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Matting foundation

Undoubtedly, matting foundation creams are one of the most popular on the market, since not all of them really suit oily or problem skin. Girls with combined or mixed dermis are the vast majority, and they all need a cream with a matting effect. Manufacturers do not skimp on a whole line of tinting agents against oily sheen, but the cream is still the most popular.

What it is?

Matting foundation or cream with a matting effect - a lifesaver for oily, problem or combination skin. It is on these types that inflammation and acne, black spots often appear, pores are clogged and, as a result, a greasy shine appears. During puberty or young age, you can still get rid of this and heal the skin, but shine, it happens, haunts your whole life. A foundation cream with a matting effect is not able to cure it (for this it is better to turn to the correct "washbasins"), but it can prevent its appearance or hide. In addition, it has the typical properties of tonal products - it hides redness, acne, evens out skin tone.


Of course, the main feature of the cream with this name is matting effect.ct A working matte concealer is truly a rarity. Its effect is achieved due to the fact that the cream contains certain matting substances, which immediately remove the gloss from the skin and regulate the work of the sebaceous glands after, absorbing excess sebum. Such creams often have a powdery or velvet pleasant finish, as they contain near-powder components (the same as good matting powder). It is very natural, pleasing to the eye and touch, the skin immediately becomes softer and smoother.

It should also be noted versatility - matte coating will be relevant both in everyday life and at the holiday. Among other things, this is a great canvas for blush, highlighter and bronzer, as they fit perfectly on the prepared matte skin and create a relief. It is a matte foundation that is ideal for contouring.

A good matting cream is stable and waterproof, as it can withstand “attacks” of oily sheen, and wind and light rain are not an obstacle for it. But due to this, it is washed off, however, more difficult, so you have to stock up with micellar water or hydrophilic oil. Many of these tonal products have the effect of a second skin, that is, they do not lie down with a mask, but in a very even and thin layer, invisible to the eye. In addition, some have a light SPF - of course, not 50, but even the standard 15-20 will be a plus here.


It is due to the ingredients that make up the cream and the claimed matting effect appears. In fact, it doesn’t matter at all whether they are natural or not, the main thing is that they are not dangerous. There are also a number of products that are not suitable for oily, problem and combination skin.

For example, oil extracts can only aggravate shine. Yes, essential and base oils good in pure form for night care or enrichment of moisturizers, but they should not be in the foundation. Mixed with chemicals, they create a film on the skin, preventing it from breathing, which can lead to clogging of the pores and the subsequent release of even more shine. Pay special attention to Mineral Oil, since it is a derivative of oil refining and not all skin accepts it normally. The same goes for dimethicone.

Cosmetic alcohol may be part of a matting cream, but ethyl and its derivatives are not. Glycerin and perfumes are also allowed.

But absorbent substances - the most important thing in such creams. It is due to them that a matting effect appears. This is usually talc, starch, zinc, sulfur, clay (kaolin), witch hazel extract, cotton tree, coal powder, green tea. Salicylic acid, as well as alpha-hydroxide acid, dry out inflammations and help get rid of inflammations in the same way as vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

If your skin is also problematic, then extracts of rosemary and tea tree, celandine in the composition can help you.


Foundation creams have different consistencies - from thick mousse to liquid fluid, and matting was no exception. In addition to creamy, there are a sufficient number of types that differ in coating density, texture and consistency. As a rule, they determine the method of application, worn on the face in a slightly different way and hide various imperfections.

  1. Fluid Designed to even out skin tone, hide pores, remove oily sheen. The best option if you do not have severe inflammation, but there is post-acne and enlarged pores that need to be hidden. As a rule, his consistency is liquid, almost like water, he quickly grasps and therefore it is best to apply it with your fingers.
  2. Mousse / Souffle. Despite the associations, it has a light, but well covering even acne coating. The consistency is airy, light, easily melting between fingers and therefore easily stewed. It is applied with both fingers and a damp sponge or a tightly packed kabuki brush.
  3. Emulsion It also contains moisturizing components that are no less necessary for oily skin than drying ones (since excess fat is actively released precisely because of insufficient moisture). Available in two versions - liquid in a classic tube or bottle or in the form of a spray that needs to be sprayed onto the skin.


In fact, matting creams do not differ in any special palette. The only thing you will not find shiny textures here, since they are aimed at a radically different problem.

Means often have a line of shades similar to the shades of other products from the same manufacturer. There should be at least four - the lightest for snow white (ivory, light beige with a pink undertone or yellow, snow-white and so on) is marked 01 or 010, for light European tan with light tan (also light beige with shades, simulating a light tan) 015, 02 or 020, medium (natural) beige for tanned skin, signed as 025, 03 or 030 and the tone for dark-skinned - 04/040.

Popular remedies

Indeed, many well-known brands produce foundation creams of this orientation - both budget and luxury, for example Eveline, "Propeller", Dior, Givenchy, Clinique, Mary Kay, Essence, Nyx, Eva Mosaic, Mac.

Avon "Calm Shine" costs about 300 rubles, is a popular representative of the mass market. Despite the declared matting, the cream is intended for dry and combination skin. It has a creamy consistency and is easily dosed by a pump, the density of the coating, depending on the layering, is medium or light. It adapts well to skin tone, hiding imperfections and leveling it, but it really will not suit people with a noticeable oily sheen.

Perfect Tone by Faberlic also not suitable for girls with oily skin, and the combined is able to matte for a couple of hours. It has a powdery finish, due to which the same matting effect is achieved. The price is acceptable - 300 rubles.

