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Light manicure

Well-groomed hands always make you pay attention to yourself. A girl with fresh manicure can be taken to her, because if a woman does not have time to put her nails in order, then it is unlikely she will do business fine. That is why hand care should be almost a priority among all beauty procedures.


Now at the peak of popularity manicure in pastel colors. He is very gentle and emphasizes the dignity of a young girl and the stature of older women. Everyone can make a beautiful manicure at home independently, working with light varnish is not very difficult, especially if you want to make plain nails without decorations, rhinestones and patterns. But there is no better rest for a girl than dozens of minutes in a nail salon, where fingers are treated with a special cream, they will remove the cuticle, choose the right color, texture of varnish, and they will draw stunning patterns on the nails.

Light manicure is appropriate in almost all situations. Girls can safely go to work with him, for special occasions, dates, and also go on vacation. But in any case, you need to make sure that it is combined with clothes and accessories. Large decor on the nails with such a manicure will look vulgar and ridiculous. To give the appearance extravagance, you can add rhinestones to two or three fingers.

The main feature of light shades is that they can be applied in several layers, as they are not saturated. This will add elegance to your hands. Very often use a mint shade and beige tones.

There are features of manicure in bright colors depending on the time of year and skin tone. For example, in summer it is best to choose shades of red and yellow, including orange. At this time, when light shades of purple and blue look good on nails, they’ll look good. For autumn and winter manicure, it is best to choose gentle shades of pink and raspberry. In the spring, lavender-lilac, blue shades, as well as white and pink, will be ideally on the nails.

An important feature when choosing color for nails depending on skin color is that light shades of varnish make the skin darker. That is why light varnish is not suitable for dark-skinned women in most cases. But if your hands are tanned, then a light varnish will emphasize it.

Light-skinned girls are suitable for beige and pink varnish. Also, lavender and lilac will look good on their fingers. Almost everyone is well suited for the color blue. Tanned hands will look beneficial in all brightened colors of the rainbow, sometimes beige looks good. There are times when a girl cannot determine whether her skin is light or dark. For such options, silver lacquer is suitable for her. In addition, she can choose peach shades. Pink, lavender and mint, on the contrary, will spoil the look.

If a girl has the opportunity and interest, she can try on different shades on her nails and choose the right ones. Sometimes, contrary to the advice of the girls, completely unexpected shades are suitable that are suitable only for them and no one else with the same skin tone. Such a unique opportunity, of course, you need to use.

There are features in the process of creating a manicure. In no case should you use iron scissors and iron files. They only ruin the nail. For this procedure, you should choose files with sand spraying. To ensure that the nails are always in excellent condition, regular baths are needed, as well as moisturizing oils. To visually enlarge the nail, you need to regularly cut the cuticle, and to hide minor imperfections and irregularities in the nail, you need to apply a colorless foundation before starting work on the manicure.

Trendy colors and shades

The most popular right now is translucent nails. Sometimes they look amazing in combination with a pattern, for example, with some kind of openwork pattern. Masters often do nude manicures, using the transition from light to dark color during work. Often girls are offered beige, brown and cappuccino manicure options, as these colors give the image a sexy look. There are different options for a light manicure with gold.

Solid manicure is very elegant and gives the appearance a special tenderness. It is performed in both matte and glossy finish. Both options are now in trend and have not yet lost popularity.

Increasingly, fashionistas choose black and white patterns on nails that are applied to a beige base. This is a universal option that many people like.

Often, masters offer girls the so-called feng shui manicurewhen there is no pattern on the nails, but each nail has its own color. Colors are selected exclusively from a gentle pastel palette. But most often models with matte and lavender nails appear on the catwalks, which is an absolute favorite of the season. Experts admit that this season the most laconic way of nails is most popular. Restrained manicure is a current trend that emphasizes the virtues of hands.

Still at the peak - French manicure and its varieties. Increasingly, girls are transforming the thin strip characteristic of the French. Now it is not only a smile, but also waves, concave semicircles, triangular and diagonal lines. The colors of the French manicure remain unchanged: nude shades, any delicate and white.

Design ideas

Now at the peak of popularity, the so-called moon manicure. It looks good on both long and short nails. This view is reversed to French when a thin strip is drawn at the edge of the nail, contrasting with the main color of the nail. Lunar manicure is simple in execution and involves such a strip, which is called lunula, in the cuticle area. It looks great in pastel shades. And you can make it at home, without resorting to visiting the salon.

