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How to clean gold with stones at home?

Jewelry made of precious materials always remains at the peak of popularity, so the issue of care and cleaning of jewelry is quite relevant. There are many ways to clean rings, bracelets, and chains at home. To make jewelry look spectacular and please its owner, it is necessary to competently take care of them.


Gold is a soft material that needs to be cleaned and delicately cleaned. Do not forget about precious and semiprecious stones (diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc.). They are easy to spoil in the process of care if you use the wrong tools and aggressive components.

Before you start cleaning jewelry with stones at home, you must indicate that most of them do not tolerate contact with water and various chemical solutions. Due to additional inserts, cleaning is much more complicated. You can not use methods to care for gold products without stones.

Incorrect cleaning can cause serious harm, which only a professional can fix.

Basic care rules:

  • Pay particular attention to the place where the stones are fastened. It is there that the bulk of dust and fat accumulates.
  • Do not use the needle as a tool to get rid of dirt. Otherwise, not metal and stone will be scratched. A cotton swab or wooden toothpick with a small piece of cotton wool at the end is ideal.
  • Consider the type of insert fastener. There are two options: clamp and glue. In the second case, it is prohibited to wet the jewelry. From water, the properties of the adhesive are lost.
  • Soap treatments are not the best way to clean jewelry. This method will deprive the rhinestones of shine and attractiveness. Products with such inserts are best treated with rags with starch and a wet flannel. At the end, wipe the decoration with microfiber.

Remember: the method of attaching the insert depends on the size and type of stone. As a rule, diamond or sapphire chips, as well as carved elements made of natural and soft stone, are fixed with glue.

Products of this type attract attention with a refined appearance, but caring for them is complex and specific.

Jewelry Update

To date, many cleaning methods have been developed, involving the use of household chemicals, pharmacy products, natural ingredients and much more. Popular methods are also popular. In the article we have collected the most effective, safe and proven methods. With their help, you can refuse the services of jewelers and update products on your own.

If you adhere to the recommendations below, an exquisite and sophisticated appearance will return to your favorite jewelry.

Tooth brushing

To clean the jewelry with stones, you can use a toothbrush. For the update procedure, only a brush with soft bristles is suitable, which gently and carefully removes small particles of dirt. The ideal option is natural bristles.

During the cleaning process, do not make sudden movements and do not press hard on the decoration. For greater effect, brush the soap. Use this method only with hard stones.


Liquid ammonia is perfect for processing jewelry. You can buy it at any pharmacy at an affordable price. This is an effective and safe component that will help you quickly and easily get rid of even stubborn dirt.

Alcohol is suitable for processing stones of any type. The substance quickly disappears and returns to its former luster.

Care Procedure:

  • We are preparing a solution. In equal proportions (1: 1) alcohol and pure water are diluted.
  • In the resulting mixture, moisten a cotton pad or stick.
  • Gently wipe the product.
  • If there is no sponge or cotton swab at hand, you can use a soft cloth.

Special compounds

If you do not trust the folk method of cleaning and other home methods, use special tools designed to clean jewelry. They can be purchased at the same place where jewelry is sold.

For convenience, wipe the product in the form of a spray. The packaging, as a rule, indicates the method of application.

On sale you can find a variety of tools designed for processing products, both with soft and hard stones.

Popular methods

Folk methods known to many housewives are used to update products from precious materials with stones. To clean earrings, bracelets, rings, pendants and other jewelry will help the components that can be found in any kitchen.


Using sugar syrup, you can easily refresh the product and remove small impurities. To prepare the solution in a glass of water you need to dissolve 2 liters of sugar. In a sweet liquid, leave the jewelry overnight.


This component is actively used to eliminate various contaminants. Wet the tip of a cotton bud in vinegar and gently rub the stone on the jewelry.

Only vinegar is suitable for cleaning, and the essence is optional. After processing, rinse the product and remove moisture with a paper towel or soft cloth.

Lemon acid

If you dissolve a little citric acid in a small amount of water, you will get an effective and budgetary substance that will help clean jewelry with stone inserts. In the resulting composition, leave the product for 5 minutes. Then they must be rinsed and thoroughly wiped.


