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Avon Makeup Foundation

In order to make your makeup perfect, you need to choose not only a good tone, but also a base for makeup. In this article we will talk about the foundation for Avon makeup, which is often used by girls to correct bumps and create a good base.

Why is it needed?

Any base for makeup is the foundationwhich makes it possible to do neat makeup. Such a product will appeal to both a professional makeup artist and an ordinary girl. It is the use of a quality base that extends the life of makeup and even protects the skin from products that could clog the skin. If you have problematic skin and a simple foundation or concealer are not able to hide it, the best way to deal with deficiencies is to apply a tone base that evens out the face. In this case, all other products will go better and mask the problem areas more thoroughly.

Product Features

Makeup basics from this brand are inexpensive, so almost every girl can afford them. Moreover, they are very good in quality and make the skin really soft and velvety to the touch. After using any of the foundations offered by the brand, the skin becomes smooth and makeup falls on it many times better. At the same time, everything looks as natural as possible and no mask effect is created.

Popular brand products

Today, there are several series of basics. One of the most popular is Perfection. This is a base that can be used in everyday makeup to even out skin tone.

The last line called "Mark" also includes a makeup base.. This foundation is suitable for young girls who are looking for some unusual cosmetic products, but do not want to harm their skin. This tool is able to protect the skin from the negative effects of tonal products or bright pigments. If you need to make an effective and complex makeup using a large number of cosmetics, you need a base that will give full protection. Using a base called "Perfect Image" you really get a complete perfect makeup that does not harm the skin.

If you need not a light spray fixator, but a good foundation, then you can pay attention to the base from the line called "Lux". This foundation attracts primarily quality design. The product is sold in a golden bottle that perfectly complements the collection of your cosmetics. This foundation is more expensive than the others, but the price is justified. The product is consumed rather slowly, so it will last a long time. The bottle has a convenient dispenser that allows you not to overdo it using the product. In addition, the package is complemented by a convenient pump that prevents air from entering the bottle. In addition, this product has a very light and pleasant aroma that lasts long on the skin.

The base is positioned as matting. Therefore, she will delight girls with oily skin, which constantly shines as much as you do not powder it.

Using the base, you will create a good matte base on which all other products will look better and last longer. If you need a "Photoshop effect" with perfect matte and even skin, then this product is definitely for you.

How to use?

The foundation for makeup from this brand, like other bases, can be used on a daily basis, and to create a complete complex evening make-up. The product must be applied to a clean face. Before him, nothing else should be used. The foundation itself will even out the skin and prepare it for the next stage of makeup. You can distribute the product on the surface of the face simply with the help of fingertips. Do this with gentle patting movements, allowing the product to soak into the skin. After the foundation is applied, you can immediately proceed to the makeup process. If you used the base, then an additional fixation tool like a spray or powder you will no longer need. Unless during the day you can fix makeup with powder or matt wipes.


Many people treat budget cosmetics with distrust, believing that if a product is cheap, it will not be effective. Fortunately, this is not at all the case, and the basics for makeup from a network brand selling cosmetics are pleasantly pleasing. Even those who do not usually stare at Avon catalogs admit that the bases from this brand are good enough. Girls are pleased with the light texture and profitability. Even if you use the product regularly, it lasts a long time.

Another point that almost all girls note is that makeup using this base looks as natural as possible. The skin seems to shine from the inside, which looks good both in sunlight and in evening light. The foundation helps to hide skin irregularities and minor imperfections that everyone has without exception.

Also, reviews often mention that, despite the layer of cosmetics applied over the base, the skin underneath it still breathes. You will feel good, and it will not seem to you that there is some kind of “mask” on the face that clogs the pores and provokes the appearance of pimples. Yes, and makeup in such conditions will really last longer even in hot weather and on oily skin.

The foundation for makeup from this company is a quality product that suits girls of different ages.

Do not be afraid to buy this cosmetic product, because its quality and effectiveness have been tested by a huge number of customers. So you will not be disappointed with the quality, and the durability of your makeup will increase significantly.

How to properly lay the foundation for makeup - in the next video.

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