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Armpit shugaring

Epilation is a hair removal with the obligatory destruction of the hair follicle, which allows you to enjoy smooth skin from 2 to 4 weeks. Depilation is the superficial removal of hairs, more precisely, their bodies through a razor or a special cream. After depilation, hair grows almost instantly and you have to enjoy perfect skin no longer than a day when using a razor and no more than a week - a high-quality cream. Armpit shugaring is one of the most accessible and fastest methods for root hair removal, but its “sweet” name is not at all associated with sweets.

Useful tips for depilating the armpit area and removing unwanted hair from the shugaring master can be found in the next video.


Sugar paste epilation is of two types - bandage and manual, or classic. The first method resembles wax removal of hairs: a little melted paste is applied to the skin with a spatula, a paper strip is placed on top, all this is pressed to the skin and comes off by hair growth. The second technique - manual, has found the most widespread use. A tight plastic mass is applied to the skin area, it is distributed by the movements of the fingers against the growth of hair, and then it is removed with jerky movements according to their growth.

Modern masters often use the manual method of sugar hair removal, since the plastic mass follows the contours of the female body well (especially in the bikini and armpits) and evenly captures the hairs. Additional features that this technique has:

  • It allows you to remove any hair from the root: soft, hard, thin, thick, straight, curly. The only condition is that their length should be at least half a centimeter and not exceed 1.2-1.5 cm, otherwise the hairs will have to be cut;
  • Sugar paste can be purchased at the store. or do it yourself;
  • This method of hair removal is used. for any area of ​​the body - on the face, bikini, armpits, legs, arms, stomach, back;
  • An unpleasant feature is that for hair removal armpits will have to grow hairs from one and a half to two weeks;
  • A nice bonus will be their gsweetness from 2 to 4 weeks;
  • After it Do not use deodorant for about a day;
  • Each repeated procedure requires growing hairs again;
  • They are growing thinner each timesince after each removal the structure of the hair follicle is broken;
  • The armpit area is very sensitive, and after the hair removal procedure with sugar, the skin may hurt;
  • But even women with high sweating note that after shugaring cease to "smell" even after hard work;
  • Armpit shugaring takes 15-20 minutes plus a little preparation time;
  • He has several contraindicationsbut among them there is no period of pregnancy and lactation.

Comparison before and after

Good examples make sure that armpit shugaring really works. After it, the skin is soft, uniform in color (after a decrease in irritation), without black dots - hair roots. In addition, sweating becomes less noticeable - the "aroma" does not haunt the woman everywhere, and sweat droplets do not linger on the hairs because the latter are simply not on the skin. Smoothly shaved armpits, like the bikini area, add extra confidence to the woman.


The procedure begins with the growth of hairs - the armpits will not have to shave before shugaring one and a half to two weeks, and the term is rather big. It is especially difficult to force yourself to endure this for the first time. The rest of the period of hair growth will be less tolerant, since they will grow thinner. The optimal hair length is 0.5 - 0.8 cm, the maximum is 1.2 cm. Probably not every woman measures her hair with a ruler and waits for day “X”, but this length is usually reached in 10-14 days.

A scrub will help prepare for the procedure - do it an hour and a half before the procedure in the cabin or immediately before if you spend it at home.

How to do it right?

Armpit shugaring - the procedure is simple and often performed at home.

  1. Wipe the skin with a disinfectant - miramistin, hydrogen peroxide or alcohol (up to 70 degrees).
  2. Separate a small sugar ball of the total mass and knead in the hand.
  3. Raise your hand up and pull the armpit skin with your palm - this will apply the mass evenly. Put a sugar ball on the skin against hair growth, spread it with your fingers - roll along it and grab the hairs.
  4. Roll the ball over a small area of ​​2-3 cm for 3-5 seconds and sharply remove against hair growth.
  5. You can take a more or less large piece of sugar mass and apply to a wide area of ​​the armpit, roll it, and tear it away from the body in small parts so that it does not painfully hurt.
  6. Hair removal itself will require courage - you will have to sharply tear off the sugar mass, this is where the secret to perfectly smooth armpits lies.

Typically, hair removal lasts 10-15 minutes - this is the time taking into account the application of the paste, its rolling, felting and removal. If you add here an attempt at self-pity and putting off the case indefinitely, you can spend the whole day.

To make hair removal quality on its own, it is necessary to apply the product on previously cleaned and dry skin - sprinkle it with talcum powder or baby powder - the armpits will stop sweating from excitement, and the hairs will slip away from the sugar paste.

How long does the effect last?

Usually one hair removal procedure is enough for 2 weeks of perfectly smooth armpits. Add here the time of hair regrowth - 10-14 days before the next procedure. When deciding how often shugaring can be done, it is worth considering the individual characteristics of hair growth - in blond beauties, they grow slower and lighter, so they can repeat it 30-40 days after the first procedure.

Persons with oriental roots suffer from increased growth of dark hair, so they will have to go to the second shugaring procedure earlier for about a week.