This substance is famous for its useful properties in everyday life. Soda is used to remove stubborn dirt. Using it dry for jewelry processing is not recommended. Powder can damage the surface of a material or stone.

It is best to prepare a solution of soda and water. The product is immersed in it for about 20 minutes. After that, the residues are removed with a cloth.


Lipstick effectively fights dirt on the surface of jewelry. A little of this cosmetic product needs to be applied to the product and polished using a soft cloth or a piece of cloth.


An effective and cheap way is peeling with onion juice. Despite the fact that the substance has an unpleasant odor, it shows remarkable results. For processing, you need to apply a few drops on a cotton pad and process the product. To remove a persistent odor, rinse the jewelry thoroughly with water and remove moisture immediately.


A solution of rock salt is considered one of the most effective ways to update jewelry. In a pure, dry form, salt cannot be used. Hard grains can ruin the sparkle of stones and gold.

In a glass of water (or slightly less) should dissolve a couple of tablespoons of salt. Stir the mixture until the particles are completely dissolved. Leave the jewelry overnight, immersing it in the resulting composition. In the morning you need to polish the decoration and dry it.

Cleaning Diamond Products

Diamonds have a bewitching beauty and bright shine. This stone is one of the most popular and expensive in jewelry. Natural diamonds need careful and competent care. During use, even the most expensive products lose their presentation and former attractiveness. A white, dull coating appears on the surface of the stone.

You can update the product at home using improvised tools and a variety of techniques.

Before you begin, you must familiarize yourself with certain rules.

What tools can I use?

If you decide to update the product yourself at home, you need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of this material. Diamonds are highly sensitive to fat on the fingers, so cleaning should be done with gloves. It is best to use thin rubber or silicone products.

Wipe the decoration with a soft velvet cloth. When wet wiping, use warm water.

Soap products

For cleaning gold products with diamonds, you can make a simple solution, for the preparation of which use foaming agents with a low alkali content. The substance is diluted in a small amount of warm water and the decoration is carefully treated.

Popular diamond jewelry cleaner:

  • Soda. The product is immersed in water with a small amount of soda and boiled for several minutes. Finally, a soft cloth is passed over the surface and dried.
  • Pomade. Lipstick can be used to polish jewelry with diamonds.
  • The juice. Treat the little thing with onion juice and leave it for a couple of hours.
  • Dentifrice. Treat the decoration with a small amount of the substance applied to the soft bristle brush.
  • Coca-cola. A popular sweet drink can cleanse expensive jewelry. The thing should be immersed in soda for 30 minutes, rinsed with water, and then gently remove moisture.
  • Strong substances. If a dark spot or a greasy trace appears on your favorite jewelry, such means will help to remove it: alcohol (vodka), household vinegar, ammonia. After cleaning, do not forget to rinse the decoration and wipe it.

How to wear?

Most owners do not have a proper understanding of how to wear jewelry. In order for them to preserve the beauty and radiance for many years, they must be properly stored and looked after.

Remember the simple rules that will help preserve the attractiveness of jewelry:

  • Experts strongly do not recommend wearing jewelry all the time. Various factors negatively affect metal and stones: direct sunlight, cosmetics, loads, temperature changes, mechanical damage. Due to constant use, the jewelry loses its shape and may break.
  • If you are used to wearing jewelry every day, without removing it even during work and before bedtime, it is recommended to carry out a cleaning procedure once a month.


Jewelry should be stored in a special closed box. It will protect things from dust, ultraviolet rays and other external influences. Products with stones of various types must be stored separately from each other. Opt for caskets lined with soft fabric inside. It is advisable to wrap expensive items in flannel wipes before putting them in storage.

Many families practice inheritance of jewelry (from generation to generation). For the decoration to last for more than a dozen years, it is necessary to periodically carry out a cleaning procedure, carefully wear and carefully store it


Given the popularity and widespread use of jewelry around the world, there are a huge variety of different techniques for caring for them. The methods differ in efficiency, availability and complexity.

Cleaning at home will help save material costs spent on the services of professional jewelers.

The components used in the above recipes are cheap and not difficult to find. To make the jewelry sparkle and enchant, listen to the advice of specialists and experienced users.

You can see how to clean gold with stones in the next video.


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