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Eyebrow trimmer

Beautiful, properly designed and even eyebrows can be a real face decoration. Previously, women, and men, spent quite a lot of time and effort on caring for them. Now there is a special eyebrow trimmer that can set your eyebrows in perfect order in seconds.

What it is?

This device appeared on sale relatively recently and immediately fell in love with those who already managed to test it on themselves. Eyebrow trimmer is a special device that helps in a few seconds to remove excess facial hair in small quantities. In fact, these devices are the same hair clippers, but in miniature. In appearance, this portable battery-powered device is very similar to a regular writing ballpoint pen. Its upper part resembles a toothbrush, because it is there that the micro blades are located, which remove the hairs.

The main difference between the trimmer and the usual tweezers is the way to remove the hairs: the trimmer simply cuts them as close to the skin as possible, without injuring it, but carefully removing the vegetation. With the help of tweezers, the hairs can simply be pulled out with the root, while experiencing a rather unpleasant sensation. When using the trimmer, no discomfort occurs. Complete with a trimmer additional nozzles are also realized. The more of them, the more functional the device itself is considered. With its help it will be possible not only to remove excess facial hair, but also, if necessary, change the shape of the eyebrows without much effort.

Features and Benefits

The main feature of this miniature device is the ability to use it not only to eliminate excess vegetation in the eyebrow area, it can be used in the auricles and even nasal passages. Using just this one compact device will allow you to quickly tidy yourself up in minutes.

Among all the advantages of the trimmer over other methods of removing excess vegetation from the eyebrow, the following can be distinguished:

  • Absolute painlessness of the procedure. No pain, itching, or any signs of discomfort occurs when using this unit.
  • Minimum procedure time. Now, in order to look great, just a couple of minutes.
  • Easy to use. All that is needed is to turn on the device and hold it with a head on a specific part of the skin on the face.
  • Ability to use anywhere and anytime.

Not every of the similar options can boast of such advantages, therefore it is not surprising that the trimmer is in high demand today.

How to choose?

Today, trimmers are put on sale by many manufacturers of various household appliances and cosmetic accessories, for example, a brand Venusspecializing in the production of razors, wax strips now produces this device.

In order not to be disappointed in the purchase and evaluate all the advantages of this device, you must choose it in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Case material. Trimmers on sale can be made of plastic or metal. It is preferable to purchase the second option, since it is more durable.
  • Blade type. Here, either metal or ceramics. And the one and the other option is not bad. If you only need to cut hairs on eyebrows, then ordinary metal blades are quite suitable. If the trimmer is planned to be used for other purposes, it is better to prefer ceramics.
  • The number of nozzles. Trimmers can be on sale with either a single nozzle designed for eyebrows or several. Decide for what purpose the device is purchased. If only for eyebrow correction, then there is no need to overpay for unnecessary components. You can trim them and adjust the shape with one nozzle.
  • Number of speeds. It is better to buy a trimmer that has at least two modes of operation. So you can always, if necessary, adjust the intensity of hair removal.
  • Instrument quality. This assessment is subjective, but necessary. It should be inspected so that the case does not have chips, the blade is flat, and from the device itself did not smell like plastic, burnt paper.
  • Ease of use. To make the process of working with this device really simple, it is necessary that it fits easily into the hand. Therefore, if it is convenient for you to hold it and you do not feel any discomfort, then you can make a purchase.
  • Nutrition method. The manual trimmer can work on battery, batteries or directly connected to the network. The most functional is the one that runs on batteries.
  • Male or female model. As practice shows, there are no significant differences between these devices. Just female trimmers are more compact in size and have less weight.

The final choice is necessary, based on a combined assessment of all these factors. At the same time, it is better to give preference to the goods of world famous manufacturers who really produce high-quality and safe products.

Firms and models

Today, trimmers are produced by many companies, both with a worldwide reputation and those that have just appeared on the market. The most respected and popular with buyers are the following:

