the manufacturing country. Belarusian, Russian, Turkish and Polish lipsticks are much cheaper than European and American ones - only because of imports / exports, and they are not inferior in quality. An example is the famous Golden Rose, TF or Relouis.

How to make up?

Matte lipstick, and even liquid, can significantly dry the skin of the lips, clog into folds and emphasize peeling, and also completely deprive the relief. Therefore, it is very important to prepare the lips before applying lipstick. A scrub, balm or any fatty vegetable oil will help in this.

Lip scrub can be purchased at almost any cosmetic store, or you can do it yourself. To do this, you need a tablespoon of honey, sugar and coconut oil or shea butter. Melt the honey in a water bath and pour into a small container - from lip balm, some cream or wax. Add a tablespoon of sugar, ten drops of oil and leave to cool in the refrigerator.

Before use, the scrub should be removed from the refrigerator and allowed to warm to room temperature. You need to use it in very small quantities - take a small pea of ​​the product on the tip of your finger and distribute it with massaging movements over the previously steamed lips. You can steam them with a napkin dipped in hot (but not boiling water) water. The balm holds for two to three minutes, then it is washed off.

Next, apply a nourishing lip balm or fatty oil - coconut, shea, avocado or an oil solution of vitamin E. You can also use a special lip primer that will fill all the bumps. This, for example, is the "Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil" by Urban Decay.

It is necessary to let the oil soak a little, then remove the excess with a damp cloth. If you do not want to do these manipulations in the morning, you can do this in the evening, before going to bed. It is necessary to scrub lips once or twice a week - this will not only help the liquid matte lipstick to lie better, but also make them visually more voluminous, smooth out irregularities and relieve peeling. Lip scrub works on the principle of facial scrub - exfoliates keratinized particles.

Now you can apply lipstick. Remember that the liquid formula sets very quickly. If you make a mistake in applying, you will have less than a minute to wipe off the product with a cotton pad or touch up with a cotton swab. However, you can always mask a small fondant spot on the skin with foundation, concealer or concealer.

If you are a beginner, you can use a lip liner before applying the pigment - sometimes it comes with lipsticks, such as Kylie. Outline their lip contour. The liquid pigment will subsequently overlap the pencil stroke, but this will help you not to go on the outline.

As a rule, liquid lipsticks are available with a stick or applicator in the kit.

However, you can purchase a special brush for applying pigment, if that is more convenient for you. You must fill the lips from the center of the lower lip, gradually approaching the corners. Repeat that famous step with a self-kiss - tighten your lips with the sound "m". A part of the lipstick is imprinted on the upper lip, and you will only need to paint over the remaining space. Outline and correct blemishes.

Layering liquid formulas is not recommended - you can tint the erased areas, but in no case should you paint over the entire surface of the lips again, since such lipsticks do not merge with the previous layers. They create the effect of weight and painted lips.

There is an option with a light matte shade - apply a balm on the lips, with your fingers paint over the center of the lips, leaving the outline half empty.

Matte lipsticks, especially liquid ones, are characterized by increased resistance - and you can’t wash them off with water. You will need to use micellar water for persistent textures or hydrophilic oil - before washing, you can walk on your lips with a napkin to remove makeup. After removal, use balm or oil to nourish your lips after a hard day.


To understand which lipstick is best for you, the rating of funds and reviews of regular customers will help you.

  • For example, lipstick Relouis "True Matte Complimenti" is in fairly high demand in the market. Her average rating is 4.1, and the reviews are mostly positive. Of the advantages - absolute dullness, durability, convenient applicator, accessibility and a wide selection of shades. Among the shortcomings of the ladies, it is that she dries her lips - but for the sake of such a thing you can buy a balm, and all problems will disappear. The consistency is very liquid, but not sticky and not oily. There is no taste. However, for accuracy, it is recommended to apply the lipstick in two layers: the first is very thin (on the contour of the balm), the second is already on top, when the previous one dries.
  • But Dose of Colors "Matte Lipstick" can be called a real favorite - her rating is 4.8. Remarkable resistance is noted, a number of interesting shades (from ordinary red and pink to dusty purple and raspberry). The texture is liquid, but more like a mousse, so it does not dry lips. However, use without a substrate in the form of a balm is impossible. The finish is matte, but "lively". Lips do not set. However, the lipstick is imprinted on the circles, and the lips stick to each other - therefore, the mucous membrane needs to be wet with a napkin.
  • Eveline "Velvet Matt Lip Cream" not a favorite of girls. Her rating is 3.8. It is due to some disadvantages. This tool is very dry and makes you want to apply a balm on top, and in this case, the lipstick loses all its dullness. Ugly leaves lips, in small pieces, and is imprinted on objects. Another point that spoils the mood is unsuccessful packaging. Gold color very quickly begins to peel off, overwrites. However, the manufacturer released lipstick in the amount of five shades, so you still need to look at it anyway. It is also very convenient to apply.
  • At one time, the brand Nyx with her Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick literally blew up the network. Especially popular were the nude shades of “Push Up,” “Pin Up,” and “Just.” Now the company holds the brand - its average rating is 4.2, and the reviews are quite generous with epithets. First of all, the colors stand out: the palette is wide, you can find a shade for both every day and the way out. Lipstick does not come off with a crust, does not bald, but there is a feeling of stickiness on the lips. Great durability.
  • Liquid matte lipstick "Sleek Matte Me" "Birthday Suit" good-grader - a rating of exactly 4. It is often compared with NoUBA "Millebaci" in terms of durability and quality: it does not crack and does not crumble, and can withstand tea drinking. However, a full meal will not stand. The shades are bright and beautiful, original, as well as lipstick for a long time on the lips. In terms of dullness - absolutely dull.
  • And here is the Italian NoUBA "Millebaci" It has a rating of 4.3 and pleases customers even with its design. The line has nine shades of various brightness and saturation, but they love the brand not only for this. First of all - for the texture: it is light, like a veil, silky. Covering and durability are special delights: it withstands lunch and a few snacks at home, kisses and finger touches, while only slightly loses its brightness and gets off the mucous membrane, but overall it looks amazing.

You will learn more about matte lipsticks from various manufacturers in the next video.

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