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Highlighter Dior

In the past few years, it has become very popular to use highlighters in face makeup, which give the skin a natural glow, emphasize the relief of the face and even hide small wrinkles. Highlighters from the famous French brand Christian Dior will illuminate your face with luxurious natural tints, give a feeling of comfort and freshness for the whole day. On how to use such tools and what to pay attention to, we will describe further.

About Brand

As you know, the famous French fashion house Dior produces not only luxurious clothes and accessories, but also cosmetic lines, which have been very popular for more than a year.

The funds from the brand belong to the luxury category, are expensive, but their quality is always at their best.

Dior decorative products are developed under the serious control of leading specialists in cosmetology, are absolutely safe to use and meet all international quality standards.

If you are still considering whether to buy something from the brand or not, then definitely, you need to say yes, as Dior decorative cosmetics will help emphasize your natural beauty, and in addition to aesthetic functions, it will also carry out care products.

The brand regularly releases decorative novelties, improves current funds and, of course, constantly supplements limited collections.

Product Overview

Dior products illuminating with a pleasant radiance will delight you with their high quality, pleasant textures and luxurious cases. Among the range of brand highlighters you will find the following tools:

  • "Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Powder." This product with a beautiful name is a porthole powder with a shimmer. Available in 4 seductive colors. This powder is special in its own way, it has the lightest fluid texture, which is absolutely imperceptible to the skin. The composition is enriched with special radiant pigments that easily adapt to any type of skin. If you need an incredible shine in a matter of seconds, then boldly choose this powder with a highlighter effect. You can easily distribute this tool with the help of the convenient mini-brush kabuki, which comes with the kit. With its help, you can give shine to the necessary areas of the face in just a couple of movements. The gentle shade 002 is perfect for spring, and the brighter version 004 will complement tanned skin with radiance or will be suitable for still warm autumn.
  • We also recommend that you pay attention to the concealer-highlighter for skin radiance "Flash Luminizer". This product is a 2-in-1 format. This special pencil not only gives the face a natural glow, but also highlights dark areas on the face, erases traces of fatigue and gives the skin a fresh and rested look. With it, you can easily emphasize the shape of the lips and eyebrows, make the nose more neat and expressive. A convenient applicator with a thin brush allows you to economically spend the product and ideally blend the tool. The highlighter composition is enriched with special pigments for perfect skin radiance, as well as hyaluronic acid to fill in fine wrinkles. In the color palette you will find three natural shades that perfectly adapt to any type of skin and 2 shades with pearl shine.

How to apply?

Giving expressive radiance to the face with highlighters is called strobing. This technique instantly gives the face a rested and refreshed look with the effect of radiance. With the help of strobe, you can easily put the necessary accents on your face. Most often, it is recommended to apply a highlighter after foundation. Highlighter can be distributed using the fingertips or a special brush on the following areas of the face:

  • In the middle of the forehead;
  • On the area under the eyebrows;
  • Above the cheekbones;
  • On the nose;
  • On the upper lip;
  • Chin.

It is very important not to overdo it if the product has a gloss.

Many make-up artists also combine the use of highlighter with standard face sculpting, but if you have never done it, it is better not to experiment before an important exit.

Highlighter really “loves” the delicate shades of blush that refresh the cheeks, so this combination looks appropriate.


New-fashioned "tricks" from Dior are mainly used by young girls. Although the trend has already been picked up by older ladies. About highlighters from the brand you can hear the following reviews:

  • They have a velvet texture, which blends perfectly with the skin, giving it an excellent radiance.
  • Excellently decoratedhave a subtle aroma.
  • Many people believethat the brand’s highlighters have no shortcomings, in all respects these are excellent tools.
  • Have economical consumption.
  • The controversial reviews of women include high prices for funds, but Dior is luxury cosmetics, so there is simply no point in expecting extremely low prices, especially since the quality always matches the price.

You will learn more about Dior Highlighter from the next video.

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