  • Before starting the procedure, you need to put your hands in order. To do this, you need to make a nutritious bath, remove the cuticle, as well as trim the nail. After this, a basic base should be applied.
  • The next layer is directly light varnish. You can take almost anything: beige, pink, latte, white.
  • After that, a stencil is attached to the lunula zone. The nail should be coated with another light varnish, which will be noticeably different from the previous one. A combination of white and beige, white and pink looks very nice.
  • After the second coat is applied, the stencil should be removed as carefully as possible.
  • Once this is done, a top coat is applied. The manicure is ready, you can let it dry.
  • Sometimes, before applying the top, girls decorate the nails. Rhinestones and sparkles in the lunula zone look very impressive.

Often in salons offer a light manicure with stones and rhinestones. He is liked by girls who love gentle highlights. It is against a light background that they look the most advantageous. For its execution, four shades will be required: mother of pearl, gold, white and light pink. First of all, you need to clean the nail from the old varnish and make a European manicure. Once this is done, you can go to work. First put several layers of white varnish. The next in one motion is applied either pearlescent or pink. It is important to ensure that there are no unpainted spots. Next, the nail is decorated with rhinestones and gold. Top should be applied top or gel polish.

Season trends

Stylish manicure with a floral pattern will make your fingers visually thinner. Such tricks are often resorted to in nail salons. At the same time, there are amazing options for applying a floral pattern to all nails, and only on ring fingers. Highlighting the ring finger with color, texture and pattern is a special trend of the last few seasons. The execution of such a manicure is possible for light skin of hands, and for dark. Only the selected colors of varnish and patterns will differ.

You can select a finger with both color and pattern. Most often, masters cover all nails with a beautiful matte varnish, and a pattern is applied to the nameless one. It can be flowers, and bows, and boats, and musical notes, and just dots. This manicure is very elegant and looks especially impressive in the hands of young girls. Another popular type of manicure is grouted manicure. This unusual option will appeal to girls who are familiar with gel polish. Such a manicure lasts more than a week and does not require special care. It has a peculiarity: it is not always suitable for an official appearance, so it is better to save it for a vacation.

So, the first step is to process the nails, remove the cuticle, degrease the nail plate. Following is the base coat. It needs to be dried. It is advisable to use a special lamp. Next, it was the turn of gel polish. It also needs to be dried, but not get rid of the sticky layer. It is best to take the most neutral shade. It was the turn of rubbing the sparkles. They can be taken in any shade, the size of the grains is important here: they should not be too large, otherwise it will not be possible to achieve the desired effect.

The finger must be held above the sequin box to reduce material consumption. A wide brush should be dipped in sparkles, and then with a firm and confident movement, they should be rubbed into the nail plate. You need to do this from top to bottom, you should not save sparkles, otherwise nothing will work. Spangles need to be practically poured onto the nail. Then you need to simultaneously rub the sparkles and shake off the excess. After this, use your fingertip to check for nicks. Once rubbing is completed, you can dry your nails under the lamp. In conclusion, two layers of the top are needed, each dried separately.

To add luxury to the image, you can use liquid stones. This effect is perfectly combined with transparent stones and delicate shades of varnish. And the main figure of the season again became abstraction. Performing it in bright colors is not difficult, and the result looks amazing.

Options for the form

There are many options for manicure for different forums of nails. Every girl who regularly does manicures, sooner or later, is determined with the form of nails that she likes. Someone is trying to change the form given by nature, and someone leaves it as it is, only correcting minor flaws. There are four main forms of the nail: oval (or almond-shaped), square, pointed and round. This season does not give preference to any one, so every girl can wear the one that suits her best.

Most often, clients of manicure salons choose an oval. This is the strongest form that looks good on both long and short nails. The almond uniform can be worn at any age and in any shape of the finger. With this form, you can do any kind of manicure without fear of spoiling the nail. Almond-shaped nails are suitable for everyone, especially those with short puffy fingers. A manicure in a French style is well suited for this form, while you can use not only the classic combination of pink and white, but also other unusual options. Everything fits this shape of the nail. If you are planning a gala event, then you can do an ombre-style manicure. Nude with matte pastel and coffee shades will also be ideal.

