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Mac Foundation

Foundation, perhaps the most necessary tool for any woman. Not a single cosmetic bag can do without it. And in the store we are waiting for a huge selection of products from different manufacturers. Recently, more and more women prefer professional cosmetics, which include MAS products. Let's get acquainted with the features and advantages of such cosmetics. Concealer MAS - This is a professional make-up at home.

Features and Benefits

Unfortunately, not every representative of the fair sex can boast of perfectly even skin. Any, even the smallest defects worry girls and women who strive for excellence. Therefore, tonalka occupies an important place in their life. It is with her that any makeup becomes flawless, and the skin - radiant and well-groomed.

The main distinguishing feature of this brand is that it is a fully professional line of cosmetic products. MAS tunnels can be seen in the hands of makeup artists working with stars, not a single fashion week can do without it. The manufacturer is responsible for the quality of the products, which once again explains the crazy popularity of this particular brand of foundation creams.

Frank Tuscany and Frank Angelo, make-up photographer and owner of a beauty salon in the Canadian city of Toronto, have long puzzled over cosmetics that would be great for working on photographs of any complexity. In the end, the partners decided to produce such funds themselves. At first it was simple black jars of cream. The foundation was based on the main components: simplicity, quality and professionalism. The brand itself has long declared its products as "cosmetics for people of all ages and nationalities, regardless of gender."

MAS tonal foundations have a number of obvious advantages:

  • Suitable for professional makeup and daily use.
  • Allows you to create a perfectly even skin tone, hiding all imperfections.
  • Absolutely harmless to the skin, do not clog pores.
  • Makeup remains persistent throughout the day.
  • Moisturize the skin, keeping it in excellent condition.
  • Not toxic and do not cause allergies.
  • The presence of a wide enough range of shades, to choose the right tone is not difficult.
  • The presence of series that are suitable for any type of skin, both for dry, and for oily or combination.
  • The mineral composition causes the creation of a natural coating.
  • All brand lines are tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists.


In addition to the fact that the masking flaws of the cream from the company MAS are professional, they also have a number of features:

  1. The foundation can be applied not only to the skin of the face, but also to the body.
  2. The texture of some products is liquid and light, which facilitates its application and does not lead to the appearance of comedones.
  3. Lines are produced that differ in their content: funds can be both purely professional and for every day. Each product solves its own problems.


The composition of the funds of the company MAS varies depending on the tasks assigned to it. There is a mineral cream in the arsenal. Such a composition differs from classical means in that it is most close to natural. This explains the absence of irritations and allergies to the skin after its use and the naturalness of the image. In addition, the product contains various oils and vitamins, moisturizing particles, various complexes that care for the skin, while maintaining its flawlessness.

How to choose a tone?

Any, even the most sophisticated make-up can ruin the wrong tone. There is nothing attractive in the marked difference between the complexion and neck. Rather, it will give a sloppy look. In order not to be in a similar situation, we learn about the basic rules for selecting a foundation. Moreover, the choice of shades from the company MAS is simply huge.

  • Choose a tool with a lighter texture, it will help create a more natural makeup. A heavy and dense tone creates a mask effect on the face.
  • Before you make a purchase, you need to test the cream on a small area of ​​the skin. Firstly, this is necessary in order to prevent the occurrence of allergies in the future. If after 5 minutes of staying on the skin of this product there is no redness left and there is no unpleasant sensation, you can safely spend money on the purchase of such cosmetics. During this procedure, at the same time, we check the tone for compatibility with our skin tone. It can differ by a maximum of one or two tones, but no more. There should not be a clear contrast between the color of the tonic and the skin.
  • Not the last place in the choice of a masking agent is the lighting of the room. The light must be natural, otherwise artificial lighting can distort the "picture", and what seems perfect in the room, when going out on the street, is converted into a mask effect.
  • Read the composition of the foundation and be sure to check its expiration date.
  • An important role is played by packaging. It should be a convenient bottle with a dispenser, if you often take a tonalka with you, this will save the cream from leaking.
  • Choose a tonal remedy taking into account the features of your skin. If you already have oily skin, then liquid-based moisturizers will give even more shine to such skin. And vice versa: a matte finish is not suitable for owners of dry, prone to peeling skin.


The company MAS produces not only tonal creams. If you consider facial skin makeup, you can find the following types:

  • BB and SS creams, primers that go as a base for makeup.
  • Concealers and concealers to make makeup even more flawless.
  • The tonal products themselves, which have three types of coatings:
    • dense;
    • the average;
    • light, almost fluid.

The finish can be matte, natural or satin, and the shape can be cream, liquid or powder.