Fluid "HD Liquid Coverage Foundation" and Catrice 12h Matt Mousse Make Up - a novelty that immediately shocked bloggers across the country. The fluid has a liquid, watery texture, excellent hiding power, it is resistant and very matte - oily skin literally for the whole day, during which you can do without powder and matting wipes.

Mousse has a standard air consistency for its appearance, a very light fragrance and is able, in addition to shine, to hide even bruises under the eyes and acne. It differs from its counterpart in that, firstly, it is felt on the skin (there is absolutely no fluid), and, secondly, it keeps the face matte for a little less time and is able to sink into the pores. The price of each is about 400-500 rubles.

Lumene "Matte Leather Perfection" refers more to luxury cosmetics than budget, because after rebranding it began to cost about 1000 rubles. It is a regular 30 ml tube with a creamy consistency in a beige appearance. By the way, the tool is dense and looks more like a corrector. It does not leave a mask effect, matte lasts about 4-5 hours, visually evens out the tone of the face. However, you need to be very careful about the selection of shades, paying attention to the subtones. Of the pluses - in the composition there are no parabens and fatty oils. This company also has some more matting tones - "Skin Perfector" and "Triple Stay".

Foundation from Luxvisage is called “Matting”. According to the manufacturer, after applying the product, the face will be even and smooth, without visible redness and imperfections, and also retain its matte for a long time. Sold in an original bottle with a dispenser of 35 ml. The cost is about 200-300 rubles. This cream is sold in the USA with a mousse-air consistency, while the Belarusian one is for some reason more dense and thick.

Vivienne sabo - enough signs in Russia company for the production of decorative cosmetics. She also produces a matting foundation - “Ton Mattin”, which, in addition to the price (300 rubles), also has high-quality matting, good skin care characteristics and concealment of inflammation and red spots.

L'Oreal "Infaillible 24 hours" will make your skin perfectly smooth and smooth, truly porcelain. The consistency is creamy, thick and dense, it will provide a matte finish for almost a day. Cost - 600-700 rubles.

Clarins "Ever Matte spf15 oil-free" - A representative of luxury cosmetics, having a price of 2000 rubles, but it's worth it. In addition to matting for five to six hours, the product also has moisturizing and protective properties - SPF 15 sun protection for matting cream is quite good.

The following form is devoted to the review of matting foundation creams of popular brands:

How to choose?

When choosing a foundation, you should focus on your own skin type. Such a cream is simply necessary for owners of oily and combination, problematic, and dry dermis will be completely unnecessary. Women with normal skin should be guided by their desires - although they are dull or prefer a moist effect.

The selection of any cream depends on age. For example, in women over thirty it is better to give preference to liquid or mousse textures, since they are able to fill in wrinkles and make them less visible. Young ladies and teens can use any texture,

Before buying a product, apply it to the border between the face and neck (not on the wrist, since the skin is of a different color), and walk around the store for about half an hour. You will understand what sensations the cream leaves, whether it oxidizes or not, whether it changes color. You can also go outside and look in the mirror under natural light.

Which mattresses for a long time?

Creams with the inscriptions “HD” and “second skin effect” usually matte for a long time and even under “working” conditions, as they are created primarily for photo shoots, and it’s known that it’s much more difficult to remove the gloss in Photoshop, than some kind of pimple. Tools with the tempting names of "18/24 hours of matting", unfortunately, do not guarantee such, but, in any case, until you try it, you won’t find out.


Matting concealer can be found both in the mass market segment and in luxury cosmetics. Depending on the manufacturer, it will cost differently - from 200 rubles to several thousand. The price is not always fundamental, since not all luxury cosmetics give a good effect. You can well choose a budget cream for yourself in the mass market, just don’t buy the cheapest unknown cream - as a rule, they are attractive only at a price, but in reality they have no effect.


Nothing speaks better about the tool than the reviews of customers who have already managed to test it on themselves. They, unlike the manufacturer, have no need to dissemble.

For example, "Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation" they accepted very positively - his rating on sites with reviews is 4, 4.

First and foremost, the fluid can withstand about ten hours on very oily skin without dusting and can withstand all twenty-four hours with it. It also provides complete concealment of imperfections such as enlarged pores, post-acne and uneven facial tone. In this case, the tone is not particularly noticeable on the face or may pass for dense powder. The texture is light, allows the skin to breathe and does not cause new inflammation. The packaging is also distinguished - it is made of opaque heavy glass. The tool is dispensed with a pipette.

Of the minuses, the difficulty of application stands out - the fluid is very liquid and quickly sets, so it needs to be quickly shaded. This is difficult enough to do with both a sponge and fingers, so girls recommend mixing it with their usual primer or matting cream in a one to one ratio. Also, the fluid cannot be applied with a brush, it can only be slightly shaded from above, and acne and inflammation will be visible through it. It doesn’t quite suit dry skin, as it can emphasize peeling - however, you can try to fix it by mixing it with a moisturizer.

But Rimmel produces a tonal mousse called "Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation"having a rating of 3.8. It is distinguished by its airy texture and dense texture, gently lays on the face (if applied with a dense brush or sponge, it is difficult to distribute it with fingers). It perfectly hides pores, but in the summer it is able to emphasize them and emphasize peeling even on the most oily skin. Haze keeps two or three hours in the heat, a little more - in the winter. However, on not very oily skin is quite stable. Perfectly evens skin tone, does not lie mask (except for hot summer time, as it can disappear from the face), the finish is velvety, but the skin is not by touch.

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