Active girls often choose round nails, since this form breaks less often due to the fact that it does not have too prominent borders. Best of all, such nails are suitable for those who have the same round shape of the cuticle. Round nails look ugly on long nails, so you need to wear this form on short ones. For this form, it is important to use prints on the nails. This will add to the image of mischief. You can add rhinestones to them, or you can use them on a classic one or two ton manicure. Now the trend is velveteen manicure, in which the nails are covered with a special soft flock. From this, the nail plate becomes fluffy. It is to this form of the nail that such a manicure is best suited. Another similar option is a knitted manicure that imitates knitting a sweater. The round shape adds such a manicure of tenderness and comfort.

Not so long ago, the square shape of the nail was especially popular. This is perhaps the most fragile form. It is not suitable for everyone, but only for girls with very thin fingers. French manicure is ideal for this form of nail. It is ideal to choose powder shades for them. They compensate for the aggressiveness of the form. Thus, the combination will be more natural. A combination of delicate shades with light gray looks good, as well as plant patterns on the ring fingers.

Sharp nails are also suitable only for those with thin fingers. Making this form the easiest. Most often it is found on extended nails. This is the most extravagant option, although brave girls choose it as a daily one. To grow such nails is very difficult, so the manicure should not only be beautiful, but also practical and protect the nail from breakage.

Before the main layer of varnish, it is necessary to apply a protective base, it is forbidden to use acetone, which adversely affects the nail.

As a summer manicure in bright colors, a French, as well as a colorful design with drawings, will look good under such a form. In the winter version, you can use patterns in the form of snowflakes, but winter manicure can add aggressiveness to the image. Whatever the pattern, it is important to ensure that there are no cracks and chips on the nail, as this will lead to an immediate loss of the nail.

Master classes from professionals

Professional manicurists often come up with new types of nail art, as well as options for strengthening the nail. To give the image a special tenderness, they are advised to do gradient manicure. It suits any nail shape and any skin color, it is only important to choose the right two colors, one of which will smoothly flow into the other. There are two options for gradient design: the transition from one finger to another and the transition from color to color within the same marigold. They are made approximately the same.

How to make a gradient on the nails with gel polish, see the next video.

After a classic manicure, you need to apply a large amount of peach oil on your nails. Then the necessary shades of varnish are poured onto a special sponge or sponge, the sponge is sealed to the nail. Excess varnish can be removed with a cotton swab. Following the nail is covered with a top. The easiest way to do a nude manicure: only one gentle shade of varnish is required. But this manicure can be varied if you add rhinestones in the form of any pattern. The resulting manicure is well suited both as a business and as a holiday. You can use jewelry in the form of hearts.

Sometimes girls want to see on their nails something very unusual, but at the same time simple. And how to do it - they have no idea. Masters of nail nail art share secrets. If you want to cover your nails with neat dots, then you need to use dots. With their help, dots of different shades are applied to the dried-up main varnish. Spray on the nails is a little harder to do, you need a toothpick to do this. After the main varnish has dried, a drop of one or two varnishes of a different shade is applied to the nail. With a toothpick, drops are diluted in a chaotic manner.

Geometric shapes on nails can be made using self-adhesive paper, and even strips with adhesive tape.Both that, and another it is boring to stick on the dried base varnish, and then apply a different color. Very unusual and beautiful is a mirror manicure. You can make it using ordinary foil, but it will instantly attract attention to yourself at any disco. The foil needs to be glued on not dried up white varnish, and on top - on a fixing varnish. For a nightclub, such a manicure using luminescent foil will look good.

With white varnish, girls need to be careful, since completely white nails are not suitable for everyone. For younger ones, matte varnish is ideal, and for older women a mother-of-pearl shade. It is important to choose a quality manufacturer of varnish, otherwise the nails will appear dirty white, which will ruin the delicate image.

Ideal for summer manicure with stamping, imitating vegetation.

Special stamps for such a manicure can be purchased at professional stores. You can choose the shape of the stamp for any mood. With its use, manicure can be done very quickly, and the result will pleasantly surprise. In addition, they can be combined, creating a work of art on the nails.

Another unusual manicure can be done using craquelure. This effect is similar to the old cracked paint and looks very unusual. The first layer of varnish is applied, which will be visible through the cracks. Then, craquelure varnish is applied. It cracks and creates a beautiful effect.


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