Brand lines

MAS has long existed on the market and during this time has developed several lines of its funds. The first in the list will be mineral bases. On the bottle of such a cream is indicated "Mineralize"and SPF 15. It perfectly smoothes the skin due to its composition: vitamin E, shea butter and 77 minerals scatter light, creating an almost invisible, satin layer. The product perfectly conceals skin imperfections and wrinkles, copes with pigmentation. Great for problem skin and dry skin, age-related makeup. Perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Owners of oily or combination skin should not dwell on this cream. Release form: bottle in glass with a dispenser, volume 30 ml, in 23 shades. hour ov.

Series "Face and Body Foundation"Suitable not only for the face, but also for use in other parts of the body. The very light structure of the product creates an even, almost weightless satin coating. Suitable for absolutely any type of skin. The cream is very liquid, so the density of the coating usually ranges from light to medium. Makeup when using a popular product, it looks natural and natural, giving the skin a well-groomed and healthy look. It has a resistance of up to 8 hours, does not dry the skin, is waterproof. The cream does not cause the appearance of acne.

For lovers of matte and even coverage, the "Studio Fix Fluid", which is perfect for owners of normal, oily and combination skin types. The silicone-based liquid cleans perfectly all the irregularities and imperfections of the face skin. And the silicon dioxide included in the composition helps with excessive secretion of sebaceous glands, removing greasy shine from the face. Also foundation has a SPF of 15, contains caring vitamin E and lecithin.It is not recommended for permanent use, but is great for cases when you need to look perfect, it can be a photo shoot or a holiday ytie. Available in bottles with the dispenser 50 volume 100 ml.

Means "Pro longwear"has excellent lasting properties. The texture of the base is creamy and can stay on your face for almost 15 hours under absolutely any weather conditions. Density coating is average, perfect for any skin type. It perfectly mask imperfections, creating a perfectly even and matte finish that will remain on the face for a long time.Volume of release - 30 milliliters in the same glass bottle.The product is available in 19 colors.

Very light texture has a series of "Waterweight"with an SPF level of 30. Due to its lightness, a translucent or almost transparent coating is almost not felt on the skin. Thanks to the Moisture-Fusion complex, the skin becomes elastic, moisturized and radiant. It perfectly maskes minor imperfections and wrinkles. It is available in a 30 ml dropper bottle.

New technologies for adapting the product to natural complexion are reflected in the series "Matchmaster", which completely adapts to the skin tone. The coating is semi-matte, mainly of medium density. The product also has UV protection, SPF 15. It eliminates oily sheen, mask the problem of enlarged pores and all skin imperfections. The volume of the glass bottle is all 12 tones series is 35 ml.

Cream Balm "Next to Nothing“with a moisturizing effect, it gives the skin an impeccable appearance, giving it a radiant and healthy look. Thanks to its pleasant texture, it is perfectly applied to the skin, instantly masking imperfections and facial wrinkles, making the skin soft and velvety. The product contains no oils, contains nutrients and pearlescent Great for age makeup.

And one more line "Nourishing", is represented by a foundation with a fairly dense texture, which has waterproof properties. The product can hold on to the face for 24 hours. It can act as a corrector. You can laugh to tears and walk in the rain - the skin will retain the perfectly smooth and satin finish obtained thanks to the foundation.


In each series of cosmetic products MAS you can find any shades suitable for any color type. The number of such tones reaches 30 in some series. If you are interested in the lightest tone, then it can be found in the series that contain cream on an easy basis. There is also a large selection of light shades with subtones in the Studio series. And darker tones, as a rule, can be found in heavy structures with matte properties. To choose your own shade in such a rich palette is not difficult.

How to distinguish a fake?

Any name that has proven itself in the cosmetics market is being used by scammers for their own purposes. And the company MAS was no exception. Many stores, using the brand name, sell copies of low-quality cosmetics. The simplest rule: buy funds only from authorized representatives. You can check the stores on the official website of the brand. IAS monitors not only the quality of its products, but also the safety of funds and the health of its customers. In addition, almost all products are available in 30 ml volumes, except for Studio, which has a volume of 50 and 100.


The tool found its customers in ordinary life, and not just among the stars and models. Girls and women write that the product adheres perfectly to the skin, does not spoil it, perfectly hides imperfections, evening out skin tone. Negativity can be found only in the case when the foundation was selected not in accordance with the type and tone of the skin. Therefore, carefully select the tool, if necessary, you should contact professional consultants who work in all stores of this famous brand.

MAC Foundation Face and Body Foundation review - in the next video.



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