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What is a primer, shimmer, highlighter?

Now in the world of makeup there are so many kinds of products with complex names and an incomprehensible purpose that a beginner simply does not know what to grab and where to apply. If for you the concepts of primer, shimmer and highlighter do not mean anything, but you want to know what it is, then this article will definitely help.


The word "highlighter" translates from English as "highly highlighted". It consists of two words - hight and lights. So it literally means the most highlighted areas of the face.

In the cosmetic world, this product is used in those areas that need to be highlighted. Highlighter can be used as a separate special product. You can also use light shadows, a white pencil, or shining powder to set highlights. All these products help to set the right accents.

Highlighter in makeup is used to sculpt the face. This is a more gentle way than contouring with dark shadows.

Although you can combine two popular techniques in order to achieve the most noticeable result.

A good highlighter is able to correct minor defects. To hide noticeable pimples, you already need a denser corrector or concealer. For beginners, the luminaire is well suited.

Using this tool is quite simple. It must be applied to certain areas of the skin - for example, to the inner corners of the eyes to make the look more open.

If you apply a little highlighter on the middle of the chin and on the cheekbones, this will help make the face thinner. Stretching your nose and making it a little smaller is also possible with this radiant product. It is often used when drawing along the contour of eyebrows or lips - this way you will make eyebrows more graphic, and lips - feminine and sensual.

In addition, in this way you can correct the shortcomings that were made when creating the makeup of these areas.


Although it seems to many that the primer is also designed to even out face tone, in fact, this is not so at all. The main difference between the primer and tinting products is that it is the base for the tone and does not change the complexion.

The primer is applied to the cleansed face in front of all other makeup products. After it, all other products fall on the skin evenly and do not roll off.

A high-quality primer can make the skin surface less oily and prepare the face for full makeup. Do not think that the primer will turn the tone into a dense mask. It is designed to extend the term of makeup socks. Primer is an indispensable tool in the event that you plan to make a complex full-fledged make-up using a large amount of tone, corrector and sparkles. So you will extend the period of wearing the make-up and protect your skin from the effects of makeup.

There are special primers for the eyes, lips and the whole face.. The base is applied on the eyelids so that the shadows do not roll. This product allows you to extend the period of socks of lipstick and protect the lips from the drying effect of cosmetics, especially matte.

Many also do not see how the primer and the simple makeup base differ from each other. There are slight differences between these products. Makeup artists argue that the foundation is already able to change the color of the face and eyes. It gives a certain shade, so the makeup looks more bright.

The primer is not supplemented with pigments. It only evens skin tone and slightly degreases it. However, the difference is quite insignificant. These tools are interchangeable.


Shimmer for face has much in common with highlighter. Literally, the name of this tool is translated as "flicker". And it fully reflects the essence of his work. Shimmer helps highlight skin. Like a highlighter, this product brightens the skin slightly. But the difference is that the shimmer contains small light-reflecting particles, which makes the radiance appear pearly.

The shimmer can be used not only on those areas as the highlighter, but also on the entire body - for example, highlighting the neckline. Shimmer (like bronzer) is often used during photo shoots. Such a natural make-up allows you to achieve the effect of Photoshop in real life.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in using these products. One has only to take into account certain recommendations. In addition, if you are painting only for work or study, then you do not need these products.

Use tools for contouring and brightening the face only in special cases when you want to look as impressive as possible. In everyday life, such options are not particularly appropriate, and you hardly want to look ridiculous.

For more information on what a primer, shimmer, highlighter is, see the video below.

Watch the video: DIY Cream Gold Highlighter Make your own Highlighter at homeDIY primer Gold Face illuminator (February 2020).


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