  • Philips A well-known brand engaged in the production of home appliances, as well as devices for styling and cutting hair, launched a trimmer nt3160 / 10. Complete with the device are realized and two nozzles, which have a special protective mesh. It protects against damage to the skin and eliminates irritation. Powered by batteries, the blades do not need regular lubrication and can be washed with water. The case is made of durable plastic, and the blades are made of stainless steel.
  • World famous cosmetics company Oriflame also took up the production and production of this compact device. The stylish pink body, steel blades with a built-in comb, adjustable in length, will help to give the eyebrows the correct shape and eliminate excess hair in a few seconds. The length of the blades can be set to one of two possible.
  • Ardell - a combined razor that allows you to easily remove excess hair not only in the eyebrow area, but also above the upper lip, on the hands and even in the bikini area. It has one nozzle, runs on batteries. Blades are made of metal. The model is called "Brow Trim & Shape Grooming Tool".
  • Another cosmetic brand - Avon, also launched the production of trimmers. Today, in every catalog, a "Beauty Trimmer EB-E1252". A light metal case, well-sharpened blades, detailed instructions and an excellent result are exactly what the buyers of this product received.
  • Another brand is Remingtonspecializing in the production of hair clippers, trimmers for mustaches, beards, ears and nose, has released a special trimmer for eyebrows - MPT 3800. It has a reliable plastic case, sleek and stylish design, backlight and interchangeable nozzle, runs on batteries.
  • Remington NE 3455 - This is another trimmer from this manufacturer, but with a richer package bundle. Three nozzles with antibacterial coating, the possibility of wet depilation, has additional equipment in the form of a nail file, manicure scissors and tweezers.
  • The brand Braun also puts on sale yes eyebrow trimmers. PT 5010 Precision - a metal case, two nozzles, a high level of ergonomics, can be used to design sideburns. Silk-Epil FG 1100 has three nozzles, two ridges, is very effective in work, has light weight.
  • Scholl - This is a brand that has become famous for its electric files. Today, the company is developing to create its own universal trimmer.

All of the above trimmers have a long service life and are very effective and easy to use. But it’s not enough to choose the most high-quality and effective device, you must also learn how to use it correctly.

How to use?

Before you start using the trimmer, you need to prepare the tool:

  • lubricate the blades with oil if necessary;
  • comb your eyebrows and keep your comb at hand;
  • tint the desired shape of the eyebrow with a pencil;
  • prepare tweezers and a mirror in case some hairs are not removed.

Now you can proceed directly to the removal of excess hair and shaping. Actions must be carried out in the following sequence:

  • Install the necessary nozzle or adjust the necessary length of hairs on the blades with a brush nozzle.
  • Raise the hairbrush for the eyebrows upwards on the forehead.
  • The trimmer gently removes the hairs that stick out above the border of the eyebrows.
  • Now with the help of a comb, the waxes are lowered down.
  • The trimmer removes those that protrude beyond the lower border of the eyebrows.
  • Now the eyebrows are combed in the direction of growth, and the device gently cuts those that protrude or stick out.

This is how the eyebrow shaping procedure takes place. Usually it is carried out once, and then correction is carried out in the following sequence:

  • Install a nozzle on the device or adjust the length of the blades.
  • The contours of the eyebrows are carefully circled with a pencil, and the hairs themselves are combed with a special brush.
  • The skin around the eyebrows is neatly but fairly tightly stretched with one hand.
  • And with the second hand with a trimmer in it, you need to shave the extra hairs.
  • The trimmer is moved in smooth movements from the outer corner of the eye to the inner.
  • At the end of the action, the trimmed hairs are removed with a napkin, and the procedure is repeated if necessary.
  • In conclusion, the skin around the eyebrows is treated with any nourishing cream.

As you can see, the trimmer for shaving hairs and shaping eyebrows is quite easy to use. Any person will cope with it. And subject to the above recommendations, the result of the procedure will be pleasantly pleased.

Expert Advice

In order for the result after the procedure to be preserved for a long time, and the trimmer itself pleased you with its long service life, It will be quite out of place to follow the advice of specialists:

  • During the procedures do not make any sudden movements. Firstly, microcracks and wounds may appear on the skin, and secondly, the shape of the eyebrows can be hopelessly damaged.
  • During the procedure for removing excess hair and correcting the shape, the skin around it must be tightened tight enough, but it is important not to overdo it. This is necessary for the maximum removal of even the smallest hairs.
  • After the depilation is completed, it is necessary to apply a nourishing cream to the epidermis.
  • In order that the hair does not begin to grow too intensively, use this device should be no more than once every five days. To achieve the same goal, instead of a nourishing cream after the procedure, you can use a special cream after depilation, which will help slow down hair growth.
  • The device can only be used on a face that has been previously cleaned and wiped dry. Despite the fact that some trimmers can be used for wet depilation, experts do not recommend this to avoid irritation.
  • After each use of the device, it must be cleaned of trimmed hairs with a brush.
  • The blades must be removed, thoroughly washed, dried and, if necessary, greased with special oil.
  • During operation, do not press the trimmer too hard on the skin. This can lead to rapid blunting of the knives, pain and microdamage of the epidermis.

Compliance with these simple tips will help to significantly increase the efficiency of the device and its durability.


Almost all reviews of eyebrow trimmers are positive. Buyers note the simplicity and ease of use, high functionality and good results. Many as one of the main advantages note the complete absence of discomfort during the procedure. Those who have already experienced the trimmer once, judging by the reviews, are not going to return to the old methods of dealing with excess hairs.

A fly in the ointment is only that it is necessary to carry out the procedure quite often, but given its simplicity and speed, this, according to customers, is not a minus.

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