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Highlighter Mac

Some cosmetics not only brighten the image, but also visually change facial features. Highlighter Mac - one of these products. He is able to make his face more sculptural and sophisticated, to give it a healthy glow.

Features and Benefits

Mac is a popular brand producing professional-grade cosmetics. The company's products have long been loved by both makeup artists and ordinary girls.

The advantages of brand cosmetics are proven by numerous reviews.

  • High quality. In the production of products, only high-quality ingredients, the latest developments and technologies are used. The company's cosmetics are characterized by pleasant textures and excellent durability.
  • Security. Cosmetics are tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists, suitable for sensitive skin. Many products combine not only correction and colorization, but also caring properties.
  • Diversity. In the collections of the brand you can find cosmetics for every taste. Each type of product is represented by options with different types of textures and additional features. The color palette is also diverse.
  • Price. Despite the excellent quality of the company's cosmetics, the cost of funds is very affordable.


Highlighter - a unique cosmetic product that transforms the image in seconds.

By lightening certain areas of the face, you can make it more expressive and harmonious. Shining texture creates the illusion of an internal glow.

Depending on the intensity of the flickering particles and the amount of the applied product, you can create a spectacular evening look and natural daytime makeup.


The brand represents highlighters of various kinds. Girls who prefer cream products can purchase a liquid texture product. Young women who prefer to use powder can opt for the dry version.

There are universal products in the collections. They can be used for the whole face with the aim of giving freshness and radiance, and as eye shadow and eyebrow.

Brand lines

Cream color base

A product with a delicate creamy texture creates a translucent coating with a radiant effect. The formula of the product, including caring components, softens and moisturizes the skin.

Depending on the intensity of application, you can create makeup for any occasion. A barely noticeable glow will revitalize the daytime image and give it freshness. A rich bright shine will attract you enthusiastic looks at the party.

Highlighter is multifunctional. The uniqueness of the recipe allows you to use it as a product for sculpting your face, and as cream eye shadow, and even to add gloss to the lips.

The most popular shimmering shades of the product are "Pearl"(light golden),"Luna"(snow-white) and"Bronze"(golden bronze).

Mineralize skinfinish

This product is in the form of a mother of pearl baked powder. The velvet texture provides a light coating, giving the face a healthy glow. The composition of the product includes a mineral complex and vitamin E, caring for the skin during the day.

The product can be used in two ways. To add sophistication to the features, separate areas should be highlighted by a highlighter. When applying the product on the whole face, you can visually make the skin more fresh and radiant.

Powder is available in several shades. Most Popular - "Lightscapade"(silver) and"Soft and gentle"(golden). The second is ideal for a tanned face, as well as for girls of a warm color type. The first is preferred by customers with fair skin.

Extra Dimension Skinfinish

This duochrome highlighter is also presented in the form of compact powder. However, its texture has a softer, creamier texture.

The tool models the contours of the face, giving it a spectacular glow with shimmering sparkles. The coating lasts on the skin for up to 10 hours.

Popular product shades include "Beaming blush"(pinkish with a golden tint),"Double gleam"(beige-silver) and"Show gold"(golden peach).

Luster drops

This highlighter with a liquid texture is created specifically for tanned skin.

A light fluid gives the face a pearly golden glow without highlighting it. The effect is as natural as possible. The skin looks rested and fresh, like after relaxing at sea.

The product was presented in two shades: "Bronze hero"(dark) and"Sun rush"(light).

Recently, this highlighter was discontinued. Now it can be purchased only in those stores in which there are copies from the last batch of funds.

Strobe cream

For those who prefer liquid textures, the brand has created a moisturizer that gives the skin a radiance.

The product softens, tones the skin, saturates it with useful vitamins. Herbal ingredients and antioxidants refresh and care for the face throughout the day. Dull skin takes on a healthy and fresh appearance. And special optical particles give her a beautiful natural glow.

The product is presented in several shades with a pearly shimmer. It "Pinklite"(pinkish),"Peachlite"(peach),"Goldlite"(golden),"Silverlite"(silver).

Pigment color powder

MAC pigment is a universal product. Loose dry powder in a convenient jar can be used as a highlighter, and as shining eyeshadow, and as an addition to foundation cream to give the face a gentle glow.