Why does the skin hurt?

The hair follicle contacts the nerve endings in the skin cells, when it is unceremoniously torn out, we feel pain. Pain continues after the procedure, since the integrity of the skin is impaired, because it is known that the root of the hair is larger than the hole (pore) through which it passes.

After shugaring, be sure to use a greasy or healing cream - it will reduce pain, accelerate the healing of microcracks and relieve unpleasant sensations. Those who complain of pain after sugar removal probably forgot to apply cream on their armpits.


Red spots are the inevitable companion of hair removal. After removing the hair from its "den", the release of sebum increases - the normal protective reaction of our dermis to the irritant - sugar paste. When sebum enters the open pores, irritation begins - the epidermis turns red and becomes covered with a rash. Timely use of a special cream after hair removal or any other (baby, fatty, vegetable oil mixture) allows you to fill the "bare" areas - pores, enhance the natural regeneration of cells and accelerate healing. Therefore, any cream reduces the risk of irritation (if it has not had time to "come to my senses") or nullifies it after a while.

We are not talking about exact numbers, when the irritation subsides, the pain goes away and it becomes easier because each skin is individual - it takes a different amount of time to heal: it takes 5-10 minutes for someone, one day for another, two days for another.

Follow-up care

After shugaring the armpit region, the integrity of the skin and the natural pH balance are violated - the keratinized (upper, "dead") layer of cells is removed, the production of sebum increases, in general, the skin is stressed. It is necessary to normalize its balance and establish metabolic processes, provide additional care and care.

What exactly to do:

  • After home shugaring, apply moisturizer or nourishing cream. Any children's or pharmacy is suitable: Panthenol, Bepanten, Boro Plus, Rescuer, Malavit
  • Put on cotton clothes and exclude synthetics, any skin friction.

What to do is not recommended:

  • Take a shower and perform any water treatment 2-3 hours after the procedure. Ideally, do not contact with water for 12-24 hours;
  • Sunbathe. To postpone a trip to the solarium and the beach will have no less than 3 days.
  • Sweat profusely. Have to postpone sports and outdoor activities for a day. Modern masters say that after shugaring armpits, you can literally go to the gym right away, but you can do this if you are absolutely not sorry for irritated, naked and painful skin.
  • Use deodorant 12 hours.

How old can you do?

Puberty occurs at the age of 10-14 years - for each girl, this process is individual and the beginning is not always predictable. The first gun hairs in the armpit area appear precisely with the onset of the young lady's maturation and entail the embarrassment of raising hands or leading an active lifestyle, because it leads to the appearance of an unpleasant odor.

Experts say that it is recommended to carry out the first hair removal when the girl feels discomfort - the hair in the armpit openly interferes with her life. When they become noticeable to others - another reason to remove them using any method, including shugaring armpits. In a word, shugaring can be done at least 10, at least 15, at least 20 years - age does not play a big role. In order for the procedure to be comfortable and as painless as possible, there must be a real desire to get rid of the hairs.


Shugaring is a safe procedure, but it is far from always allowed. A visit to the beautician will have to be postponed if there are the following problems:

  • With violations of the integrity of the skin - abrasions, cuts, bruises, ulcers.
  • For burns including a small degree and solar. You should refuse epilation, even if you overheated in the sun yesterday and the skin of your armpits noticeably reddened.
  • With herpes. Symptoms of the disease will be small sores, crusts and vesicles.
  • With skin diseases - dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis. Only a dermatologist can make a diagnosis in the right, he also gives permission to conduct shugaring in the future.
  • With fungal diseases and infections.
  • With varicose veins 3-4 steps.
  • With diabetes.
  • With epilepsy and other serious diseases of the nervous system.
  • With a tumor - benign or malignant.

Armpit shugaring can be done during pregnancy while breastfeeding.


Almost all 100% of reviews about this hair removal procedure are positive. Women note that this method of hair removal allows you to get rid of them for 2 weeks or more, and the more often the procedure is performed, the less often you have to repeat it, they say. This is true, the hair after the first removal grows less rigid and black, and after 4 and 5 they completely lose their rich natural pigment.

Girls with unsuccessful experience of underarm shugaring note that they were covered with a small network of pimples. Classical inflammation or abscesses are the result of improper aftercare. Women note that the underarm shugaring procedure itself is more or less painless, the consequences and soreness of the armpit skin for the next few days are unpleasant.

If we talk about the result, they are satisfied with the majority - the skin remains smooth, on average, for 2 weeks. In someone, the first hairs grow back after 7-10 days, but they are easy to pluck with tweezers - they are thin and almost colorless. Those same black axillary hair usually grows 2-3 weeks after the procedure, then they have to be grown and go for shugaring again.

The most unpleasant women consider the period of hair growth - 2 weeks. At this time, they are haunted by an unpleasant odor (often even a deodorant can not cope with it, only a shower 2-3 times a day, especially in summer).

Watch the video: SUGARING MY ARMPITS IN 3 MINS. underarm hair removal routine (February 2020).


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