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Pedicure machine

Often, the ideal form of nails and a stylish decorative coating are not signs of an ideal pedicure. In fact, it all depends on the state of your feet. Well-groomed heels are the main indicator of a woman's well-being, because even if you don’t wear open shoes, your feet should always be in perfect condition. A pedicure machine comes to the rescue in such a difficult matter.

Only beautiful and well-groomed feet

A similar invention will allow you to get rid of corns, corns and keratinized layers of the skin. The machine is used in salons, as well as at home. It is an essential attribute in trimmed pedicures. The pedicure machine has the ability to cut hard-to-reach seals that a foot file or pumice stone could not handle.

What does it look like?

Externally, the device resembles the most common shaving machine. The blade is made of their working steel; it does not rust over time. Many models have a housing made of plastic or wood. This facilitates the procedure and reduces the risk of cuts. It must be remembered that such a device is subject to sterilization. A metal machine must be placed in boiling water, and tools made of other materials should be disinfected with an antiseptic. Typically, a pedicure machine includes:

  • The tool itself.
  • Sharp blades to remove seals and keratinized skin layers.
  • The grinding file needed to secure the result.

Before you start using, you need to consider some important rules. They will be able to warn you against failure:

  • Choose stainless steel appliances, they are more expensive, but fully justifies their price. Such a tool will last you a very long time.
  • First of all, choose a convenient machine. The notches on the handle will help prevent slipping during the procedure.
  • Many women prefer to use a regular razor. It is important to remember that an ordinary razor is categorically not suitable for such a procedure. This can lead to severe foot injuries, severe bleeding, and even infection in the absence of sterility.

Advantages and disadvantages

Edged pedicure has positive and negative properties. Before proceeding to such a procedure, it is necessary to take into account all the possible consequences. Its advantages include the following:

  • In the salon, the procedure is not cheap, but when you purchase a machine in a cosmetic store, you can use it at home as needed.
  • Removes a large layer of rough skin.
  • It can achieve great results in no time.
  • The risk of injuries is minimal, the blade is almost safe.
  • The procedure gives a long result.
  • The process itself will not take you much time.

Among other things, this procedure has a number of minor flaws. If you follow certain rules, you can easily avoid them:

  • Despite the low chance of injury, there is still a risk. Better to act very carefully.
  • It is important that the machine is sterile. Otherwise, you may become infected with a fungus or other infections.
  • Each procedure requires prior steaming of the legs. Otherwise, it will not give the desired result.
  • Cells regenerate very quickly, so if you do not moisturize your skin with creams, you will soon have to repeat the procedure again.

Basic Terms of Use

Before you start using the tool, it is important to consider some important points. First you need to steam your legs. To do this, you can use the foot bath with oils or fragrances. If you notice the appearance of cracks, add a decoction of sage or chamomile to it. You can start the procedure immediately after leaving the shower.

You also need to consider if you have very rough skin areas. Before starting the procedure, soften them with foot cream. This will reduce the risk of injuries and cuts, and also improve the end result.

How to apply?

Your attention is presented to the technique of using a pedicure machine. It is simple and very easy to use. It is only important to remember caution and sterility.

  • Steam your legs for about 30 minutes, then the result of the procedure will be better.
  • Keep the tool slightly tilted; never press. The movements should be light and smooth.
  • If your heels have cracks, be very careful. Move along the machine so as not to make the wound even larger.
  • Move from the edges to the middle.
  • If you feel pain, stop moving immediately, otherwise you may cut yourself.
  • At the end of the procedure, go over the skin with a nail file. It is necessary to polish all irregularities and rough places.
  • After that, treat your feet with moisturizer and oils.
  • Wear socks and warm your legs.

It should be remembered that you will not get an excellent result after the first application, especially if the skin of your feet was in a deplorable state. To obtain the desired effect, it is necessary to carry out the procedure as necessary. It is also important not to try to cut healthy skin with the machine, this can lead to the appearance of new corns.

Popular machines

Your attention is presented to some of the most popular and often bought machines for edged pedicure. Some machines need to be assembled at home, because they are sold unassembled.

Pedicure machine "Zinger" - one of the most popular, it collects the most positive reviews among buyers. Perfect for those who do not have enough time for salon procedures. In kit "Zinger" 10 blades come in, which you can change as needed. To do this, you just need to insert a new blade into the razor. Also, together with the machine you get a two-sided metal grater. One blade is enough for 3-4 procedures. You can also purchase additional items at specialized cosmetic stores.

The blades are very sharp, so you need to be careful and follow all the rules, because you can easily cut yourself. The tool will cope with its task, save your money, and if used properly, will give an excellent result.

Pedicure machine "Staleks" also copes with its purpose. It lies comfortably in the hand, the device is not heavy, does not slip and has sharp blades. The device has a lot of positive qualities. First of all, it does not require constant cleaning, which is very important for such tools. You can change the blades as needed.

Pedicure machine "Pros" fits very well in the hand. Special notches prevent slipping and prevent the appearance of wounds and injuries. Such a machine is perfect for beginners and those who are afraid to cut themselves with a blade. In addition, the tool consists of two sides - dangerous and safe. This way you can minimize the risk of cuts.

In case of severe damage and in the presence of cracks, you can use the safe side, and the dangerous sharp side is perfect for coarse seals.

Pedicure machine "Olton" It costs a little more than its predecessors, but it has a lot of advantages. Made of stainless steel, sterilized and processed. Such a tool will serve you for a long time and will not rust. Able to remove even corns and corns on the bones of the thumbs, minimizing the risk of cuts. Special notches on the handle will prevent slipping, and will help to achieve an excellent result.

The choice of the tool is up to the buyer, but it must be remembered that even the best machine can lead to cuts and injuries if used improperly. It is important to carefully listen to your own feelings, take your time and act very carefully. In this case, you can achieve the best results at home in a short time.


Cutting pedicure machines collect the most positive feedback from customers. It makes life easier for many women and girls, allows you to get rid of complexes and self-doubt. A pedicure machine will help you achieve beautiful and smooth feet, because it is so important for every woman.

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