The product is easy to apply, giving the face a fresh and rested look. The radiance is natural and unobtrusive. The product is ideal for daytime makeup.

The main shades of pigment - "Vanilla"and"Naked". The first is more popular. Overflow from creamy gold to pinkish suits any color type and skin tone.


Highlighters of the brand are represented by a wide color palette. There are cold silvery and warm golden and pinkish tones. In the collections you can easily find an option for both light and dark skin.

The same goes for the occasion. Some shades, like "Lightscapade", suitable for daytime makeup. And some, for example,"Soft and gentle"shine stronger, therefore more appropriate for the evening. There are universal options, for example"Vanilla"and"Pearl".

How to distinguish an original from a fake?

It is better to purchase brand products on the official website or in special stores. When buying in other places, pay attention to the quality of packaging, price and name of the shade.

Remember that only analogues of branded highlighters have numbers. Originals are presented only in titles.

How to do it yourself?

If desired, you can create a highlighter at home. To do this, pour powder and pearlescent shadows in the form of a fine powder into a clean and dry container. Add oil or body lotion. Stir until smooth, transfer the composition to a container with a lid and place in the refrigerator. The tool is ready.

How to use?

First of all, you need to even out the tone of the face. Next, apply a highlighter to different areas depending on the desired effect.

Facial Correction:

  • To create a "relief" - on the cheekbones and on the back of the nose;
  • For the effect of a high forehead, above the eyebrows;
  • To give the face harmony - in the middle of the chin.

Expressive look:

  • For an open look - to the corners of the eyes;
  • To enlarge the eyes - in the middle of the mobile eyelid and under the eyebrows;
  • With wide-set eyes - on the bridge of the nose.

Lip augmentation:

  • On the contour of the upper lip.


"Mineralize skinfinish"- the most popular product in the range of the brand. Many beauty bloggers recommend purchasing it.

Highlighter has a soft powdery texture, unobtrusive floral aroma. When applying the product, the skin acquires a gentle pearl shine. The face seems to glow from the inside, shimmering in the sun.

The effect is quite natural, which allows you to use the product for both day and evening makeup, varying the degree of coverage intensity. This highlighter will also be a good choice for photography.

The durability of the coating is ideal. The product stays on the face all day, without slipping and not erasing, only in the evening the glow becomes a little weaker. The girls are pleased with the high efficiency of the highlighter. One package lasts for more than a year, even with daily use.

"Cream color base"- another product beloved by many. The creamy texture creates the effect of slightly moist skin that shines from the inside. The product is easily layered, allows you to adjust the degree of gloss.

The tool is ideal for evening makeup and photo shoots. But for everyday makeup, many girls find it too fat. A couple of hours after application, the glow effect begins to resemble an oily sheen.

To prevent untidiness of makeup, many owners of combination and oily skin have to use powder in addition. Although the radiance does not disappear completely, it only becomes slightly muffled.

"Extra Dimension Skinfinish"Buyers consider the option for evening outings. The coating is very noticeable, rich, iridescent shiny particles.

For daytime makeup, this option is not suitable. But for the New Year holidays, parties and other special occasions, this highlighter will be a great choice.

The most favorite shade by customers - "Show gold". Despite the name (which means" show gold "in translation), the coating is pinkish with light golden tints.

"Strobe cream"ideal for dry and normal skin. It gives the skin a light glow without noticeable sparkles, suitable for daytime makeup. The product is quickly absorbed, works well with tonal products, does not roll during the day.

The product perfectly hides traces of fatigue, transforms complexion. However, girls who are accustomed to the sheer highlighter sheen will be disappointed. The product only gives the skin a "sleek" look, slightly highlights it, but is not suitable for the correction of facial features.

"Pigment color powder“For many, it has become simply an indispensable tool. It gives the face freshness and radiance, looks great both in combination with matte eyeshadow, and as an independent coating. The economical consumption allows the product to please its owners for more than one year. The durability of the product is impeccable.

In the next video, MAC makeup artist in Russia Anton Zimin will show how to create a delicate spring look with the help of new color highlighters.


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